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  1. restored model 1067

    Completely restored model 1067 Wheel Horse with a solid 42" mower deck. Everything on tractor has been blasted, primed, and painted . 10 HP Kohler totally rebuilt. lots of NOS parts and or repros used. This has been my workhorse for 20+ years. Deck is new to me but in solid shape. I rebuilt the spindles with all new bearings and seals. Baffles are solid. transmission was rebuilt not too long ago. I took this 'horse out of service many years ago. It's been 2 years since the rebuild, so it is a little dirty.
  2. Completely rebuilt model 1067 . Uni drive manual 8 speed trans. Totally stripped down, sandblasted, primered, and 2 coats of sunrise red Rustoleum. Original engine rebuilt. Has 10 minutes on it since done. Transmission has about 10 hours since rebuilding. Body not pristine, but original.lots of documents, repair receipts, manuals, etc. I have owned this for 25+ years....bought it from the 2nd owner. I also have the mower deck that has been redone. No defects or repairs all stainless fasteners. $450.00 I have 5 'Horses' and it is time to move one of them. This 1067 was my first and it gave me the bug due to it's quality, durability, and parts availaibility. Simple to work on and fun to operate. Yes, I painted the engine Chevy orange. I was going to go with 1964 Pontiac powderblue, but the contrast was too weird. Jan
  3. 310-8 axle needed

    A correction !!! The 310-8 is a 1986 ! For the axle, I can only find a 3-29 part number and/or 5961 What is the correct ordering part number ? Where can I get one? The right axle is much shorter than the left one. I need a right rear axle for my 310-8. Approximately 11-3/4" long. 1" diameter I believe it is a 5086 trans (?) Tractor appears to be a 1988 or 1989. Any idea what the toro part number is if I can't find a used axle? My current inventory is a rebuilt 1067, 2 @312-8 , the 310-8, and 1 more yet to identify. Jan