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  1. Thanks for info Lynnmor
  2. While using my Two Stage Blower, the drive chain tension bracket fell off and was lost in the snow. I cannot find a source to purchase a replacement for this bracket. Can someone who has this blower please provide me measurements so I can make one. Thanks, Dan
  3. Points and Condenser P/N for C195

    Not getting any spark and points are shot. What is the part number and source for Points and condenser on my C195. I can't seem to find any place with a resonable price. Thanks, Dan
  4. If you are counting names to get an idea of how many are looking to purchase and not going to the show, then please count me in. Thanks, Dan
  5. Tractors Available

    I am sure that everyone on this site would be more then happy to make an offer for one of these tractors if they would become available.
  6. c 195 attachments

    I have connected the D Series Tiller on mine with no problem. You will need the hard to find PTO set up for the tiller. Dan
  7. News about Stevasuarus

    Just received an E-Mail from Steve, he is doing well and they are working him out in therapy, he hopes to be home by next weekend. Dan
  8. Nice job on that tandem set up. I have a 704 and two grandson's. But don't have any welding skill's. Would you be interested in building this set up for me, for a cost of course. Thanks, Dan
  9. 702 k161 Fuel Line seals

    Thanks TT, Dan
  10. I am looking for a part number and location where I could purchase new rubber seals for the copper fuel line for my 702. Has anyone changed over to a compression fitting instead of using the rubber seals? Dan
  11. South Jersey

    As Buzz said, I live in Franklinville, not too far from you. Welcome to South Jersey. DAn
  12. Mentone Swap Meet

    Thanks for posting the picts of the show. Makes those of us who couldn't make it, kinda feel like we can see what it was like. Wet but alot of nice tractors. Dan
  13. Got Me A C-195

    Found me a C-195. This is my first attempt posting Pictures, so give me a break. I hope this worked. I borrowed my son's truck to pick it up and the clutch gave out when I arrived to pick it up. Had to start it in gear and power shift it for a 1 1/2 hour drive in the rain and rush hours to get it home. A little stressfull, but I think it was worth it. Do you think this is high hours for a Series 1 engine? Dan
  14. 4 SPEED #5085 Trans rebuild Videos & Pics

    Great Video's Steve, this should be a great help for working on trannys. Dan
  15. pictures of k241 starter teardown

    Nice job Steve. So can we all send our starters to you for repair, since you are retired and all that. Dan