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  1. C101 Mysterious Part

    sounds like the guide tube for the cable that lifts the rear attachments or sleeve hitch
  2. The towel racks errrr grab handles look pretty cool on there
  3. 520H Steering Problem

    if you cut the shaft as i did it will come out in 2 pieces other wise I think you have to remove the steering wheel and dash which can be a adventure all on its own while I had mine apart I also replaced the plastic bushing for the shaft with a pillow bearing, there should be a picture of it along with the others I posted that really helped tighten up the steering
  4. 520H Steering Problem

    3rd picture show part of the coupler I made for this, its made of 2 3/4 inch split collars and a piece of steel tubing
  5. 520H Steering Problem

    520h steering.zip
  6. 520H Steering Problem

    a simple easy fix may be to cut the steering shaft center the fan gear center the steering wheel and use a clamp type of coupler to fasten them together then adjust the tierods
  7. Intro and new to me 315-8

    to the beer errr cup holder is a nice feature
  8. try chaining it to something that won't move and see if it will spin the tires, this may help determine if the tranny is getting weak also how fast will it go in reverse?
  9. Soggy Sunday Agenda

    tire chain?
  10. Value this mower please?

    I would say priceless because I sure wouldn't buy it
  11. New (ish) truck!

    Does the GMC on the grill stand for "gave my cash"?
  12. Two new tractors

    My c-81 has become my go to tractor great tractors!
  13. Another Grand Daughter

    congratulations and if I count right that should be 7 wheel horses for BRF now!
  14. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Heres what I play errrr.... work with, still have to get the cab mounted on the 520.