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  1. Two new tractors

    My c-81 has become my go to tractor great tractors!
  2. Another Grand Daughter

    congratulations and if I count right that should be 7 wheel horses for BRF now!
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Heres what I play errrr.... work with, still have to get the cab mounted on the 520.
  4. Tiller

  5. Mentioning a homemade gift

    very nice work there, we had a d-19 we bought new when I was growing up must say it was a favorite tractor o mine.
  6. Tie rods

    try heating it up
  7. Another What Is It

    looks like a tie down chain for a t rail system
  8. Where does this piece go on my 520H?

    My guess is eather the pto, clutch/brake or seat safty switch.
  9. New Horse Hauler

    Very nice truck. I would like to do the same thing but just can't pull the trigger, mainly because my 2004 only has 95000 miles on it.
  10. Grand Daughters

    Great picture Fred and looks to me like you have reasons to get 2 more horses!
  11. Got a deal on 702 today

    we had that same bead breaker on the farm when I was growing up, I can remember it as far back as the mid 60's and it was old then, worked great.
  12. 12hp needs rebuild

    Bob try calling Perry automotive and ask for Al, he runs their machine shop and does a good job. 517-625-3127 they are located on m-52 on the south end of perry.
  13. Brake failure

    Look at the bright side, if the truck wasn't safe to drive you could have towed it home with the horse!
  14. I have had better luck by going thru bestbuy for my phone plans both verizon and now sprint
  15. may want to add wheelie bars to it also