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  1. i have never posted here before. two and a half years ago i purchased a Toro Wheelhorse 12-32 model 56175....to make things brief....would i be wasting my time rebuilding the toro 56-7110 differential with splined axles (which i have) and 15 tooth splined pinion gears (which i don't have) and 15 tooth smooth 3/4" bevel gears (which i also don't have). i could maybe acquire these piece by piece off ebay??? what i'm really asking is...was the square Toro 56-7110 differential a bad piece of be enginereeing? i don't have tons of money to work with, but i sure don't want to try to rebuild a differential that is easily broken....this mower has a strong 12 HP 281707 engine....not a lot of rust at all. transmission is peerless 770a or 700-070a....sprocket is 42 tooth. the mower works with a 13 tooth peerless 100 differential in all forward gears, but skips bad in reverse.