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  1. Hi, I have and Onan P216G on my 416H. The Engine Model # is P216G-I/10976C, The S/N is J893614597 and the Part # is 1175901. Can anyone tell me what type of Fly Ball Spacer the Govenor came with? I am guessing it is plastic, but was wondering if it had the tab on it or not? Is it possible to tell from the engine numbers? Can a new flyball spacer with the tab be installed? Thanks for your help. Bill
  2. Hi, I am looking for a copy of the installation instructions for the 8-3900 foot pedal kit. There was one on Ebay awhile back and I was able to read the part number on the install manual. It is 810338R2. I anyone has one please let me know. I haven't had any luck selling the tractor. I would like to use the pictures in the manual to fabricate my own version. Thanks. Bill
  3. 416-H Tractor + Parts

    I have many extra parts I will never need. Mostly 8 Speed parts. Let me know what you need. Send pictures of what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. Examples: Steering wheels 13" soft touch, no center cap $30. M10 Block needs a rebuild. Uses oil. No starter, muffler, carb or coil $150. 416 H Onan Engine. 625 hours. Ugly but runs well. Needs some minor work. No deck. Good for running a snowblower. Everything works except the tail lights. Comes with extra filters. $500 firm. 417-8 frame $30 I hate to throw it out, but I need it gone. 8 inch front wheels. 1 - wheel from a B-80 narrow $20, 1 - wheel from 418 A $20, One set of wheels from a GT 1642 - $40 set Other assorted parts. I also have some 8 and 10 HP snowblower engines. $30 each. Snapper mulching push mower. $50. Shipping may be possible for smaller items. Thanks for Looking. Bill
  4. 12hp needs rebuild

    It sounds like you have a leaking/blown head gasket. There should be no oil leaking between the head and block. I wouldn't run it like that. You could make a bad situation worse. If you change the points and condenser be sure to set the timing with a timing light. Bill
  5. Rear Wheel Width

    Hi All, What is the standard width of the rear wheels on most 300 and 400 tractors? How wide are the rear wheels on a GT1800? What other machines use wheels the same width as the GT1800? How much would traction and stability improve with wider rear wheels? Thanks. Bill
  6. Rock Shaft Removal

    My father has decided he wants to convert his 312-8 from a manual to electric lift using the parts from a 417-8 I picked up. Does anyone have any tricks for getting the rock shafts apart? The hitch pins came out easy enough but the lever that the chain connects to is rusted and won't move. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  7. Does anyone on here have a safe way to flip over their decks, or hold them for servicing? I recently pulled my groin flipping over a 48 inch deck for cleaning and blade sharpening.?
  8. High Hour KT17

    I don't remember how I did that compression check, I will check it again in the spring. On a good note, I don't have any additional pain after mowing the lawn and dumping 12 cans of grass and leaves from my Trac Vac . Maybe it was just a pulled groin after all.
  9. High Hour KT17

    I never got to the lawn today. It rained hard on Tuesday and was overcast today so the grass never dried out. I will try to mow tomorrow. Working on the tractor today didn't make me feel too good though. Begining to think I may have a hernia.
  10. K341 VS K321 VS P216G

    I just don't need that engine at this time. I am keeping it in case of rod failure in either my Dad's or my M12. The block is stamped K301. Is that good? I heard that means it could be punched out and and made into an M12.
  11. High Hour KT17

    Thanks for the info. I plan to keep it running as long as I can. I just like to have a backup plan in case something happens. After two weeks of rest I have to mow the lawn today. We will see how that goes.
  12. K341 VS K321 VS P216G

    I missed a 416-8 on CL in Fishkill NY for $350. I had hopes that could be my first K341. I hope It went to a good home. I kinda like Kohlers better as I find them easier to work on and get parts for. I also have some spare parts. I also like having ready access to the manuals online. I did download the P216 manual from here however. The K321 I have only had 795 on the clock and the knock did get better when I set the timing, but never went away fully. I also have an M10 that needs a rebuild as it uses 1qt of oil per hour, no knock though. Bill
  13. Onan P216 RPM Setting

    I was just setting the RPM's. I just thought it was odd that even though I could confirm that the rear cylinder was firing, the tach on my timing light wouldn't read off that cylinder. Bill
  14. K341 VS K321 VS P216G

    I have a K321 that needs repair due to what I think is "Kohler Knock". I stopped using it once I heard it knocking slightly under load. If I had it rebuilt would I notice much difference between it and a K341 in terms of torque? How does a Onan P216 compare to a K341 in terms of torque?