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  1. The Big Man!

    Not planning on him playing football past Trine. I am concerned (and have been since junior high) about head injuries. Its not that he's 6'8" and 280....he's just a really good student of the game. We'll see.
  2. All I know is my first experience with a WH was a Raider 10 with the Tecumseh I bought from a farmer In Bainbridge Indiana and was a total piece of crap. I gave the guy 400 and got soaked. A total POS that never ran right. He knew it was a POS since he had some hick rebuild it but never said a word. Live and learn I guess. Lost at least 500 when I sold it. Not to mention 500 hours of headaches. The best we can hope for is......never again.
  3. Can hardly describe how proud I am of him. First kid to play college sports on either side of my fam forever. Started on the O line and won a 6A championship at Carmel last year. Zero thug and zero tats although thats where he was headed with the non-parent mother of his before I won sole custody of both kids.....and she paid me for the privilege. If you are a Dad please fight your ass off. It cost me 30K but I won big league. He just changed the oil in his car and didnt push back too much when I told him to vacuum out his car cause it was a mess. I dadded out and detailed the rims on his car.....I hate brake dust. He had a 3.7 GPA at graduation. Well see when I get mid term grades from college but I'm not worried. He is fascinated by my 50 YO Wheel Horse tractors. Gawd he is awesome.
  4. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Always have said.....a D-200 is my mini Chevelle LS6 find. Truth is I cant imagine the massive amount of work to rehab this....much less a Chevelle. Good luck Bro!
  5. I inherited a JD lawn tractor so I am interested in selling my 38" Simplicity lawn tractor. It's in good shape, very clean, and mows great. I just sharpened the blades, changed the oil and air filter. Don't plan on plowing a field with it but if you have a smaller yard and aren't independently wealthy this may work. It starts, runs, and mows great but will need a battery at some point.....$20 bucks at Walmart. Will take $150 firm from a RS member and must be picked up in Carmel Indiana. Trades.....kinda specific but who wants stuff they don't want? 66' - 68' WH Lawn Ranger in more or less stock condition. Don't need any decks or parts. A single seat off-road go cart.....running or not but pretty complete with the big rear tires and a roll cage. Please text or PM pics of interesting trades. Thanks! D
  6. If you end up replacing wires I would hit the hardware and buy a pack of adhesive wire numbers to mark them prior to replacing.... and take a lot of before pics.
  7. New to tractor restoration.

    I would start by not starting a restoration. Get it fully functioning mechanically and use it for a while and think about it. Those babies are pretty complicated so even a mid-level resto will involve a huge amount of time and resources not to mention it will be staring at you in pieces around your shop for the next year or so. It's never good to look back and say.....I should have just left it alone.
  8. Original Lawn Ranger Rear Turf Tires

    I'm tryin to scare up 2 rear Lawn Ranger original turf tires. Of course I let a full set go 2 months ago and now I need them....sigh. I think 18x8.50x8 but whatever the original large rear tires were..... Had a couple of nice guys from RS offer but 60 to 80 bucks to ship was a little steep......all good! I say Lane Ranger is sitting on some ......I just need to get him to let go of them lol. Thanks!
  9. Like They Say.......

    Liquid Black tape over the little cut in the seat cover. As for the loader....100 hours of engineering and still need to get a proper welder to finish it. Got it tacked together but my little HF welder wont work.
  10. Like They Say.......

    Heard 10 different ways to keep the finish.....Pshaw......I gave her a good degreasing, blew it off with compressed air and greased all the zerts.....hit it with a good coat of Trim Shine and I'm done.
  11. Enjoy the little things in life!
  12. I would wire wheel the heck out of them with a drill brush, wipe them down with good solvent, spray with a rust remover that turns to primer, then spray with wheel paint color. I spray with the primer as soon as the solvent evaporates so it limits exposure to the air (rust). Not sure what correct color paint is for your wheels but mine are Rustoleum 7789 Canvas White. I love the color.
  13. As Close as I've Gotten

    Not sure what it means to NOT spend 300 hours, $500, and 20 trips to get parts before enjoying a beer and a ride but I may be able to get used to it.
  14. My best chance at a pretty original '66 156 LR......so bam !..... I took it. Other than the rear tires and a few decals....it seems pretty original to me. The little son-of-a-buck could not run any better. Bump the starter and it purrs from idle to full throttle. I have an original complete 156 deck so that sealed it for me. I dont plan on touching the paint except for a gentle washing. I heard linseed oil might work to kind of sharpen up the paint but who knows..... Feel free to let me know what you think.......$300
  15. Lawn Ranger Rear Tires

    Looking for 2 Lawn Ranger factory turf rear tires in decent to good shape. 18 x 8.50 x 8. I want the Wheel Horse labeled tires. Preferably near Indy but might pay for shipping if the price is reasonable. Thanks!