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  1. Maroon RJ58

    Remade sticker? Or is this what your tractors look like?
  2. Maroon RJ58

    I will get a picture of it for you guys that are curious. The weird part is that there isnt a different color paint under it where it is slightly torn. Could the maroon be original?
  3. Maroon RJ58

  4. Maroon RJ58

    Yep, its a thick aluminum like sticker. Says RJ-58 and a serial #.
  5. Maroon RJ58

    Obviously, I am not an expert but I think its orginal...just tired or the prior owner was country fed. There is a pipe supporting it from the bottom. I am always internet horse trading, you will never know what I can fit into a Priority Flate Rate box . A trailer would be a tuff move though, I think I will just keep an eye on the local ads and hopefully find something with the slot hitch and make it work. Can anyone tell me what the right side clutch pedal was used for? Currently it is floppy, not hooked onto anything. My guess was a mower deck?
  6. Maroon RJ58

    Hi I am a first time Wheel Horse owner. It has the front plow and the AC-6 cultivator attachments. My guess is that it was the recipient of a DIY restoration in the late 1990's but not certain, based on the darker red, B&S engine and newer tires. Runs and drives perfect, everything works awesome. I need a trailer for it if anyone wants the cultivator.