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  1. You guys could probably sell those as old time hand fans to keep the 'skeeters" at bay, personal cool down devices, and deflectors to bat raindrops away. No suggestions as to pricing.......you'll have to test the market threshold price wise. Let us know what your market survey reveals. Skoal!!!
  2. Russ, Wishing you continued progressive improvement and strength in our recovery. If I live to be your age, it will be somewhat of a miracle. I'm not holding my breath. Wishing you the best. Regards, Steve
  3. AMEN!
  4. The latest forecast. Hope it improves over the prediction: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=39.9231&lon=-77.2986#.WUsMCVGQzV_
  5. Dave, In regards to the selling rules, review this WHCC web page: http://new.wheelhorsecc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=26 Regards, Steve
  6. Is that "heading" north,or "wading" north?
  7. Dave, I also am sorry to hear this news. You have been helpful to me personally. Hope you will hang around RS giving your great advice and spreading your vast knowledge after you are able to dispose of the hardware or most of it. Someone you might consider is contacting Lincoln at A-Z Tractor who is a member here at RS and a PA resident. Since he is a WH salvager and parts supplier, he might be a possible candidate for at least some of your stuff. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/169-a-z-tractor/ Just a suggestion. Regards, Steve
  8. No trailer? Where is that new monster you purchased? At home resting up for future journeys??? Must not have much to sell or buy......
  9. I looked up the NWS/NOAA forecast for Bilgerville and Arendtsville, and it gave me the forecast out of State College, PA. Unfortunately it looks like there is a general trend toward precipitation, especially Thursday night, Friday, Friday night, and Saturday. Everyone may need their rain jackets, rubber boots, and umbrellas........ http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=39.9231&lon=-77.2986#.WUmPvVGQzV8
  10. Why doesn't Lampert take Sears private? http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20170616/ISSUE10/170619921/lampert-should-take-sears-private-in-a-buyout
  11. Lowell, You requested input on your new website, so here goes my . Understand this isn't meant to be intentionally petty, but rather just my own observations and opinions, for whatever they are worth. Overall, I think it looks to be much more user friendly. Primarily what I mean by that is the previous black page background didn't appeal to me at all......but I virtually despise any site with that background choice. Too Goth-like for my tastes. The new white background individual pages are much livelier and easier to view, IMO. Also the previous site mixed various color text descriptions, which I also don't much care for. Simpler is better IMO, but it is also much more viewable. One of my dislikes is as bmsgaffer pointed out.........the small font page numbering on the "ALL PRODUCTS" page. There's more old fart buyers viewing this site than 20 year olds, so increase the font page numbers size a little bit. AND........ then the last thing I would add is probably just a personal quirk of mine, but I'm going to mention it anyway. I don't like sites which require lots of page changes to view the content. I much prefer to minimize that kind of reader/viewer input by the more user friendly choice of scrolling. I work from a desktop PC, so maybe that influences my preferences over that of a smart phone user....... Web developers seem to love creating more pages, i.e. create more pages to create more advertising space. It's not necessary in this instance. You are the only advertiser. Those pages could be condensed to 4-6 pages instead of 12, IMO. Big improvement over the previous site! Regards, Steve
  12. WOW, NICE! You are now definitely more than just a hobbyist........
  13. I'd have to agree that is a pretty accurate statement.......at least for anything east of the Indiana/Ohio state line.
  14. Colby, Did you buy the GT 14 that was for sale on Ft. Wayne CL from a guy by the name of Jeremy in Ossian? Regards, Steve
  15. I've owned a GT 14 for 36 years, it has a 48" mower deck, and all I've ever done is mow with it. My lift has NEVER lifted the rear wheels off the ground. Only the front center roller on the deck. I never really thought twice about it......I always assumed that's the way it was designed. I don't see any practical way it could lift the rear, when you watch the limits of the mechanism at work.