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  1. Toro Xi Series Quiet Collector System for 48" Deck

    Changed Price to 1,000
  2. Toro Xi Series Quiet Collector VAC System for 48" Deck. Complete system in like new condition. Very rare 48" setup.
  3. 520H NOS Hood

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Changed Status to Closed The cab has been sold.
  5. 520H NOS Hood

    Changed Status to Pending
  6. Dual Wheel Adapters

    Toro Model #: 94-2050
  7. 520H NOS Hood

    I have a brand new hood for a 520H. This is NOS and comes as it would have from the factory. May have a few scuffs or scratches as seen in pictures, but they are very minor. It is only the hood. Great for a restoration. Pick up only, I will not ship. $350.
  8. Dual Wheel Adapters

    I have a set of dual wheel adapters that I removed from a 522xi with 73 hours. They are in excellent condition and are black in color. These are the factory Toro adapters. Model #: 94-2050. They were about $300 new. I would sell them for $200 plus shipping. These are very hard to find. If they don't sell for this amount, I will keep them with the loader that I may be selling in the near future. Thanks
  9. Ed, the cab is available.
  10. XI series Winter Cab with Glass winshield and wiper. Just acquired an XI tractor and do not need the cab enclosure. It has the hardtop with glass front windshield with powered wiper. I don't think there are any rips, and the doors are in great shape. This is for pickup in RI unless shipping is arranged by the buyer. Could potentially trade for other XI parts, but not snowblowers. Here is a link to the cab I have. http://www.originalcab.com/Cab-Enclosure-for-Toro-Wheel-horse-5XI-Series-520XI-and-522XI-10789.html Mine does have the glass windshield upgrade which is $180 additional, and it also has the power wiper upgrade. which is another $180. The hard top is white. Thanks
  11. Need transport for mower deck from Virginia to RI

    No longer needed. :thumbs:
  12. Need transport for mower deck from Virginia to RI.