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  1. New here from Greencastle IN

    Welcome to Marsha!!! You are in very good company in Greencastle as there are lots of Wheel Horse enthusiasts nearby. Regards, Steve
  2. ah yes......west central Indiana, the home of lawn and garden tractor sickle bar restorations!
  3. Happy Birthday Mike

    A very Happy Birthday, Michael aka MR. WHEELHORSESTORY!!! Have a super day!
  4. The rack incorporates a "transporter", a la Star Trek. When a tractor or other piece of machinery is placed in a vertical position below its final rest place, it will automatically be placed on the rack at the desired location. Consult with Scotty for final instructions, then have him "beam it up". Voila!
  5. OK.................let's see what ya got.............................. !
  6. I completely understand that. No crap intended. Just observing. No need to get defensive .................. or draw a weapon..............
  7. Fair warning........y'all........
  8. Well, just sit on it and see what develops. I wouldn't expect 1000 inquiries......
  9. Sickle Bar Mower Drive Pulley Plate

    Thanks for the "Lads" moniker.....even though you are only 14 months older than me. I gladly accept the salutation as a younger male.......any day. Excellent work, mate!
  10. Its a plastic guard, as I understand things. Communicate with Lane about availability.
  11. Lane, Well, I'm glad my memory hasn't totally gone to hell......yet. But, I'd like to clarify something....... What you have are WH sickle bars (of actual unknown manufacture), correct? DJ told me Haban is the Cadillac of WH sickle bar mowers. I know of two at the moment, I could possibly secure. Both 414s.....which as I understand, were specifically for the GT 14. I don't currently have a free GT 14 to mount one to, but I'd like to see these jewels preserved, and serviceable. Sickle bar mowers are very specific to certain chores and applications which other implements don't quite fit the role.
  12. Lane, Didn't you have one on a 1054 at one time???
  13. Sickle Bar Mower Drive Pulley Plate

    Lane, Stormin actually posted a link to that sickle bar here at RS.
  14. Sickle Bar Mower Drive Pulley Plate

    Lane, I saw that thread a while ago. Great workmanship! That gent is very skilled. Great looking sickle bar he restored!