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  1. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    Just wanted to follow up and say that the belt was the whole issue. Put the 139"er on and did the whole garden. Only popped off once when doing never tiller soil when I had the tractor jumping like it had hydros haha. Thanks for the help once again.
  2. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    That is for the straight bar idler set up. I have the L bar setup. This setup was on a late 80s 418. But I believe my idler set up is correct. I know the spring isnt to the right position/bolt, I was just test fitting it all. I have 7-1252 so yes early. I'm going to check on the mounting holes for that bracket as you mentioned maybe I can move it and get this belt to work before my new belt comes in. Thanks for this information.
  3. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    Everything seemed to be aligned good except the tiller itself. Looking from behind the right side is out past rear wheels about 2" and left side is in 2". I already have the mounting brackets over to the left as far as possible. It must be ok though as the belt lines up nice. I was able to make 2 passes though so just need right side belt and should be fine thanks.
  4. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    It's a toro belt 110265 or something and is 141". I've ordered a new 1599 which is 139 so the 2" difference is probably why. My 1599 is Toro name brand woven and was $20.
  5. I finally got around to hooking the tiller up I found off craigslist. $175 but didn't have rock shaft or cables or springs. I got it on to what I think is right and it seems to me that the belt is either aged and stretched or wrong size to begin with. Check the photos out and let me know before I order a new belt what's going on. It keeps tossing the belt off...
  6. Filled the gas tank with concrete. Now weighs 52# exactly. Cheap rear weight for $4.55.
  7. Honestly didn't think about draining the oil. I notice this engine vibrates the frame more than my Kohler in my 312-8. Overall good investment for slightly over $200. It's just as peppy as the 8hp Koehler.
  8. After consideration of the recent tiller i bought to try to get it to work on this tractor as well as the plow, I went the road of straight plow duty. 1. Sheared a SS 1/4 plate for the realignment needed. 2. Made 1 3/4" spacers to raise the 212 predator 6.5 to the right height so I could use the stock belt and guard and all that. 3. Mounted engine and bought a 4" pulley from TSC that fit perfect. Uses stock belt no issue. 4. Pulled EVERYTHING electrical except the front light wiring in case I decide to make them work on down the road. 5. Deleted the choke cable since I will have to manually pull start this anyways. 6. Made the throttle cable work with the 212 motor. 7. Changed rear end fluid after making sure everything worked right and I could pull wheelies... to come... 8. Maybe fill stock gas tank with concrete as added rear weight. 9. Getting new turf tires tomorrow for cheap, already have chains. 10. Enjoy.
  9. Ill look it up. Im sure the mounting points are different but will give me an idea. I printed up the 6.5 mount spec sheet and see it is way different. Thanks.
  10. Bought this 310-8 for $100 came with a plow but no engine. Just want to put in the cheap HF $99 Predator 6.5hp. Searched on here and found that people have done this but I cant really find any information on what they needed to do to get it to work. Looks like about a 2" engine plate since the height of the PTOs are different and the mounting bolt locations are different. Besides that, any more tips or pointers? Just making this into a cheap plow tractor, I saw the linkage below the 310-8 is not like below my 312-8. It does not have a chain lift and just a straight bar. I mounted the blade to my 312-8 and it worked fine. Guessing the bar is so I can push down on the blade if need be? Is this something included in the plow package I missed before? Any insight there?
  11. Rear Tiller Rototiller for 312-8

    Looking for a good used rear tiller for my 312-8 near Pittsburgh PA. Need all the parts. Belts not a big deal. Email to mad525@hotmail.com for faster response as I only check this site once a week or so. Thanks.
  12. How quick can....

    I welded the deck up. It was cracked more severely than I thought once I got the old paint off and could see all the stress fractures. I dont think this was the issue. I watched closely as I ran the mower at full speed and it seemed as though the idler bracket was causing the vibration. The loud noise must be accounted for in the bracket vibrating off the deck at near full throttle. I shimmed it up and mowed the grass and it seemed normal, maybe slightly louder than normal. Not sure why this would start vibrating all of a sudden. All the washers are fine. I bought new blades today and am going to throw them on next time I mow. I am wondering how far off balance my old blades are. New blades Sten 106635. 14.5" long.
  13. How quick can....

    That's a good idea wish I would have seen this earlier. I checked everything and all spindles and bearings are tight. I even took the idler bar off thinking I didn't have any washers left and they look brand new. I did see a small crack in the deck in front of the front spindle. I guess I am going to chalk the noise up to this.
  14. How quick can....

    They all spun freely when I did it the first time. I'm going to take it off again tomorrow and double check. The deck is old and has some welded spots. I'll have to see if any of them popped or cracked and might need more.
  15. How quick can....

    Thanks for bringing that up. The first time I checked the deck, it did have spots missing on the V so I changed to a new one to eliminate that. So with new belt it still did it. I know the nylon washers on the deck are gone, but this is the first time this has happened.