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  1. What brand of gauges are D series owners using for replacements? I would like a matched set for a D200(oil pressure, transmission temp, volts or amps) with lights. The ones on mine are in bad shape and don't work, except amps. I think the sending units may be bad or maybe the inside of the gauges are bad from sitting outside for so long. Thanks.
  2. 1979 D200 filter numbers

    Thank You.
  3. 1979 D200 filter numbers

    Thank You.
  4. 1979 D200 filter numbers

    I know I saw this somewhere on the forum but cannot find it now. I want to replace engine and transmission oil in by 1979 D200 I thought I read I could get the filters at NAPA but did not write the numbers down What do I need to ask for at napa? Transmission Filter number: ???? Engine Oil Filter number: ????? Engine Air Filter number: ????? Thanks.
  5. The PO owner installed what I believe to be a non-standard carburetor. The dash panel shows choke when the lever is at the top of the slot and run when it is at the bottom. However, I have to do the opposite. When I start I have to have the lever at the bottom of the slot to choke the engine and then move to the top of the slot for run. What is the correct carburetor for this motor in a 18 automatic? Did the PO install incorrectly? Other than the motor runs perfectly.
  6. Thanks. Appreciate the responses.
  7. Can a Kohler 482 be replaced with a Kohler K582S, spec 36337(that's all I can read from the spec# - looks like serial# is 23055F030) in a D180 without any modifications? The K582S runs and comes with a K532QS spec 53131a as a parts engine for $800. I'm still new to this hobby - what would it approximately cost to have the existing K482 rebuilt -runs but smokes bad. At this point in my hobby, I would most likely have to take it somewhere to have the work done, unless a local fellow member would help me with the rebuild. I do want to learn! Thoughts on the $800 for two motors - provided it can replace the K482. Thanks.
  8. A previous owner modified replaced the motion control lever on my 18 auto with what appears to be a John Deere motion control lever. The 18 auto I have has the single slot for the motion control lever. Are the motion control levers for the single slots interchangeable between the different D series or do I have to find one from a 73 18 auto? Thanks.
  9. Just wanted to let everyone know I followed Glen's flattening instructions, to the letter, and the results were excellent. Wish I would've taken a before/after picture. Thanks again Glen.
  10. Thanks Glen. Appreciate the help and response. I will also look at the post you mentioned
  11. Thanks. I do have a heat gun and will be careful. Appreciate the response.
  12. What is the best way to straighten warped, plastic/vinyl dash panels? Specifically, wheel horse D series dash panels. I have one that is cracked that I'm going to try and epoxy or plastic weld but it has a warp in it. Not sure how it happened but it was free and in pretty decent shape except for the crack and warp. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know if a Kohler 532, out of Bolens HT 20, would be pretty much a direct replacement onto a Wheel Horse D-180. Concerns: the shaft size out both ends of the engine - any reason they would be different than what was used for the WH D-series? Also looks like the coil is on opposite end of motor, but not sure why this couldn't be moved or used where it is. Pictures of the bolens motor are attached. Looks like some things are rearranged on the motor off the bolens
  14. 18 Automatic ignition switch

    Thank You. The 103990 switch works for me.
  15. Voltage Regulator/Rectifier

    I used this one and it seems to work. This one has the 3 prong offset connector instead of the 3 prongs that are inline. https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/rectifier-regulator-john-deere-kohler-engines-15amp.html