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  1. Thee phase compressor what to do ?

    I had the same issue hooking up my bridgeport milling machine. i bought a phase converter that changes 220 into 3 phase. it was around 100 bucks if i remember right. i have never had an issue with it. here is the info. Phase A Matic, Inc Ph 661 947 8484 or phase-a-matic.com give them a call sometimes you can find the units on ebay as well
  2. I had a friend make me one out of steel at his machine shop he made a few more he sells them for 80 bucks. That would include the shipping if your interested
  3. Electric lift with snowblower question

    Looking forward to snow here in nothing east ohio as well I rebuilt a raider 10 and a snowblower as well and we only had about 3 inches of snow this year where I live. Bring it on
  4. 2" receiver hitch

    Looks good should be strong enough for your application. Fyi. Don't use bed frame on something that is going to have lots of weight or stress pulling on it. Bed frame steel has lots of carbon in it and welds tend to break...... I learned the hard way.......
  5. Anyone else hate the taste of gasoline?

    Boat fuel also has no alcohol in it and has a long shelf life same stuff they are selling in those little cans at Loews. If you can find a place that sells it. I also use boat fuel in my two stroke engines. Adding the oil of corse. The alcohol Is what kills those fuel lines and dries them up.
  6. Transmission case gasket

    Never tried it but I have heard you can use the cardboard container from a 12 pack of beer
  7. Ordered a new wire feed welder today

    I created fun projects and it's good practice for when a good weld counts.
  8. Sears Sells it's Craftsman Line to Stanley B&D

    I agree they should just exchange it for a new one but I would have a hard time giving up the one my dad has . It's very old school looking and I have a sentimental attachment to it. My dad is 90 now not saying the wrench is but it's old. It still works sometimes older is better I think. When it breaks I think I will just hang it on the wall next to my work bench.
  9. I'm usually the loose nut behind the wheel.
  10. Crank 20 times before Kohler's start

    Be careful if you are going to add air pressure to the fuel tank static electricity could build up. BOOM. Not a good thing.
  11. Any one have a drone or quad copter that they could video a wheel horse blowing Snow? I think that would be a pretty cool thing to watch
  12. Old Gem Found..Need Info about it

    I got hooked last year with my first horse 35 bucks at an auction learned a lot and got good help and advise from lots of people on the sight. Thanks all. Before and after pictures took most of last winter to complete.
  13. Modification needed!

    Ed how close is the clearance to the drum of the blower?
  14. 42 inch snow blower parts

    I used the same type of bearing but with a different od and still the original id. There for I had to replace the bearing cup holders. The three bolt pattern is close but you have to Mill out or file the hole on the new bearing cup to fit where they go through the blower. The reason I did this is because the original bearings are hard to find and if you do they are pricy. The bearing I ended up using are more readily available and cost about 12 bucks. Hope this helped.
  15. Hitch Weight Rack...

    I agree that the weight should be closed to the center of the axle. This is a quick fix for now I would like to replace it with wheel weights. I'm not an expert on weight and distribution of it. Just a thought or more so a question. How is the effect on bearings and bushings dragging single bottom plow through the dirt. The plow would be pulling down on the rear-end much like weight hanging on the rear-end .