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  1. 2018 WHCC Show

    Nice show great people HOWEVER a lot of vendors were packing up Saturday morning by 11: 00 this isn't wright for those of us that can't come till Saturday morning the vendors need to stay at least till 3:00. When I did car shows/swap meets years back a vendor could not pack up before 3:00 in the afternoon on the last day.
  2. Cyclone rake

    I have a 520H with 60" deck I also have a Cyclone Rake boot fits just fine after cutting as required.
  3. Looking good Nick looks a lot better than when you first got it see what you can accomplish when you want to. good job. love dad
  4. deck chute

    Looking for a deck chute for my 520H with a 60" deck.
  5. Tiller

    if interested i can send pictures it is up in the barn loft,not easy to get to.
  6. Tiller

    i have a tiller it is missing the idler/tensioner pulley..
  7. onan temperature buzzer

    I removed the cooling tins found no accumulation of debris , completely serviced the tractor over the winter as It has 1900 hrs of good work I also relocated the oil filter sealed the original filter opening,added a 4 core oil cooler mounted in front of the air intake. This increased the oil capacity to 4 quarts. This tractor works hard with a 60: deck
  8. onan temperature buzzer

    Has anyone installed a buzzer or horn to the temperature indicator circuit on a 520 tractor. I have a great 520H that works hard, at times the engine temperature light will come on I would like to add a audible warning to that circuit
  9. I purchased mine from Summit Racing made by Energy Suspension.
  10. New to Me 520H

    My son has a pair of bezels will check with him and let you know. Any chance of trade he needs parts for his Suburban deck if you have any.
  11. New to Me 520H

    My son has a pair of bezels will check with him and let you know.
  12. what oil filter are u using?



  13. Wheel Horse Plastic 12" Wheel Weights

    will you be coming to the pa. show in june?
  14. 520hydro oil change

    10w30 motor oil as per the wheel horse manual
  15. I see where you made some vented belt covers for a 520h are you selling these?