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  1. Lawn Ranger Replacement Front Wheels

    Sounds like you want to keep the cost down which I totally get. I was there forever. I have 2 near mint LR front wheels with new 3 rib tires and new tubes that I may want to let go of. They aint gonna be cheap though. They are original LR wheels and should be bolt on and go. I added up having about $80 in the tires and tubes. Not to mention the time restoring them and mounting the tires. I would need 80 for them plus any shipping costs. I'm in Carmel.
  2. Any Plumbers Out There !

    I actually checked the meter from the last reading until today and it added up. I'm on the way to another huge bill. I set up a supervisor to come out and inspect the meter. They will be here tomorrow. We'll see.....
  3. Had my first heart attack the other day when I looked at my water/sewer bill........double the amount from normal! I'm good with plumbing but this one has me scratching my head........obviously a pretty big leak somewhere. Water meter pit at the street is filled up with water above the meter. The city replaced it a year ago. I did a full inspection of the crawl (dry), all water appliances inside including outside spigots but no leaks that I could find. The volume of water usage increase was like thousands of extra gallons. Gonna watch the pit for a day or so to see if it drains. We have had some rain lately and the sump pump runs as normal but then stops after a day or so which tells me no active leak from the house. My initial feeling is either a break in the line from the meter to the house (no wet spots or bumps in the lawn) or the meter at the street is leaking. Any thoughts as to what might be the problem would be appreciated.
  4. I have a couple of things for sale that I plan to bring to the show. Unrestored and original 1966 Lawn Ranger L156 in excellent running condition and with the original deck. It still mows perfectly and is in great shape. It was never used much and was always stored inside. I did replace the rear tires as the old ones were done. Otherwise totally original. Not too crazy about letting my jewel go but could use the space in my garage. Ugh. An early 90's Wheel Horse/Toro dump trailer. Basically new and had very little use. Has all factory Wheel Horse stickers on it. It was matched with my 244h and both were bought new and together. Feel free to PM me if interested. I'll post pics in a day or two.
  5. I have 2 Lawn Rangers. Always underrated as solid work tractors. Of course not plowing a field but just today plowed ice off of my drive like hot butter. I would put mine up against any stock 6 horse in a pulling contest. Let me know of any small stock pulling events around Indy.
  6. I have a complete and solid Lawn Ranger That was painted a dumb color during a restoration many years ago and I was thinking about repainting it. It's all together and straight so it wont require much if any body work or metal repair......just paint. I used to think it had to be completely disassembled first before blasting and painting but after thinking about it I'm not so sure. It's seems to make more sense to start by removing, blasting, and painting the outer parts and working my way down to the frame. It would keep the thing on wheels so it could still be moved around at least for part of the time instead of a big pile of parts all at once. I also plan to get into the 90's and make a feeble attempt at filming / pics of the process so at least my sons have future proof that I didn't just sit around the shop drinking beer and listening to Led Zeppelin.all those years. Hell I may even have them help.
  7. What are the hours I can checkout the exhibit during those days?
  8. Does anyone have any old pics from the Wheel Horse factory in South Bend when they were cranking out the classics? Thx!
  9. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    I disagree....the metric system of measurement is a foreign thing. Its arguable but the US runs the world. The US dollar is the world standard and has been for 100 years.
  10. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    As to JD....sure you can buy parts at a JD dealer but they have 2 different lines of tractors from what I see. High end....for a fortune.....and tin cans that are junk from the big box stores and are disposable. Try to buy a JD part online......JD has it locked down tighter then a mafia racket. All roads lead to JD. The thing that really made me wake up to JD was that the 2 I've had have all metric hardware. America's Tractor........um ok. Just a big marketing scam using the JD badge to dupe the schmucks who don't look more than 2 inches in front of them. Exactly want they want. Like my Dad.......if a turd had a ********** political sign on it he will allows vote for it no matter what. Sad.
  11. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    Lane posted a WH ad from about 1960 when they sold for $300. That would be $2600 today for what that's worth. Without knowing......as with many family businesses they may have gotten an offer from AMC in 1974 that they just couldn't refuse. Also they may have just wanted out of the business after decades.
  12. Regretted Projects

    My friend and I were talking the other day about nightmare projects we have gotten into that we wish we could take back. Feel free to come clean if you dare.......just two from me but there have been a few more. Project.....a 26' cabin cruiser that was a total POS that I thought I could turn into a nice weekend boat for my young family. Effort....2 years and who knows how much wasted money on a fail. Result.....scrapped it for the value of the trailer. Project....payed 400 for a 70 Raider 10 from some pig farmer in Bainbridge and got totally taken...my bad. Effort.....countless hours and 1100 bucks and the POS never ran right. My first WH and it hurt. Result.....sold it for a 200 just to make the pain go away. The good news is that I am much smarter now.......
  13. D-250's

    A D-200 is on my bucket list only behind a barn find Chevelle. They're out there but its really about condition and how original they are. Seen them for $600 to $4000. Just depends on your threshold of pain.....and money.
  14. Does anyone know of a close match to a '93 red spray paint that I can get locally without paying 20 bucks from Toro? Its only for some touchup and doesnt need to be perfect. Thx