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  1. Transmission dipstick broken?

    If you know someone that has a see snake you can look inside and see if you can locate it hopefully it would be on the bottom where the drain hole is and you can fish it out of there.
  2. wolfpack

    Took me awhile to figure out what I was doing as well. I'm not real computer literate. What I found works for me is to go to a topic I need a answer for like attachments and click on the magnifying glass picture. Upper right of computer or smart phone and type what I'm surching for. Usually pops up topics that others were looking for and answers thsy people posted. If I don't find out my answer I start a new topic....
  3. 520h parts tractor

    I decided to sell the tractor as is or will be willing to part it out. More detailed to follow in the for sale section. I have enough projects and decided this one need to go
  4. 520h parts tractor

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. 520h parts tractor

    Wanted. 520 h parts tractor or a modle similar. In particular I'm looking for fender both foot rests and belt cover. I'm in ohio cleveland area don't want to travel to far 100 miles is about my limit.
  6. Hello. I found a 314 A. and a 418 G parts tractors and wondered if these parts would fit the 520 h. Fender foot rest and belt cover . Thanks in advance
  7. The steal black. The tips of your boots red
  8. 208-4 Changing Drive Belt

    Some times you can find how to videos on YouTube.
  9. I got the 520 running today and had the tractor up on jacks. Forward and reverse worked fine. I took it off the jacks and pushed it in the shop and heard what sounds like marbles in the trans when I was pushing it around . I never owned a hydro before and don't know if this sound is normal.
  10. I do but we haven't had much snow here 30 miles west of Cleveland for a long time. East of Cleveland gets a lot. Oh well guess I will have to move
  11. There is a winch on the front and I was hoping that the blower was a older modle and was rigged up to work on a newer tractor. I don't know much about hydro units but I'm willing to dive on and learn. I sure I'll have lots of questions. I'm going to see if I can get it up and running this weekend and decide what I'm going to do with it from there
  12. I was at work today and a snowblower that looked familiar to me was l@@king at me from behind a garage. The home owner came out of his house and we started chatting. I asked him if that was a wheel horse snowblower. He said yes I asked him if he wanted to sell it. We went behind the garage and it was attached to a Toro H520. He said if I wanted it I could have it. Said it ran a year ago but I have my doubts. Any how I think I can harvest some parts off it. I have older modle wheel horse's 71 and 73. I cant find a modle number on it so i have no idea what year it would be. Anyone have a idea? Also is there a bypass for the pump somewhere so I don't ruen the pump pushing it around not running?
  13. Stripped drain plug help needed

    A helicoil might be a option. You can find them on eBay. Or local parts store might have them. You are given a drill and a helicoil insert that takes you back to the original thread size.
  14. Made a flag

    I bought another project tractor about a month ago and I made a new flag to make it easier to swap out my snow blower from my other tractor. Not because it is hard to do but just for something to do.