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  1. Front Plow Question

    And yes that is the going price. $100 with axle bracket would be great deal. Best Ive done is $125 with bracket.
  2. 2 different size rock shafts?

    I dont need it and was going to list for sale. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Below is a picture. The shorter rock shaft is going on my 416-8. What's the longer one for? Has dual arms.
  4. Onan Breather / Decal

    That's a good idea. If you are using a phone camera ,Download "Camscanner". One of the best photo apps for taking pictures like this.
  5. 314-H no start baffled

    Alright I had the wiring diagram already and was using that but seems some colors are different. No big deal I can follow the jest of it. I did in fact use the pink wire "accessory" but hooked in closer to the fuse block for ease of access. Thanks.
  6. 314-H no start baffled

    I did just read something today about not using both the felt gasket and the squiggly one together. Maybe that's the problem with the newer mech pump.
  7. 314-H no start baffled

    Update. Tractor runs. Haven't tried full throttle but started 2 times no issues using the electric pump through the stock fuel pump. Is that a bad idea to keep it set up like that or should I bypass stock pump? With engine running I cant hear the electric pump, with it off it's kinda noisy. Hooked up electric pump temporarily. Turned key, tractor started, unhooked pump and it kept running. Thinking maybe I'll just use it as a "prime" pump?
  8. 314-H no start baffled

    Thanks, I ordered one just to have it on the way even if I do figure it out.
  9. 314-H no start baffled

    I was leaning towards worn arm. But I searched the forums and saw that as a thought but, never the end cause. I will try a direct gravity feed into carb. If runs good, I see an electric boogie woogie going in.
  10. 314-H no start baffled

    I have tried one of those. And I have tried the OEM off the 92 312-H.
  11. 314-H no start baffled

    Brand new fuel shutoff forgot to mention. And yes it flows greatly from there. My running 312-H I take off the fuel pump which squirts good with pump to carb hose off, put it on the 314-H and it barely pumps anything through pump.
  12. 314-H no start baffled

    I believe the ignition to be working fine. After swapping, then buying a new coil it will fire at will with starting fluid. The fuel system seems bad. Next step is trying an electric pump. But like to keep what I have.
  13. 314-H no start baffled

    Bought a 314-H running as is. Changed gas out, new air filter, new spark plug. Ran great for 2 weeks. Parked a week. Now won't start. No spark. -Found out bad coil, put new one in. -Cleaned all contacts/grounds Maybe bad gas still -Took tank off flushed 4 times with fresh gas. -All new fuel lines -Cleaned carb -New fuel pump -Have even tried working pump off another tractor. It seems the fuel pump is weak. Almost like the cam or whatever "strokes" it isn't hitting the full length. The fuel doesn't squirt like other tractors. Same EXACT fuel pump model from where it was running fine. -Will run on ether/carb cleaner fluid. Thoughts??
  14. New to me, 312 8

    I saw that on the local Craigslist, (from Ellwood City) and thought that was an odd seat. Your pictures are a lot better than what was posted. Howd you make out on the deal?
  15. 416-8

    PTO brake bracket?