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  1. What Horse, and how old

    My first horse is a 65 mustang if I can count that. I still have it. A raider 10 was my first wheel horse about 5 years ago. 35.00 on a on line auction. My first restoration project that I still have. The start of my addiction. I have bought and sold a few others. The only other one I still have is a 79 c141 auto.
  2. 14hp kohler. Spark plug proper plug

    Thanks. I have a k241s as well that has a j8c in it as well. Is this the wrong plug as well???
  3. I have a 14hp kohler k321AS engine the champion plug it's calling for is a rc12yc plug. Unless I'm reading the wrong info. It has a j8c in it now . The plugs are noticeably different. Which plug is correct? This wheel horse is new to me so I don't know if the P.o. had the wrong plug in it. Thanks in advance
  4. 48" deck...100.00 WORTH IT?

    I just sold one for 200 that was in good shape. I would say that was a good deal for 100
  5. C120 hard starting issue

    Might be sucking air from a bad hose clamp?
  6. 416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    If it was a traid in I'm guessing it was traded in for 200 or less I would wait around and offer 250 max that's my 2 cents. I dealing with a same thing from a dealer on a 10 hp. With a broken axle he got on traid in. First asking price was 450. It's now down to 250...
  7. What are these?

    Look like parts of a bearing to me.
  8. I added a extra cooling fan on a scag zero turn I had some time ago. I used a fan off a car one of those eletric ones that kick of as needed. I put a on off switch on it and ran it when ever I wanted. I could flip the wires and either make it push or draw more air.
  9. Snow Blower

    Not sure but two people can easily lift it.
  10. Gas valve shut off on bottom of tank

    I just bought this one on eBay. 11 bucks or so. They also sold the rubber grommets in avteo pack. I used oil and pushed mine in kinda a push and a twist.
  11. Koehler fuel pump issue

    Up date. Mower is up and running again I guess the screws were backed out enough on the pump so it wouldn't pump fuel. Strange. No oil leaking from the gasket.
  12. Koehler fuel pump issue

    I might have figured out my issue but I thought I would ask the pros . I was mowing today with the c141 and the engine sputtered and died as if it ran out of gas. The tank was half full and I narowed it down to the pump not drawing and or pushing fuel to the carb. I took the pump off and connected it back to the fuel line from the tank and manually moved the pump arm and got lots of fuel to pass through the pump. When I took the pump off the two screws the hold the pump to the block were a little loose. I'm wondering if it was enough slop that wouldn't let the internal thing that moves the pump arm have enough throw to move the arm and push fuel??? What drives the pump in the engine? Could that broken or warn?? Ran out of time to reasemble so I thought I would pick your brains. Thsnks
  13. 48 inch mower deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. 48 inch mower deck

    Selling a wheelhorse 48 inch deck. Good condition other than one small hole. See picture. Deck is solid spindles are all good belt will need to be replaced. It was taken off of a c 141.
  15. Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    Send a few pix as well.