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  1. Parts

    Still want to sell your steering wheels
  2. Parts

    If you can give me a call regarding the steering wheels. 630-688-3628. Bob
  3. Still interested thanks bob. 630-688-3628
  4. Interested please call. Bob 630-688-3628
  5. Hub Caps

    Give me a call I will buy them just what I need. 630-688-3628. Bob
  6. Three Bolt Hubs off of RJ

    Sending you a check. Bob. Thanks
  7. 4.80 4.00 8 Tires

    Mail to zip code 60181 thanks bob. 630-688-3626
  8. Turning Plow

    Interested In your disk thanks. Call bob 630 688-3628.
  9. RJ/Suburban Wheel Hubs -3 Bolt

    I an interested ask for bob. 630-688-3628. Thanks
  10. 603

    Very nice. Call 630-688-3628 thanks bobo.
  11. Rear hubs

    I think I have what you want. Contact me 630-688-3628. Bob.
  12. 551 FOOT RESTS

    Thanks Dave. Check will be ons it's way. Bob.
  13. 551 FOOT RESTS

    Dave. I don't do e mail. Tex me your number and I will call you back. Thanks bob.
  14. 551 FOOT RESTS

    Dave. This is bob like to buy the foot rests. Thanks. 630-688-3628.