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  1. HY-3 Hein Werner

    Changed Price to Sold
  2. HY-3 Hein Werner

    Changed Price to $200
  3. HY-3 Hein Werner

    All original HY-3 Hein Wernerl lift. Took off my 854. Worked fine, took off for restore of my tractor. One of the hoses was cut while sitting in my shed and all fluid leaked out, so will need to replace hose. i can email photos upon request.
  4. 854 round hood seat pan

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. 854 round hood seat pan

    Selling the original pan seat from my 854. In excellent condition for its age, no cracks or rust retains most of its original paint, some searched off from normal wear and tear. I can email photos.
  6. HY-3 lift unit

    I am in the process of restoring my worker 854 which came with what I assume to be an HY-3 unit in working condition, with the proper belt guard. Its a nice item to have but a luxury I am considering doing without. I have no idea how to price this thing, I cannot find any online. Is this even appropriate to ask here? Moderators, if not please remove.... In summary my question is what could I expect to pay for a working Werner HY-3 unit? Thanks Doug
  7. Head off K181....now what?

    As my title implies, I have removed the head and purchased a replacement from eBay. 2 of the holes to hold down the engine tins had bolts broken off inside and an ez out didn't solve the problem. so I have a new head and gasket, aside from cleaning the black carbon any other maintence or cleaning I can address? Thanks
  8. Hydro rebuild help?

    Ah man....my mistake fellas....I did in fact mean my HY-2 unit...the link and manual are helpful though. sorry for the confusion
  9. Slowly working on my 854 restore...tractor came with a hydro set up, anywhere online about rebuilding these units? Or just freshening up? It worked fine when I disassembled but I figure I would do what I can while I have the tractor apart.
  10. Need kohler k181 head

    Looking for clean kohler k181 head
  11. I've painted some small engine parts and had them sitting in my home to dry, temp easily over 60 degrees for about a week...the paint chips with my finger nail. I used rustoleum self etch primer followed with rustoleum regal red.....any ideas????
  12. Well I don't have a sandblaster, and the only local place I could find wants to charge $125 an hour. so I am hoping rustoleum sprayed on to cleaned metal will do the job.
  13. Thanks Jim, that was just the type of advice I was looking for...This wont be a trailer queen by any means. I think I get looking at all the amazing restoration jobs on here and forget this tractor will be doing serious work for me hopefully this spring when I get her back together...
  14. Restoring my 854 and obsessing over the paint job that I have yet to undertake. I know the forum has a lot of info regarding this topic but I still have some questions. I used the search function to come up with instruction on painting my engine which I did with high temp primer, followed by duplicolor engine paint in ford red. As I get ready to paint all tins, frame and wheels all the online info is over whelming me. My tractor will be a worker, but I do want it to look good and not chip or peel. I have access to a spray gun if needed, but I have never used one. So far all I have wire wheel'd is my transmission, the rest of the tractor has traces of old paint and light surface rust....and previous owner primed the seat. Should I continue to wire wheel each and every part? Or clean and go over older paint? Once I make that decision, what PRIMER?? I'd like to make things easy and use rustoleum auto primer from home depot if possible...Or should I really be purchasing an epoxy primer from a company like eastwood? Lastly, I guess the primer I use will determine paint? I dont want to be waiting a month for my tractor to cure. I see that eastwood sells a one stage paint, but the rustoleum regal red also looks damn good to me and easier to apply.... Greatly appreciate any help, and the help I have already gotten from this awesome forum. This tractor has become an addiction for me. Doug
  15. Gaskets..after paint. Kohler K181

    Thanks for all the reply's....I first bought some gaskets off ebay which turned out to be junk. So I purchased a better set from isavemowers.com. Hopefully they will be of better quality. Thanks Doug