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  1. 418 A not charging....test procedure?

    If you are going to splice in a new plug be sure to use a quality high leverage cripmer and double crimp butt splices. Double crimp splices can be bought at Sarjo's (you will have to ask the counter person for them). They have a seperate strain relief for the insulation and much higher quality then the standard splices from the autoparts store. Bill
  2. 418 A not charging....test procedure?

    I wouldn't chop up the wiring harness just yet. The problem terminal can be removed from the plug and replaced. I have the terminals and proper open barrel crimper to install a new one. The terminals can be bought at Sarjo's, and the crimper at one of the local electrical supply houses. Bill
  3. Thanks for all the help and advice. WHX19 I love the laughing emoticon.
  4. I found an old thread on the subject under Motion Lever Shaft, Oil Seal Replacement from Mastiffman. He listed part number ER92999 in the write up. My local NAPA wiill have it tommorrow. I am just not a big fan of Hydros in general and I hate the motion control lever. I wish this machine had a GT1848 style motion control lever, or better yet the foot pedal. If I have time I would like to make a foot pedal setup for it. I have too many tractors as it is now, and not enough time. Bill
  5. If anyone can get dimension measurements that would be great. I called all the local places that I thought might have a seal in stock, with no luck. NAPA was unable to cross the number with the 56-3130 number. I could try the 112658 number and see I NAPA has better luck with that one. There was an old thread on here some where regarding changing the seal, but I can't seem to find it. I am starting to think about parting this machine out and sticking with eight speeds. Majestic's Hardware in Gardiner NY sell used parts and may be willing to buy the tranny off me. I have an eight speed from a 417-8 that I could use to convert it. Anyone out there interested? Its a good hydro otherwise. The seal only weeps slightly. I just wanted to stop the leak before it got worse.
  6. K181

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  7. Dave, Thanks for the reply. I will try a couple of local dealers before I go that route. I think the bigger issue is fining a replacement seal that hydro owners can use to repair their machines when necessary. There are alot of Eaton 1100's out there still, and to not have this seal avaliable is going to be a big problem for us.
  8. I am looking for a seal for the motion control shaft on my 1990 416H. Part number 56-3130 is now NLA from Toro. Does anyone know what could be used to replace it? Does this number cross with another suppliers part number? I don't have the measurements of the seal as I don't want to disable the tractor until I have a seal in hand. This seal should fit all Eaton 1100 hydros I believe. Thanks. Bill
  9. Try the dust caps for a Husqavarna lawn tractor. I just installed Wheel Horse front wheel bearings in my neighbors tractor to replace the bushings. Fit like a glove. You would need to purchase the large washer as well to hold them in place.
  10. Seat Support Repair

    Hi, I have a cracked seat support on my tractor. Does anyone have pictures of how they have repaired or beefed up this area? I did see a thread regarding repairs but I am trying to figure out how to beef up this area without causing problems for myself when reinstalling the belt gard and other covers. Thanks. Bill
  11. 417A Won't move??

    Use 10w-30 or 10w-40. The drain plug in on the bottom of the transmission near the hitch. Take the hitch off to make it easier to find.
  12. 416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    I might offer 300 and see if he bites. There is another guy around here who snaps up most any Onan powered Wheel Horse, especially hydros. I don't have time to work on the ones I have now, and I can't justify bringing home another one right now. Even if I make it back up there by Friday it will most likely be sold. Bill
  13. 416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    I forgot to smell the oil for gas when I was there. There was oil running out of the air cleaner housing and the air cleaner was soaked with oil. Oil is being pushed out thru the breather, but why? If there is gas in the oil the fuel pump could be the source, but how much damage was done is the question. If I have time this week I may go up to the dealer and see if it is still there. Like I said I don't really need it, but these things are addictive. That being said I am trying not to make an impulse purchase. If I do I might have to have a tee shirt made that says "My wife said she would leave me if I brought home another Wheel Horse... Man I'm ging to miss her". Anyone here got a shirt like that? Bill
  14. 416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    The machine was a trade in and is being sold as is. It is in good shape otherwise but isn't something I really need. I thought about using the motor for parts for my other Onan if needed. These things are addictive. Bill
  15. 416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    My local dealer has a 416-8 for sale with 927 on the clock. It seems to run well and has good power, but smokes badly. The engine is overfilled with oil and that seems to be the most likely culprit. It has a good 48 inch deck. He is asking $400. To buy or not? I would check the compression before I bought it. I am out of room and would likely have to part out my 416H if the motor is bad. Since I prefer 8 speeds it doesn't matter much to me if the hydro goes. Anyone interested in a good hydro roller for $200? I would appreciate any advice on what else could be wrong with the engine besides being overfilled with oil. Thanks. Bill