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  1. Go Cart Front Snow Skis

    The fun only started when I kicked the ex down the block years ago lol. The only not-fun is having to live with a crappy HF $100 welder. What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger. Things are lookin up though.....
  2. I had the idea to add skis to the front of the go cart. Rear tires are great in the snow but the thing wouldn't steer very well. I pulled together some extra sheet metal and treated wood and heres how it ended up........ https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=91a_1516102899
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    '66 L-156........super powerful for its size and couldn't plow any better.
  4. I've had a bunch of requests for info on both of the above. I plan to get some time soon to give some details on both. I may make a video to let those interested check it out. Hang in there....im super busy.
  5. A ton of input on my post which is great. Been really busy but I got it done and it works perfectly. I dont mow with it....just plow snow. Have some test and tune to do when it gets above zero but will try to post some info and pics when I can.
  6. Thinking about trying a foot pedal throttle on my WH, Has anyone ever tried it and how did it work out? Thanks!
  7. My Bro has a 60 Suburban 400 and is having traction trouble when plowing snow on asphalt with single stock ags. I say its mostly a rear weight issue since the blade he has is pretty heavy on the front. Any ideas on the best weight ballast for the rear?.....wheel weights.....weight box on the hitch? Thanks for any thoughts!
  8. Manco Go-Cart Restoration

    I agree. I think this model came with a 5 HP Briggs stock. Mine came with a 8 HP Honda which is a mess so I threw it on the winter project shelf. I put a HF 6.5 on it that I had extra and I'm starting to believe that the 20 pounds of extra weight of the Honda isn't worth an extra horse and a half. Not to mention the extra weight and torque broke the frame at the engine mount. I fixed all of that. Probably been through 10 owners (kids) in the last 25 years. I did convert the drum brake to a disc.......much better braking. Cant wait til it snows here!
  9. Manco Go-Cart Restoration

    New 4 point seat belt on order. Already have 2 good helmets.
  10. A Manco 285 I restored. The dang thing is fast as heck. Haven't clocked it yet but just blasted down my street at at least 40. I stabbed the throttle in my back yard and the back end came around when powering out of a turn. Not a $5000 UTV but for $400 total I am totally pleased with the ride and my sons are diggin it.
  11. Liberal tirade on small engines

    I say build a 500 foot wall around Cali to protect them from the real world.........then fill it with water.
  12. Value of Lawn Ranger L-155

    I got my all original and running perfect 156 for $300 a few months ago so maybe $200 tops since it comes with a snow plow but I would shoot for $100.
  13. Anyone have an idea how to set the bead on a tubeless ATV tire? The tires are new and are way away from the both rim beads. I saw some vids that used starting fluid and I tried but just a big woof and a fire. Any ideas?
  14. When the JD needed towed to the barn for repair......guess who was there to get it done?.......as always.