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  1. Happy Birthday, guys!!! Each of you have a super day!
  2. Tick borne infections are no joke

    Interesting discussion. Oddly enough in the only daily newspaper in my county (formerly owned by publishing giant Gannett), this was printed on the Editorial Page today. I thought it tied in nicely with what has already been said, and would interest everyone who has already contributed here.
  3. Near to me members, you ok?

    Here's a new update from my audio repair expert in New Milford, CT. "STORM RECOVERY UPDATE: I was just out on a bike touring the area. Some tree crews are beginning work in the greater area and major connecting roads near us. A lot of homes lost roof shingles or vinyl siding. A lot of close calls, with large trees down that missed homes by just a couple feet, but no disasters, fortunately. Eversource is beginning to set new poles along the road that our road connects to. The entire infrastructure is being replaced, not rebuilt. Unfortunately, rebuilt above ground, so this can happen again, next storm. I have a feeling we may be back in service in substantially less than the month it took last time a storm like this hit. We're hopeful"
  4. Near to me members, you ok?

    I got a message yesterday from an amplifier, tube audio specialist who has worked on audio gear for me who lives in New Milford, CT........the home of one of our mods, I believe. @stevebo??? Here's his statement: "WEATHER UPDATE: A tornado blew through here about 4:42 this afternoon. There is widespread damage across much of Connecticut. The high school down the road lost part of its roof. We are fine here, but there is no power, no internet and no phone service. Lines are down *everywhere*. About every 50' there is a tree down across power lines. This is not the sort of outage that will be fixed in a few days. Could be a month, based on past experience. We are on generator power and will continue to work on amplifiers as usual. I'm using limited cellular data to post right now."
  5. Anybody here on RS planing to make it to this event? If so what days?
  6. "Why are you making me do this???"
  7. Biggest Tractor

    But with a Renault engine......
  8. Happy Birthday to @Molon_Labe!!! Have a great day!!! Going to Portland any time next week? Regards, Steve
  9. My GT14

    How about calling it "Rastaman Vibration"???
  10. Hope to see you there, Lane! And of course, the other super nice Wheel Horse guys I've met hanging around this forum who hit these IN meets. Regards, Steve
  11. @DennisThornton Don't you think they at least could wash the cream puff before taking pictures for a listing??? That's just crazy. The money being asked may be also........... YIKES! Also: Iowa is a very long way from the centers of most wheel horse aficionados and activity.......a tough sell, IMO.
  12. Not if it got parked.....for whatever reason. If anyone can't find to link, PM me and I'll sent it to you.
  13. It's uncanny what a guy can stumble across at times. Sometimes, its just plain staggering........ On that well known auction site we all love and hate, simultaneously.......... Claimed 6 hours on the clock of a 1994 tractor. You'd think for the $$$ being asked, they could at least wash the thing.
  14. @wh500special et al., A very well thought out presentation and study of the background of the costs involved with and associated with "the parts business". It truly included some area and things I hadn't fully considered before. Really good stuff and food for thought for all of us here. I said I'd report back my findings on a couple of NOS parts I generally follow which are still in stock in a couple of businesses around the US. I guess I was expecting a real blood bath/horror story on the announced price increase on Toro parts I received from RCPW, and especially on Wheel Horse parts. I think most of us when we hear "price increase" think in nightmare terms.......worse case scenarios. 33%, 50%, 98%, pick a number, any number. In reality, the actual numbers can be much less concerning and alarming. I use my 1969 GT 14, 1-7441 tractor as an example. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon an ad for a GT 14 with mower deck included listed at $1,495. Now while I can't be certain as to the year of the ad (no dates given), for illustrative purposes, I'm going to assume that's was my tractor's original pricing. Now if I use the federal government's Bureau of Labor Statistic CPI ( Consumer Price Index) calculator, I can ball park what my now 49 year old Wheel Horse tractor would sell for in today's dollars, based on its advertised price. Shockingly, my 1969 $1,495 tractor is valued in today's currency at $10,409.02! (Jan. '69 - Jan. '18). If it was discounted $200 from list ($1,695 is what the ad inferred), the value in today's dollars would be $11,801.53! https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm So realistically, if I have a running, functioning tractor that if it were made and still sold today would be worth over 10K, I guess I have to expect that the limited number of NOS parts still floating around, likely would reflect increases in inflationary pricing also. Maybe these parts are proportionally higher than the actual tractor, but since most original pricing information for the replacement parts is long since gone or tucked way in a few dealer literature groupings scattered around, we're kind of speculating wildly about that topic. Scarcity and rarity increases value. Pretty much Econ 101 stuff. I casually follow some of the old style mower deck mule drive parts that were present on most late 60's and early 70's Wheel Horses. In the roughly 39 years I have owned this machine I have become very familiar with the mechanism, the problems that can occur, and how to quickly resolve almost anything that arises in keeping the deck running. I know other owners generally favor the newer style mule drive set ups, but until I can no longer obtain serviceable parts and/or hell freezes over, I'm going to keep using what I have. I guess the old man in me is showing. Don't fix what's not broken. I marvel I am able to keep a 49 year old beast like this still working and doing what it was intended to do. Speaks highly of the quality of the original build. So, the two parts I watch are Arm-Pivot (6725) and Assembly Cam Lever (7068). I'm sure lots of you are familiar with these parts. Pics below: 6725 7068 Here's what I discovered about these two parts in the "price increase". I only checked RCPW for 4/28 pricing, prior to the announced increase. 6725 RCPW 4/28/18 = $104.22 5/2/18 = $106.83 % increase: .9755 PartsTree 5/2/18 = $108.89 Toro direct 5/2/18 = $109.82 7068 RCPW 4/28/18 = $214.62 5/2/18 = $219.98 % increase: .9756 PartsTree 5/2/18 = $224.25 Toro direct 5/2/18 = $226.15 Conclusion: Well, I don't think anyone would claim these parts are dirt cheap. Actually they are rather expensive, IMO. But the real point is that they ARE AVAILABLE, for those that might have a real need for them! The realistic increase in pricing from RCPW is really no more at most, than the cost of a fast food meal. C'est la vie. I guess I can close the door on the fire alarm button now.............
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