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  1. I have a Brand NEW, in box, Snow Cab for a 5xi tractor. $899
  2. I continue to sell-off my extensive 5xi collection of attachments. Brand New 60" deck now available. NOTE: Painted New Holland factory blue. $1,390 Thanks. (More FOR SALE attachments coming)
  3. PM sent
  4. How is your axle repair coming along?
  5. Sorry, no.
  6. Hello, I will photograph later today. Thanks.
  7. Unused pair of seat Arm Rests for 5xi tractor. I've been collecting Toro Wheel Horse tractors for 15 years. We recently moved to a small retirement home and I have been selling the collection.
  8. 5xi MOWER Deck. USED. 60" Rebuilt 2 years ago. $890
  9. I have two NEW, unused 42" mower decks for 5xi tractors. (One is factory painted New Holland blue) For 15 years I collected Toro Wheel Horse tractors and attachments. We have now moved to a small retirement property and I've been selling the collection.
  10. I just purchased a nice 5xi snow / dozer blade. I could not help myself --I bought it even though we are in the middle of moving to a much smaller home and I don't need it! $350 zipcode 13114
  11. Hello, I've got a 5xi snow blade I'd sell. Good shape. We're just outside of Syracuse.
  12. I have TWO factory Snow / Dozer blades for 5xi tractors. Good shape. You buy two for one money. $590 total FOR BOTH. Thanks.
  13. As always, the selling price will reflect the Wants and Needs of the buyer and seller.
  14. I'd bid up to $1,950 but would hope I could keep the bid under $1,800.
  15. The 60th Anniversary sticker adds NO extra value. It's a USED Wheel Horse -- plain and simple.