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  1. Will post yen when I can get them. thanks.
  2. I have the opportunity to pick up a 1968 non-running, a bit rusty Landlord with a 42" deck (deck looks to be good shape) and a 36" tiller (in the weeds and looks to have a wooden top). It also has a spring loaded snow plow and cast iron wheel waits. Would love to have some ideas of its value.
  3. Thanks, in the end I didn't use weights. Figured I had tilled deep enough. I didn't have a chain as long as I think I needed. The one with the clevis hitch on my tractor is 3 links long. I will probably get a section the right length going forward but this was something I had so I tried it. Thanks for the input. Got the 60" deck back on. Chaining it to the pole worked well. It's mowing great and I set the height up a little bit. Didn't want to mow dirt with the new blades. having just gotten the mower in Jan I had it a bit low to begin with, but any higher and the wheels constantly have contact with the ground. Gonna have to live with that.
  4. UPDATE!!! The garden is turned from Virgin ground. It did take some hydro lever manipulation, though I found it better to use the brake and only occasionally bump up the lever. I did have a problem with one side of the attachment rod coming out when I lifted the tiller. This in turn usually threw the belt. This shut me down the first time it happened because I put the belt back in the snow thrower groove and it kept throwing the belt right when I ingaged the PTO. This was frustrating since I had tilled 1 1/2 passes and then ... I figured it out when I did some revamping of the spring bolt and the lift connection (turnbuckle). When I went to put the belt on, I realized "I bet I was putting the belt back on that groove!". Thanks again for all your help. I will do another pass with some weight added to my tiller for depth and then back to the newly bladed (Oregan Gator blades) 60" deck. It's patiently waiting for me to try the chain me to the power pole so I can't push away when you try to drive over me. Pole located convieniantly next to my shed. Ok no comments on that last paragraph! Heee are some pics.
  5. OLD POST HERE! Thanks, will have to check that out when I get.a chance. I know I have a cable coming out the front side of the hydro with a long thin slotted u shaped bracket on it. It almost reaches a two holes bracket by the deck lifter bar. i meant to reply this when you had posted yours. I forgot to hit submit. Sorry, I don't see what you show in the pics. But here's what I have. Need to know am what I need to pull off and what I still might need. Old post here!!! Just started to post a new and saw I had not published this one. Now the fact that I got no reaponse makes more sense
  6. Mowing with 1977 C-160

    when do you want me to deliver the next C-160 ? Tonight at 9pm right? How about Friday at 6:30?
  7. Mowing with 1977 C-160

    Welcome I say buy another C-160 and get rid of the tiller Oh wait!
  8. Pulling Bushes with a 1977 C-160

    Wow! I about woke up the house on that one!!! wasnt sure I was gonna stop coughing after the laughing!!! And I mean that in a nice way I actually tried to break my spleen a few weeks ago (not really) pulling down a way rotten tree. The top and side pieces came down but the main trunk stopped my 520 cold!!! And the steering wheel said hello to my gut..barely. I backed up on the seat and gave her another few tries! Yeah, thick head!
  9. Tiller

    UPDATE! I took the fender/seat assembly off to access the area under it to clear out some grass and dirt. I was able to free up the cable this way, thereby lifting the tiller. The one thing holding me back from putting the belt on (except the spring bolt issue) and getting it running. Just got done with half the second pass of the garden. The belt came off and now it won't stay on. This also after the chain replacement (a turn-buckle) that lifts the tiller came loose and I was dragging it. Might need to completely turn the turn-buckle to its shortest position which is how I started. I lengthened it to try to get deeper. This may be causing the belt to come off. At the beginning, I hooked the spring to the rod that holds the front of the foot rest. There is only one bolt hole near the foot rest and the screw in it holds the belt guard. I will probably get a matching size bolt but longer and use a double nut to hold the gaurd in place so I have somewhere to hold the spring. I will have to get a shorter spring as the hole is not as far as my spring is long. Suffice to say, spring bolt, lift turn-buckle and maybe even idle pulley/PTO pulley alignment may be the culprit.
  10. Old wheel horse dealer still open

    Will have to visit with them my wife teaches in Griffith
  11. Tiller

    My pulleys are pretty much the reverse the larger pulley is on the main shaft the smaller one pointing back then the moment arm is pouting down, so the. The spring should go forward. I have two hole in frame to front and one is in a perfect position for the spring. I also have found, I do have the rock shaft thanks to wheelhirseman1000. His pick on his vendor page shows me the things I would need. I have a cable end going forward from my hydro that looks like it goes into the hydro, but it does not reach the bracket which moves when the deck lift bracket goes up and down (I lower or lift the hydro lever). Can't figure out how to connect or move his cable.
  12. wait!!! you makin' fun of my work bench?
  13. Here it is belly up, just the wheels aren't afixed to the axle.
  14. hello to all

  15. Prayer requested