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  1. This is good to know and a terrific service offering - appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    Thank you RichmondRed!

  2. 1988 416-8. with Kohler single

    PM sent.....
  3. Wheelhorse C100

    Hi Annie - Mower deck? Photos? Thank you!
  4. 416/8speed

    Hi Mike - does it come with a mowing deck?
  5. Complete Wheel Horse Winter Plow Setup

    Hello there - do you know if this set up will fit on a 1967 857?
  6. Carter Carburetor Adjustment

    Thanks guys - better, but still cuts out after I push the choke knob all the way in; will remove and clean the bowl next and update this thread thereafter. To be continued.........
  7. Carter Carburetor Adjustment

    Excellent, thank you gentlemen! Will attempt and first opportunity (tomorrow) and update this post!
  8. Carter Carburetor Adjustment

    Thank you Bob - as there are three screws, which two are you referencing (top screw, middle screw or the bottom screw)?
  9. Carter Carburetor Adjustment

    Hi Gents! I own a 1967 857 with an 8 HP Kohler and a Carter carburetor. Engine runs with the choke knob pulled all the way out and when it is pushed in, the engine stops running. Read through several posts and then, using Red Square (a terrific resource by the way!), I downloaded and read the Kohler Engine Owner's manual for a K181S engine (the 8 HP) but its guidance appears to reference the Walbro and not the Carter. Looking for direction on how to best remedy the situation I describe above and properly, correctly, adjust the carburetor screws for a Carter carb. Thank you!
  10. Hi WheelHorse Steve,


    I own a 1967 857 with an 8 HP Kohler (K181S) and would like to do a valve adjustment, points, condenser and carb adjustment/cleaning on her.


    I live in Newtown too, and would rather learn how to do the above myself as opposed to taking her to Newtown Power or L&R in Monroe.


    Looking for your recommendation on where to find this information on this site or on-line guides/tutorials which would walk me through the process.  


    Appreciate any insight you can provide!



  11. 1967 857 Will Not Start

    VICTORY! Unit is polarized, 13.6 volts at the battery when running at about 2/3 throttle! Engine starts and runs strong without issue. Next on the list is some wire brushing, De-greasing and a tune up (plug, coil, capacitor, points, oil change) to get her set for spring (and maybe even a show or two). Gentlemen, what an incredible learning experience - thank you all (SQUONK, PFREDERI, STEVASAURUS, SAVEOLDIRON - and any one I may have inadvertently missed), for sharing your your time, experience and knowledge with me. My best to you and I hope our paths cross again (but not too soon!)
  12. 1967 857 Will Not Start

    Stevasaurus - Thank you. Yes, the generator light comes on and remains on while the tractor is running. I'm charging the battery now, will run through item #1 later this afternoon - that is a pretty comprehensive trouble shooting guide. As the S/G was re-manufactured this week (cleaned, re-painted, new bearings, new armature, successfully tested along with the voltage regulator), I sure hope its not the S/G. I called the guys who re-built the S/G at All Tech (Danbury, CT) to let them know I'm seeing 9.5 volts at the battery when the tractor is running. They stand by their work (and their testing of the unit) and are willing to give the S/G a look. If I have to bring it back, I will bring a copy of the trouble-shooting guide you provided! UPDATE: I removed the (new) battery and returned it to NAPA Auto Parts, exchanged it for a new one. Measured the voltage at the battery (12.3 volts) before starting then after starting (12.5 volts). Will run the tractor about the property for a while and try starting again tonight!
  13. 1967 857 Will Not Start

    Thanks PFREDERI: As it sits in the tractor now (not running), the battery shows 11.9 volts. When machine is running (half to full throttle), voltage (as measured at the battery's terminals) is 9.25 volts. Don't tell me where back to the S/G.......I know the starter works......could the generator be at fault? I put the new battery on a charger so that it is fully charged.
  14. 1967 857 Will Not Start

    Figure a picture of the tractor at this point, is due........seat if off currently. Wire brushing the seat tray and the fenders. May reupholster the seat. Leaving her just the way she is - all stock (minus the rebuilt S/G), cigarette lighter works and all original Wheel Horse tires too.
  15. 1967 857 Will Not Start

    VICTORY.......of sorts! Installed the re-built (and tested, including the voltage regulator) S/G, double checked all connections and (with a jump from my SUV), my 857 fired up and ran like a vintage sewing machine. Beautiful sound. I say victory of sorts because the new battery, is not holding a charge. Specifically, with a jump, the engine roars to life. I drove the tractor around for a good 15 minutes, turned the engine off, let it sit a moment, turn the key,.......and nothing (S/G does not engage). Battery shows 12 volts. With a jump, she fires up just fine. Sorry to bug you guys - any suggestions? SQUONK: To your question, yes - it failed the bench test (did not turn, did not charge) and the bearings "were shot".