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  1. Went out and checked again real close. If I had to guess I'd say model number last digit is a 2. And it's 21654, again, a guess.
  2. I'll print this out tonight and see if the parts match up but looks right to me.
  3. Was also attached to a mid 90s 312-H that im going to try to get to run tomorrow as well. Just more information on it.
  4. Need help identifying this mower deck. Needs some new life out into it. Measures 40" from left blade tip to right blade tip.
  5. I'd love to keep some of those around but going through RK this was a $25 pulley setup. Cheaper on eBay. I have to dig into the other 312-H that I got also so might be the same there.
  6. I recently stumbled onto a 314-H that came with plenty add ons. Good deal so far getting better seeing it run right. Had a weird sound, almost ghastly when starting it up and riding around. Starting working on it fixing this and that, went to change out the belt cause I knew it needed a new one, and found the cold start pulley in shambles. Replaced it with new one from Rural King and now the belt is nice and tight and the drive is less jerky. This is my first Hyrdo wheel horse and been interesting working with it. Cant wait to run the tiller with hydro, last season I did it all with manual lift and no rockshaft...
  7. 314-H help starting

    Another update. It's running, sorta. Took carb back off and totally cleaned out again with cleaner. Tried that nothing. With the backfiring using starter fluid directly into the spark plug hole, I was thinking maybe not getting gas. So took off the outlet side fuel line after fuel pump and cranked engine with line into bottle. Was near orange. BAD GAS. Having emptied the tank and draining the lines I thought I got it all out but guess i didnt. So, I did it again and had clear gas coming out of outlet side after awhile. Hooked everything back up and shot some starter fluid into spark plug hole and it turned over like it was just running a day ago. Only issue now is, need new air filter, new carb gasket to run like it should. Was also happy to see it go forward and backwards, also hydro lift working like it should.
  8. 314-H help starting

    So, just an update. It has spark. I didn't do anything with gas since was inside garage but did shoot some starting fluid and carb cleaner into carb. Turned over and both times loud backfire. This engine sounds totally different from my 312-8. Not sure if just used to the 312 or just strange cause of the cold start lever being pulled.
  9. Trailer was left home. Right now it has no plate or left rear light. I did drive it illegally home with the 314H and tiller on it though.
  10. 314-H help starting

    Has a magnum. Haven't tried holding hand over for suction. I'll try that. And I was going to try starting fluid directly into. And I know gas is getting in cause I took carb off and cleaned when got it. Looked good put carb back on, gas flying everywhere. Took off and found out I forgot the pin for float that shuts gas off. And as far the turn numbers, I put them back to where they were before disassembly of the jets to make sure they were open.
  11. 314-H help starting

    Got a 314 that's been laying in a field for looks to be 2-4 years. Got it to turn over in 10°F weather so I bought it. Came with tiller and deck cheap. Changed the fuses to new ones. A 15 and a 25. Drained old gas put in new. New relays. (2) New starter solenoid. New spark plug. Pulling up on "cold start" level to disengage hydro. All "test" lights work with oil blinking like my 312. Has seat switch bypassed and pto is disengaged. Turns over very nicely but won't start. Has spark. Getting gas to carb, carb float not stuck. What am I missing? I know the 312 I have, has points on ignition. Can't find anything in owners manual for this 314 though. Looks like most replacement parts are hard to find as well.
  12. Well, I went to the local trailer notary who does this near where I live in Zelienople, PA. All said and done I would need to bring in working trailer with lights, good tires, a formal weigh slip, and some made up receipts of materials. Then his $175 fee for documentation and a few other fees and for $240 I should have a newly titled legal with new vin number "homemade trailer".
  13. Looks to be the route I am going to go. This trailer has that decal and the numbers have been wiped right off too. For me though I don't have pictures.
  14. I recently came across a Craiglist score of 2 tractors (312-H and 314-H), tiller, and 3 mower decks for cheap. I took my short bed GMC knowing that 2 trips was going to happen. Upon getting there and looking around for a little while, I noticed a trailer in the weeds that eventually they tossed in for free and I was able to get it all home in 1 trip. After checking the trailer over it is decent shape, would need a light fixed and main plug wiring fixed (easy) and would pass inspection. But, I didnt get a bill of sale and after checking over the trailer and comparing the VIN location of where Lowes puts new ones at it doesnt seem to have a number either. My plan was just to use it this one time to get stuff home then scrap it. Whats my options? I thought of trying to find a number and plate from a junk trailer going to scrap yard or applying for a homemade trailer title. Never done this before.
  15. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    Just wanted to follow up and say that the belt was the whole issue. Put the 139"er on and did the whole garden. Only popped off once when doing never tiller soil when I had the tractor jumping like it had hydros haha. Thanks for the help once again.