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  1. Happy Birthday Ray!

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day!
  2. Honey - Do List

    Looks fabulous! The next question: are you having fun yet?
  3. The best things in life are FREE

    and BENEFACTOR......
  4. Craigslist find

    Which way???
  5. Barry, In your post towards the bottom left you'll see four things: + Quote Edit Options v Click on Edit or Options and go from there with whatever choice you desire. That should get you where you want to go. As I told you before, I work from a PC. I don't know how it all views on a smartphone. Regards, Steve
  6. Woodwork

    Outstanding! Beautiful workmanship!!!
  7. ‘65 Wheel Horse “1054-A”

    Barry, I guess that new supporter status paid off quick, eh? .......assuming you sold it through Classifieds here at RS
  8. Oh.... the Big Five Five today @SylvanLakeWH Want to trade ages with me??? Hope you have a great birthday!
  9. Looking for hub

    Check eBay, RCPW, and Toro out for the part. A NOS hub will likely cost an arm and a leg. Most likely to find a used one here or on eBay.
  10. 1 USD = 1.29663CAD US Dollar ↔ Canadian Dollar 1 USD = 1.29663 CAD 1 CAD = 0.771233 USD 2018-08-07 12:12 UTC https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=USD&To=CAD
  11. Barry, You can refinish one yourself. It is tedious and time consuming, but it can turnout well if you have patience. I know because I refreshed my GT 14 dash and hydro panels. Check out the following thread for tips: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/57298-raised-letter-dashboard-restoration-technique/?tab=comments#comment-582635
  12. Happy Birthday Glen.

    Happy Birthday, Glen!!! I sincerely hope you are doing better and that we'll be hearing more from you and seeing more of you real soon. Have a super day!!!
  13. Thinning the herd

    Why not put an ad in Classifieds with pics? Good pics can draw more interest than just a text description.
  14. Do you have a show bill or schedule? Who is sponsoring it? Details, details, details.......