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  1. Where to get AG tires?

    The cheapest I've found so far is tiresunlimited.com (free shipping) I just priced a PAIR of DURO HF255 AG-LUG 4 PLY 23X1050-12 for 118.22 (includes shipping). They also sell Carlisle brand.
  2. Why do you collect these tractors?

    I don't have an interesting story. I buy them to use mainly because they are inexpensive and reliable and it's cheaper to buy another whole tractor than to buy new replacement parts a lot of times. I plan on having one for each attachment I use (and a few organ donors). When they outlive their usefulness I'll just buy more (and have a demolition derby with friends ); I don't really get emotionally attached to material things.
  3. Mr heater multi fuel ?????

    I use my Propane more than Kerosene since it works when the electric is out and that's mostly when I need a heater. Fuel cost isn't much of an issue since it's mostly for emergency backup and the power seems to come back on without fail about 15 minutes after I fire it up . I picked up a 200K BTU Propane for $50 on sale at Home Depot last year. Home Depot and Lowe's mark down their heaters 50-75% off mid winter in preparation for spring items. Like this one .. http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ1xie...catalogId=10053 The tank top heaters like below are also handy for warming tractors or melting ice on car doors (and easy to move). I think I paid $28 for a new one like this ... http://www.drillspot.com/products/577918/p..._lp_tanktop_htr
  4. I don't know what model Wheel Horse I have

    Do you have any photos? You'll get a pretty quick answer from lots of people here if they can see it. If not you can dig through the picture gallery to see what matches up with yours. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showforum=29
  5. How to Buy a Wheel Horse ?

    It wasn't me but I often offer more than the asking price if an item on Craigslist is under priced (and let them know it's under priced) because there is usually a ton people calling about a cheap item and I'm rarely the first to make contact. It's also useful in acquiring items away from the "resellers" on Craigslist that monitor it all day for cheap stuff and then relist it the next day for twice the price. A lot of time you can still get a decent price just for being honest up front and both parties are happy. It's only money and I make more every day.
  6. What Wheel Horse do I have?!

    Is that an ID/Serial number tag I see on the left side of the tractor near the lift lever? (about 10 inches under the 214 sticker) If you post the numbers we'll know for sure what it is.
  7. Neat Chrome Wheel Covers

    Me too, I did the same thing. I'm easily distracted by pretty pictures. :banghead:
  8. Dukes Snow Blower Automation

    My girlfriend is the stroke Doctor; not I I was merely going to suggest he upgrade to Capt. Morgan Private Stock. It seems hardly worthwhile to risk a stroke on a lesser brand. http://www.thefiftybest.com/spirits/best_rum/ I have nothing against drinking. Even though I don't partake myself I think everyone should drink and smoke if they choose. I have both Alcohol and Cigarette manufacturers stock so I like anyone who drinks and smokes.
  9. Help me with this buying decision?

    If you're bagging 3 acres you may want to consider a tow behind vacuum bagger by a 3rd party. They come in various sizes and store a lot more clippings than the bagger and have a dedicated engine for the vacuum. For 3 acres I think you'll be dumping clippings a LOT (in my opinion). Ex. cyclone rake, craftsman, DR, Agri-Fab, etc. Some come with hose attachments for in between bushes and hard to reach places. They show up on Craigslist all the time in the spring/summer.
  10. homemade concrete wheel weights

    I wonder if it were to be taken outside in the cold and turned it upside down if it would pop out from the cold contraction. Another option would be to put a tube on the inside of the rim before pouring so that compressed air could be blown in from the inside of the rim to maybe push it out. It could be the oil caused a vacuum. (all just guesses)
  11. log splitter

    Another complaint was if you hit a large knot it could knock your vehicle off the jacks. Gloves would get snagged also and it was known to amputate fingers, hands and arms. :thumbs:
  12. 2" Receiver for 3 point hitch

    Thanks, those pics help a lot. I'll have to try your method with my scrap Jeep Hitch. :thumbs:
  13. spmplicity hydrostatic 4211

    They are his property to do with as he wishes. America is great like that. If you want someone to consider your opinion you'd be better served not to insult them.
  14. Dukes Snow Blower Automation

    Do you really drink Captain Morgan Rum?
  15. 2" Receiver for 3 point hitch

    I have a left over Jeep hitch that is very similar to yours that I could cut up. Can you please elaborate some on how it connects to the axle? From the photos and don't see any bolts. I'm guessing it bolts to something from within the square tubing that I can't see? thanks, Paul