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  1. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Haha, I actually have two more plates sitting in the garage (I originally bought 4 25 pounders so 100 pounds total) but I'm trying to run as little weight as possible on the hitch mount because I don't want to crack the transmission case even though I modified the draw bar to distribute the weight better. Tractor did much better this year with 50 lbs on the hitch with chains than it did last year with no chains and 75/100 lbs on the hitch. So I'm probably just going to recycle those two plates into my workout equipment.
  2. Lets see the snow rigs!

    I see a couple of you are also squarebody chevy owners! Here's my setup, 89 414-8. Finally have the setup dialed in pretty well, it hasnt gotten stuck one time this year.
  3. These things did awesome!!! You guys were aboslutely right about how they "flip up" into a scoop when you start spinning. It was like having on demand paddle tires. It might stop and spin for a second but once both sides caught it would take right off again. Never got stuck one time yesterday during 2 hours of plowing the 10-12" of snow here in SE Michigan.
  4. I have an asphalt horseshoe driveway that goes around the back of my house, im guessing its around 4000 square feet total, and I also do my neighbors driveways most of the time too. I dont have a picture of the layout but in this pic you can see the stairs to the back door of my house, and to the right is the garage.
  5. Got the new chains installed last weekend and getting the first snow of the season today here in Michigan - if we get more than a couple inches I might get to try it out! I think I am leaning towards converting to a 4-link eventually but I will see how it does first. I can already tell they are going to make a huge difference.
  6. Good tips here guys thank you! It looks like i could convert the set to 2-link for not much cost so I'll have to look into that.
  7. Thanks for the info. the website didn't offer an option as far as 2 or 4 link, but I believe they are a 4-link set judging from the picture. I didn't even notice one of the sets that was posted here was a 2 link until you pointed it out.
  8. Well the sensible/frugal side of me won out and I ordered a set of the rubber tire chains for the stock turfs. I really wanted an excuse to order those grim reapers though! Maybe next year. thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  9. What about an ATV tire in a 23x10-12? Looks like this could be pretty serious in the snow:
  10. Thanks Lee, do you have a picture of what that looks like from the side? How difficult was that modification? Fabricate a couple spacers? Brandon, for weight I have the toro wheel weights as well as 75lbs on the draw bar. I don't want to use any more hitch weight until upgrade to a receiver style hitch like you guys have, but the combination of the two added a lot of grip. I'm also a fair amount of ballast myself at 225lbs
  11. Wow I've never seen any like that, where did you find those? Those look much more robust than the ones I've seen.
  12. Hey everyone, I've got my '89 414-8 pretty well outfitted for throwing snow other than the original turf saver tires. I've got hitch weights and wheel weights and as long as I let the clutch out easy it seems to have fairly good traction. however if I let the clutch out too quickly they tend to just polish the snow and spin, sometimes causing me to get stuck. I've also got a slow leak in one of the tires so I figure it might just be a good time to upgrade anyway. I don't want to run chains as my neighbor used them once and scratched the asphalt pretty bad. I'd like to put something on that offers more traction as-is and hopefully has a more cool, aggressive look. I've read a lot of good things about the carlisle all terrains here. I think the 23x10.5-12s on the 520 wheels look awesome but I'd need to find a set of those wheels and that would be more of a look than function from what I've read. What I'm wondering is, would the same tire in 25x9x12 fit under the fenders on the stock wheels and be within the range of deck adjustability? It looks like it would be close. Or should I just go with the stock 23x8? I also use my tractor for cutting lawn, however snow removal is without a doubt the primary reason I own this tractor. (If I didnt have to clear snow I'd probably own a push mower). There is as much or more driveway to clear than grass to cut and I often clear my neighbors driveways as well. I don't really need to worry about tearing up the lawn because I'm on flat dry ground, so AGs or ATV tires wouldn't be out of the question. Rubber chains and filled tires are other things I am considering. Rear tires are my primary concern for the moment but also looking at ideas for the front too. Thanks! Pic of tractor attached for curious minds
  13. I have a large asphalt driveway and I only use a blower. Ive debated getting another tractor with a blade for lighter snowfalls but i don't really have the storage space for two tractors. The blower handles my driveway (and many of my neighbors) just fine, granted i dont have any stone surfaces. I don't think a blade would do well on my driveway with heavier snowfall, i have traction issues with the blower i think the blade with heavier snowfall would force me to run chains which would scratch up the asphalt, so given the choice i went with the blower.
  14. Hitch Weight Rack...

    I agree with the concerns raised here. I like to do things right, so in the long term, I'm probably going to pick up the 3-point receiver hitch and maybe add some AG tires as well (trying to avoid scratching up my driveway with chains). For right now, I have to say the combo of 75lbs and the toro wheel weights works quite well. You can really feel the difference in traction vs just one set of weights.
  15. Hitch Weight Rack...

    Sure here's a couple more updated pictures. It doesn't fit perfectly flush against the trans like i was hoping for, partially because of the drainplug. But i think its better than it was.