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  1. Onan P216 RPM Setting

    Hi, I have the Onan P216 on my tractor. I got a Craftsman professional timing light with tachometer. I hooked it up to the #1 cylinder ( the one with the longer wire I think) and It worked fine. When I hooked it up the to the #2 cylinder it would not work. The engine will start on either the #1 or #2 only if you disconnect one of the plug wires. The plugs and wires are new. Any thoughts? Thanks. Bill
  2. I don't have the measurements, and I didn't want to disable the tractor until I had a seal in hand.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a part number and source for the input shaft seal on my 1992 416 H. This is the shaft at the top of the transmission that the motion control linkage connects to. The Toro part number I found on Partstree is 56-3130. If this is the right part number, it lists for $24.00. Is there anything out there that is better and cheaper? Thanks. Bill
  4. Half hour limit

    I say change the coil. The coil on the m16 can go bad. I have seen B&S Magnetron coils fail and they are solid state just like the Kohler coil on the M16. Kohler refers to it as an ignition module, not a coil, sorry for any confusion. I would try changing it with another known good module off a spare engine if you have one. If you don't have a spare buy an aftermarket one from Brian Miller for $60.00. He also has the OEM Kohler part for $87.20. The part number is 47 584 03-S. Good luck.
  5. What have you done on your WH today?

    I changed the oil and filters for both the engine and transmission on my 416 H. I may need a different oil filter for the engine though.
  6. Onan P216 Oil Filter

    What is the correct oil filter part number for my 92' Onan P216? Can I use a B&S or Kawasaki oil filter from Home Depot if necessary, and if so what number? I changed the oil and installed a Napa Gold 1334 filter. It seems to short for the engine. Also, what is the part number for the seal between the blower housing and the filter? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info Garry. I took the cover off the motor and cleaned the crud out of the inside. The wire cover for the pickup had been rubbed thru, so I repaired it. It has to be one of the most annoying motors I have ever worked on. I have never had to take off so many other parts just to get the cover off. My KT17 would be a close second. I plan to check the manifold for leaks next week if I have time. The engine is not surging, it just sped up the one time I mowed with it. I did take the top of the carb off and cleaned it when I first got it. It was actually quite clean inside considering that it had been sitting outside for several years. I also set the RPM's on it and repaired the throttle cable. The pivot was loose and the throttle would come down on its own. I drilled out the rivet and replaced it with a bolt and lock nut.
  8. Hi, The Engine Model # is P216G-I/10976C, The S/N is J893614597 and the Part # is 1175901. Can any one tell me what year it is? Also, it needed plug wires when I bought it. I only had the material to make a set of solid core wires. Can I use these long term or do I need to get a set of suppression core wires to avoid burning out the coil? I plan to check the intake with carb cleaner as suggested when I have time. Does it have a 5 ball governor or 10 ball governor? I should also mention that I have several other tractors. I have a 1988 312-8, 1983 GT1642 ( gave that one to my father-in-law), 1987 310-8 (with swapped in KT17 from a parted out 1986 417-8) and my father has a 1996 312-8. I also parted out a 1984 314-8 that I bought it with out hearing it run. The motor has "Kohler Knock" and needs a rebuild. I also have an M10 I may rebuild if necessary. It burns a quart an hour. Onans are new to me, so any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I plan to do these things when I have time. This tractor still needs alot of work to be up to my standards. Please keep the advice coming. Thanks.
  10. I recently picked up a 1994 (I think) 416 H. At first I was going to sell it, and had it listed briefly. Then I decided to keep it and fix it up. I got it running, fixed the electrical problems, changed the axle seals, fuel lines, fuel filter and intalled a new idler pulley. I was able to mow with it for about 1.5 hours and it did two things I didn't like. 1. It picks up speed going down hill unless I move the motion control lever back to slow it down. ( I hate the lever). I changed the oil (had ATF in it). I need to change it again and change the filter. The hydro is strong when hot. 2. The engine at one point began to rev up for no reason. I shut it down, and then after stopping and starting it several times it ran normally for the remaining 45 min it took me to mow the lawn. Possible governer problems? I stil need to change the oil and filter. Should I use synthetic oil or run some sefoam in it and see if that cleans up any debris in the gov. The oil thats in it now doesn't look that dirty but I know its needs to be changed. The engine is strong and has 120psi in both cylinders. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  11. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of the installation instructions for the #8-3900 foot pedal kit that they could send me? I can't find one online. Thanks. Bill
  12. Hydro Foot Pedal

    Hi, Thanks for the picture AMC Rules. That is exactly what I am looking for. Do you have any other photos. Thanks. Bill
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any good, detailed pics they could share of the Original Wheel Horse Hydro Foot Pedal Kit? I would like to build one for my 416H. Thanks. Bill
  14. Toro Wheel Horse 416H

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. 417-8 Electric Lift Setup

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