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  1. Hey All, I have a 93ish 244-H and am looking for info on the correct way to raise the cutting height. I have the knob adjustment all the way to the high setting but it still cuts too low. I've seen a lot of manuals online but cant seem to find one that describes how to adjust the deck. Any help is mucho gracias D
  2. Lawn Ranger Cultivator?

    As was said.....once you figure out the raising the implement part a LR can easily pull a small plow. Mine will grade up soil with no problem. Its mainly a weight thing. Mine has a 100 pound weight box and ag tires.
  3. I've Decided

    Thought about clearing some barn space by selling my original LR. I found out they arent worth squat. My big mower is down for repairs so I thought hmmm......why not break out the 66 LR to knock out the yard. That little stinker mowed and mowed. The yard looks great......52 years old! I now will never sell it. That vintage piece of history should be worth 5 times what they are going for......I guess its supply and demand. Whats with not being able to upload pics? Have some good ones but denied. Limit on uploads is weird even after downsizing them..
  4. Engine Pulley Removal Help

    Hopefully this post will help anyone that has a similar problem. Just found out that Onan is made by Cummins. The dealer is downtown Indy. They will have a new seal for me Monday.......$7 bucks.
  5. Engine Pulley Removal Help

    A little twist.......the lower clutch shaft is a separate shaft from the engine one. I was able to hit with a torch and it came off.
  6. Engine Pulley Removal Help

    Thanks for the info. I misspoke about being able to romove the engine and the mounting plate together. The mounting plate is welded to the frame. Looks like I back to using a puller.
  7. Engine Pulley Removal Help

    Hey All.....my early 90's Toro/WH 244H developed an oil leak somewhere around the bottom of the engine so I'm removing the engine to see whats up. Its a Onan 14 HP. I was able to remove the electric clutch but now I'm onto the engine drive pulley. Does anyone know how that pulley can be removed? Its seems to be tight on the shaft so maybe a puller? I dont see any set screws or other ways its attached. I guess its pressed on. I thought i would ask before rolling around on the floor for 2 hours not knowing what Im doing. Thanks! UPDATE.......It looks like I can remove the engine and the engine mounting plate all at once......then flip it over on the bench to repair. Whew!!!!
  8. single cylinder tachometer? (not dogital)

    I saw somewhere that a marine tach may work. I guess since they are 1 or 2 cylinders. May be worth looking into.
  9. Selling Herd

    Can you shoot me a few pics of the 66 Lawn Ranger? Thanks!
  10. Toro / WH 244-H Deck Belt Help

    Thanks for the info......sounds like 92-6991 is the correct deck belt. $60 or so.....not cheap. I looked at other belts and they were 50 and up so may as well go with OEM.
  11. Having a heck of a time locating the model number of the mower deck drive belt on my '93 244h. Tractor.....72041. Deck........78230. The old one broke yesterday. Luckily I was almost done mowing. I couldnt even find a deck parts blow-up for it. Another hour of time deposited at the Bank of Tractors. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Lawn Ranger Replacement Front Wheels

    Sounds like you want to keep the cost down which I totally get. I was there forever. I have 2 near mint LR front wheels with new 3 rib tires and new tubes that I may want to let go of. They aint gonna be cheap though. They are original LR wheels and should be bolt on and go. I added up having about $80 in the tires and tubes. Not to mention the time restoring them and mounting the tires. I would need 80 for them plus any shipping costs. I'm in Carmel.
  13. Any Plumbers Out There !

    I actually checked the meter from the last reading until today and it added up. I'm on the way to another huge bill. I set up a supervisor to come out and inspect the meter. They will be here tomorrow. We'll see.....
  14. Had my first heart attack the other day when I looked at my water/sewer bill........double the amount from normal! I'm good with plumbing but this one has me scratching my head........obviously a pretty big leak somewhere. Water meter pit at the street is filled up with water above the meter. The city replaced it a year ago. I did a full inspection of the crawl (dry), all water appliances inside including outside spigots but no leaks that I could find. The volume of water usage increase was like thousands of extra gallons. Gonna watch the pit for a day or so to see if it drains. We have had some rain lately and the sump pump runs as normal but then stops after a day or so which tells me no active leak from the house. My initial feeling is either a break in the line from the meter to the house (no wet spots or bumps in the lawn) or the meter at the street is leaking. Any thoughts as to what might be the problem would be appreciated.