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  1. Happy Birthday, Lowell!!! Have a great day!
  2. My GT14

    No heat shield??? Seriously???
  3. I believe as long as you are legally able to buy a side arm in any state (not talking about walking around with a semi-auto rifle shouldered), you should be allowed to carry and display that weapon openly on your person legally, with documentation. It would stop a lot of this wacko assault behavior and terrorism currently going on in the USA. A lot of "bad guys" would run up against a greater number of "good guys" willing to stop their criminal behavior. My avatar should tell you clearly where I stand.
  4. My Brother's Horses

    Interesting transformation! Don't even get me started on the whole cell phone pic thing. Admittedly, they take great photos, but most of the time the user has NO CLUE of the file size, then attaches it to an email. Not just one, but lets say 4 or 5......and suddenly the file size of the email is 8 MB! Drives me nuts people taking pics and having no clue about the bandwidth they are using up. And most know little or nothing about photo editing to begin with....... I can fully understand your frustration Steve. I've been there a few times myself saving the original(s) to file, and then editing it (them) down to a reasonable and manageable size. Ggrrrrrr.....
  5. New Shop

    A reasonable question. Seriously.......... I'm not sure anything above ground level is a safe bet in Tornado Alley, accept a concrete encased bank vault. Those frequent, constant, straight line winds do concern me, however. I'm wonder what the orientation to the prevailing winds is.......particularly tornado season orientation. ???? My first instinct would be to put the back end (12' wide) in line with that prevailing direction. Just one man's opinion........
  6. New Shop

    Likely not. Just tornados, which they have bunches of in "Tornado Alley". Well at least you are aware of the odd details then. I wonder it those long screws are the only mechanical fastener on the truss tails with no stud bearing under them? Can you reach over the top plate and feel a hurricane tie going to the frame exterior???
  7. New Shop

    Those trusses are set unlike any I've ever seen or building I have be involved constructing. The flat bottom chord (ceiling joist) would normally be set on the top of the double plate, but in this case there is no double plate, only a single top plate. I've never seen anything constructed where the truss tail was sitting on and attached to the wall plate. It gives a little more head room, but that's a detail I wouldn't care to replicate. Also, I note every other truss has no direct bearing stud under it. If the wall had a double plate, that wouldn't be an issue. I guess those hurricane ties are the main mechanical attachment. Wonder if they are attached on alternate trusses on the outside of the frame like they are on the inside of the wall frame? That's very odd to me, and I was around residential and light commercial construction for about 45 years......... I'm not intentionally meaning to be critical, just noticing some details which I would not copy if I were building the structure. If it suits your needs and gives you good service life, I guess that's the most important thing for you.
  8. Gt14

    Then back to the firearms? You might just "lose it" without a serious hobby to occupy your busy hands and mind........especially after retirement. I would never have guessed the annual precipitation would be that low in Boise. I would have thought it snowed tons there......
  9. Gt14

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Looks like there two Thanksgiving Day threads going. Maybe a Admin or a Mod can combine them all into ONE???
  11. Thee phase compressor what to do ?

    I'm no electrician........wood was my game, but almost every powered electrical device is initially going to require more amperage on start up than to keep it running. If your wire gauge and the breaker the current is running through isn't sized adequately, it's going to consistently trip the breaker. If the breaker fails and freakishly leaves the circuit open, the wiring to it will get hot and eventually fail.......meaning the end result could be a fire and no building to house that compressor......or anything else, for that matter.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!!! If you know a farmer, give him a big Thanksgiving greeting. He is the reason we Americans have a bounty of food, no only today, but year round. On Thanksgiving, remember family farmers and their challenges: Willie Nelson https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2017/11/21/thanksgiving-remember-family-farmers-and-their-challenges-willie-nelson-column/871640001/
  13. Thee phase compressor what to do ?

    Well you don't mention what that actual value of the "trade" is. Depending on that figure however, it would seem to moi sticking a new $200-$300 220/240V electric motor on it would make it a pretty reasonable deal.......IMO.
  14. New Shop

    Yeah......I want to know too........along with what is the flooring material, and its thickness. ??? At least 3/4", I would hope......