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  1. Post Your Christmas Lights!

    Here's my Happy Holidays to all the familys of RedSquare.
  2. Duke Truly a great job on the WH520, the trip was fun to ride along with you.... I think your ready to finally get the 2 stage blower on that thing unless your planning to trapple the snow down (LOL). Just a questions and maybe others will know this answer already, you did a great job on the exhaust stack but will that require a lot of maintenance because of all the snow that will be blown on it (not directly but indirectly) and melting? Again great job and keep the video's comming... Herb
  3. New toy for us

    Coadster32, the ZZ383 is a performance create engine that you can purchase from GM dealers or other auto equipment companiew (Summit/Jegs). The way it ships is without carb/starter/water pump/Dist. It's rated 425hp the way it ships, but certainly you can add to that as they have move goodies to add to the engine as a higher lift cam and higher ratio roller rockers, etc.... I hope that helps anwser your question, if not just ask... Herb
  4. New toy for us

    Not a problem, I have that in my 68 Chevelle. The engine is GM's ZZ383, has fastburn heads and roller hydrolic cam. The carb setup is 2 - 500cfm from Edelbrock and they work very well, in fact I had a 750 cfm Demon and every once in a while when I punched it it bogged and I'd mess with again and it worked for a while then it would do it again, so I certainly understand about constant messing with the carb, since install I've haven't gone back to the carb setup and it hasn't given a problem. Not to take this and change this topic but if you wish I can attach a photo of the Chevelle but I do realize this is about your car..... Burnem if you gotem......
  5. New toy for us

    Or you can go the way I did for my ZZ383 engine with a dual quad setup, it works flawlessly....
  6. Cub Cadet HDS-3225

    Mark What would you think is a fair price for this tractor is reasonable shape. I'm thinking $800, or is this too high/low.... Herb
  7. Cub Cadet HDS-3225

    I'm looking at a Cub Cadet HDS-3225 that is in fairly nice condition, it has 452 hours on it with a 54 inch mower deck, 22hp Kohler motor. Is there anything about this machine that someone knows first hand about. Of course this will never replace my Wheel Horses... Herb
  8. He's Back..... Roadtrip Today for a Senior !!

    Great looking tractor..... I noticed on the left rear wheel that there appears to be an extra support strap inside by the hub of the wheel, is that something of an extra support?... Herb
  9. Just wondering if you call one of the top spouts a vent, one should have a fuel line on it and the other top spout should have a plug over it, it should not be open. At least that is what I have on the 3 of my 520H's... Herb
  10. Well there is lots of different opions out there already but I'll add mine. I have mowed with a 42 RD (Mulcher) 48 SD and 60 SD, my favorite is the 48 SD. I mow a little over 2 acres and it's hilly and also certain spots have lots of trees and bushes. First off the 42SD mulcher does great except if you don't mow when the grass just thinks about growing it will be a nightmare mowing (going over repeated times), if the grass has grown an inch or so and you mow with the RD Mulcher deck the grass looks like a green carpet. I've also used a regular 42RD and it wasn't as tempermental as the mulcher deck but still to get a nice cut you have to stay on top of the growth of the grass or pay the price with lots of repeat mowings, of course if you stay on top of that it works fine and allows you to mow close on either side of the deck. My favorite is the 48 SD because of the power with I can cut high grass and not have to worry about clumps or other things like mentioned before it will leave a row and I can go back and just run over it with another pass, you stated that you have an area that gets wet and you have to let it go for a few more days than the rest of the lawn, I would only recommend to use a SD deck for that, also it really doesn't matter about having 2 side I can get glose with because I keep pretty good record on which side I'm blowing and which side I can get close to objects. Just a little side note the reason my favorite id the 48 over the 60 is both cut great but the 60 is heavy and it requires all my energy to mount and unmount. I hope this info helps... Now I need to go out a mow..... Herb
  11. Check to make sure the float is not taking on any gas, if the needle and seat are good then it's most likely the float.. Herb

    I always found the best price for it is on Summit Racing, here is the link http://www.summitracing.com/parts/LUC-10160-1/ Craig, do you ever go to Bear Mountain Car Show?... Herb

    Well OK here we go...Not the best but I'll try to get a better one...
  14. After reading a lot about the brake system and how much and how many disc brakes we need I have a thought that is out of the box. Maybe the solution isn't toapply brakes to the side you want to turn but to loosen the belt drive on that side. Have the same type of lever but hooked up to an idler pulley and it raises and lowers the tension on the drive side you want to turn, it's just a thought since we keep building bigger and better brake systems, I thought maybe there could be a different way of getting the same result. Just a thought... Herb

    I'm a classic car buff and I got to use some of this 2 years ago and now this is all I use for the show cars. I have 2 cars (68 Chevelle (14 coats of House of Kolor Candy Rasberry and 29 Model A Roadster) and they come out great with this stuff. Many times at a show other owners ask what do I use and I tell them and later when I see them they all are using it now. I have tried many others before (still try new stuff) but the best for detailing is the Lucas Slick Mist (remember to shake well before using), also one last note don't have it around the house as your wife may try it and then she will not give it back as she will love it for around the house.... Herb