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  1. Price for 91 Wheel Horse 416 H

    Yes. Stick with $800 max.
  2. Something else always appears after purchase

    Yeah that one in Bentlyville IS NICE.
  3. Best mower for 10 acres?

    You can be a wheel horse fanboy all you want, but the answer to mow 10 acres will never be a Wheel Horse. Unless you're retired and that's all you want to do.
  4. If you look at my picture I posted you can see the screws in each tire they use for filling and then to denote that they are filled. It's a 4" long screw. The ones in the skid loader are larger lags.
  5. Rides a lot harder. Almost no give at all, but I knew that going in. I had skid loader tires filled before, that's because i drove through metal fields. It's no horrible, but it's the payoff for the weight and never going flat. They inject with foam and let them cook inside a large stove for 24 hours. The guy never gave me an option for densities but i could call and ask, I know they use a book and can quote me prices and exact weight I'll gain up front.
  6. Went ahead and got the Carlisles. Little tough mounting them. Got them foam filled. Added 71.5# per tire. Total weight is 107.5#. Feels a lot more balanced and sturdy on hills.
  7. Those look alright and wide. But come in at a higher price than the Carlisles.
  8. I'm going to splurge and buy some new 23x10.5-12s and have them foam filled. I am torn between the 2ply Hi-Runs ($110 shipped/pr) and 4 ply Carlises ($168 shipped/pr). I measured my Carlises and they were pretty wide on the lugs at 10". I don't have Hi-Runs to measure anyone can measure for me? I know the Carlises are the widest in this size it seems from reading here. Ill be using these mostly in the field/lawn/garden. Very little to no pavement use, some gravel driveway use. Would it be worth the extra $58 for 4 ply? Any actual experience?
  9. Thanks for information, I see both the side pullies and double D pulley on eBay. .... for $110 each...
  10. Got a parts 416-H that came with a deck that the owner said he used, needs a few new bearings. Never had one with the odd shaped pulleys with no zerks on the top. The deck has holes so your grease gun can be inserted to the zerks below deck level. I can read 106848 on the one pulley./ Strange to me I guess. Its a 42" Any help identiying this? Thinking like a 65-42MS01,
  11. The number I provided was the bearing number that was in one of these spindles. 967401. I searched the forum and saw it showed up in another guys mule drive. They are the 3/4" 19mm bearings. I'm redoing this deck for a customer that wants it Sunday making it a no shipping off fleabay deal. Thanks I'll check around for those numbers. Just press washed this beast...
  12. You jinxed me. I'm guessing that's what i have here cause the 6203 arent right. I have 2 different spindle spline shafts. And one of the spindle assemblies has a strange dust cap on it. Any good 967401 cross references?
  13. Guess I got to pull one out and see. Hoping to have the right ones. Thanks for that.