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  1. trail blazer 7 parts

    I have a complete Trailblazer less engine. I would be willing to part with it. . I live in Northern MN and It is under the snow right now. Bob
  2. 5 xi snow plow blade

    Did you find a snow blade for your xi? I have one that is almost new condition for sale. Con me at schlick@paulbunyan.net.
  3. Wanted Bagger 520-H

    I have a NOS vac-bagger for sale. contact me at schlick@paulbunyan.net.
  4. Bagger for Wheel Horse 416-H

    I have a NOS vac-bagger that fits the large frame tractors for sale.
  5. Have you ever tried the candle wax method? I had a set screw on the wheel hub that broke and could not get it out. I heated the bottom of the bolt and dripped wax from a candle on to the bolt. Then used an easy out and it came out.
  6. 520-H not running right

    I use my 416 for blowing snow and usually have to pull the choke out a little to get it to stop surging. It may need to have a larger main jet. However for the running rough, check the compression and the condition of the spark plugs. Compression should be within 10% of each other.
  7. 5xi Dozer Blade

    I have this dozer blade that came from a 5xi tractor that is just like new with very little use. I do not have a tractor that it will fit so it is for sale. It came to me on a trade.
  8. Looking for a 32" RD cutting deck

    I live in Bemidji, MN where we just had a cold night but the sun is out and it is warming up.
  9. Troy Bilt Horse Tiller

    I have 2 engines that came off a Troy tiller. The one is a 6 HP cast iron Tecumseh with 12 v electric start, completely rebuilt and the other one is a 8 HP Kohler cast iron engine ready to go. They are available if you have not found an engine yet. whman01
  10. Looking for a 32" RD cutting deck

    I believe I have what you are looking for but it is under the snow and I am not going to look for it today. It is -24 outside! whman01