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  1. 523 Dxi speed and turning speed

    Thanks. I have the manual and I'll look for the write up from last year.
  2. 523 Dxi speed and turning speed

    Thanks Don, I think I found the part you're talking about. http://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/parts/104-5051/ Slammer302, where can I find info on adjusting the motion lever on the trans? THX
  3. I own a 523Dxi with a 52" deck and it's my first season using it. It's an awesome machine, but I need it go a bit faster, especially when it comes to turning. I understand (or think I do) that it's designed to slow sharply on turns to prevent it from tipping. Is that correct? But it seem to slow to much. It's faster to just back up, cut the wheel, realign and cut a new row. Any suggestions on increasing the overall speed a bit? THX
  4. How do I determine if this deck size is 48" or 52"? I think it's a 48", but would like to know for sure. The model wheelhorse I have is 73550. I need to order a new belt this Spring. Thanks
  5. 523 Dxi Hitch

    Hey doc74, hope this isn't a stupid question . . . so the engine takes about 5 quarts of and the trans uses 6 quarts (both 10W30 oil)?
  6. Plow for 523Dxi

    Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Plow for 523Dxi

    Hoping someone can help answer this question. I Have a 523Dxi and I'mm looking for a plow/blade. I found this item for sale and told it came off a wheel horse commando 800 large frame. Would this fit my Wheel horse? Or do you have another suggestion. Thanks
  8. 523 Dxi Hitch

    Thanks again for the advice. I'll be working on this all weekend and am sure I'll have more questions.
  9. 523 Dxi Hitch

    Seems like you guys know your stuff! Can you help me with one more question. I am using 10w 30 motor oil for the engine, but what fluid do I need for the trans where the dip stick is under the seat?. And how much does it take? I read a few different things. Thx
  10. How difficult is it to remove the attachamatic or attach-a-matic deck from the 523Dxi? My buddy gave me his and I'm going to working on it a lot this Spring. I'd like to keep it off until the grass starts growing and use it for yard maintenance and hauling. Thanks
  11. Fuel/Water Separator 3392

    OK, that's what I heard that you have to fill the filter up with fuel first. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Fuel/Water Separator 3392

    I've never changed a fuel/water separator, as a buddy gave me his 1998 523Dxi tractor. I don't know if he has either and I'm in the process of doing a lot of maintenance. Any advice? Thx
  13. 523 Dxi Hitch

    My buddy gave me his 523 Dxi tractor as I just moved from a 75' x 130' lot to 6 acres. A world of difference! I have a Gravely dump cart that I want to hook up to the tractor and want to get other accessories. Here is what is on the tractor now, so I guess I just need a ball hitch, but does anyone have other suggestions? or is there something better? THX