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  1. Does anyone know if a Kohler 532, out of Bolens HT 20, would be pretty much a direct replacement onto a Wheel Horse D-180. Concerns: the shaft size out both ends of the engine - any reason they would be different than what was used for the WH D-series? Also looks like the coil is on opposite end of motor, but not sure why this couldn't be moved or used where it is. Pictures of the bolens motor are attached. Looks like some things are rearranged on the motor off the bolens
  2. 18 Automatic ignition switch

    Thank You. The 103990 switch works for me.
  3. Voltage Regulator/Rectifier

    I used this one and it seems to work. This one has the 3 prong offset connector instead of the 3 prongs that are inline. https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/rectifier-regulator-john-deere-kohler-engines-15amp.html
  4. I have a 1973 18 Automatic. While cleaning up the engine shroud, on the right side, sitting on the tractor, I noticed wet oil on the bottom of the cylinder head. Once I wipe the oil off, it stays dry until I run the engine for 5-10 minutes then it will be wet again and the next morning there will be a couple of drips of oil on the floor. I'm still new to this hobby and am thinking I need a new head gasket. I have not removed the head yet. I also noticed a tag on the engine shroud, see picture below. Has anyone else had this oil leak problem? If I order a new head gasket, do I look for a K482 or K532? Would it be a good idea to replace the gasket on the other head, even if it's not leaking? Thank You.
  5. Looks like I need part#101917 or 92-6785. Why are they so expensive? Is there an alternative?
  6. When I go to this link:


    it shows an icon and then asks to enable 3rd party hosting  and something about photobucket.com - what does this mean and how do I do it?

  7. I looked at that listing and am confused. The description says "You are purchasing a digital printout of a Wheel Horse Tractor Parts Manual" but the picture shows a service procedures manual?
  8. I have the owners manual but am wondering if there is a service manual for the 1973 18 automatic. Model: 1-0610 I have the 1978-79 BCD Service manual from the manuals section of the forum but wondering if there is something similar for the 1973 18 automatic. Model: 1-0610 Thanks
  9. D200 Dash light

    Thank You "D" Man. Appreciate the help!
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement assembly for the dash light on the D200? Mine is all corroded. The toro part number is 104032 and is NLA. Does anyone know of a replacement assembly?
  11. 1979 D200 Model 91-20KS02. It's aluminum finned. Pictures below
  12. I thought I saw a post about testing regulators but I can't find it now. How can I test it to make sure it's working correctly?
  13. OK. That sounds like a great idea. Still new to this hobby and appreciate the help. Thanks.