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  1. I agree. A detailed "back story" would be interesting to read. What drove him to have SO MANY lawn and garden tractors????
  2. Flynhrse, I'm not meaning to be hypercritical, but rather constructive, so bear with me. I fully understand you are a newbie and to be honest it takes a while to get the hang of things and the way they operate here, not to mention the navigation of the site itself. I myself stubbed my toes a couple of times as a newbie learning the ropes. It seems it may just be the nature of the beast. When I suggested in your other thread you should create a thread discussing the auction you were referring to, as I did in this one, I'm not sure you interpreted my suggestion correctly. I did not mean to imply or suggest you mix different sales (or topics) by placing it in this thread about the Virginia auction. Your purpose in posting notice of this PA sale would be MUCH BETTER SERVED by starting your own thread about it and using a topic title of your choosing. Your post above does say Xion, PA, yet it has the Auction Zip info for the Xion Crossroads, VA sale.......which in my opinion creates enormous and unnecessary confusion. Maybe its a typo, but I'm not sure. Things get really confusing and overly complicated when disparate information is in thrown into the same pot. Similarly, we have had newbies who created all sorts of threads in various forum areas, but instead of giving each topic its own unique title, they use their RS user name in the title line........no matter what they were inquiring about. Needless to say, things really get confusing when we have the same thread title in numerous sections of the forum. The short of all this and my suggestion to you is, if you truly want to make the PA auction (if in fact there is a PA auction) standout, create your own unique and separate thread in a sub forum which is appropriate to the topic. Otherwise, you need to check your info and your posting here. Hope this helps a little. Welcome to RS, by the way! Regards, Steve
  3. Well, like I did in a regular thread in an appropriate topic area of the forum. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/71491-interesting-auction-in-virginia-september-16/
  4. More pics and vocal description of the Palomino:
  5. Sickle Bar Belt Replacement

    Great job, Lane!!! I wouldn't want to have to change that drive belt very often. Looks like a real PITA to do, especially the thing mounted to the tractor. Remove bottom plate, remove bolts in bearing flanges, loosen set screws, move pulley shaft enough to install belt, then reassemble everything. Not much fun on your knees or on your back........
  6. Happy Birthday WHX12

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a super day!
  7. Allis Chalmers garden tractor - $2295

    Wow, there are tons of implements available for the Tuff-Bilt!!! https://www.tuff-bilt.com/implements.html
  8. Any luck with the lead you knew about for that part?
  9. Aldon.......so you ran it (the tiller) without that lower bar part you were searching for??? If so, how much difference in operation would you anticipate that part might contribute???
  10. A little bit of everything, and PLENTY of Wheel Horse tractors. Amazing collection of machinery! Sale bill: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2943223&fe=2100405&txtSearchKeywords=Raines&txtSearchZip=46933&idxSearchCategory=0&txtSearchRadius=0 Still pics: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=2943223&category=0&zip=&kwd= Video:
  11. Project D-220

    "picture no longer available" ....... What's up with that???
  12. Aldon, Did a little research on the tiller. There were apparently two tillers for GT 14s. 7-1231 was the specified number for the first year '69 model 1-7441 tractor. The other tiller show for GT 14s was 7-1232, which I would assume was for the last four years of production. My best guess is that either will fit on the GT 14, regardless of model or year of production. The weight quoted for the 7-1231 is 177 lbs. Which model is your tiller???
  13. I'd say their sheer weight is one of the prime reasons they are such an effective ground engagement attachment, along with the sufficient power of a 14 hp Kohler to turn the tines efficiently, and sufficient hydraulics to lower and lift the beast. Any idea about the exact weight of the implement?
  14. Deck shells to the scrap yard??? What is wrong with them?