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  1. I have a large asphalt driveway and I only use a blower. Ive debated getting another tractor with a blade for lighter snowfalls but i don't really have the storage space for two tractors. The blower handles my driveway (and many of my neighbors) just fine, granted i dont have any stone surfaces. I don't think a blade would do well on my driveway with heavier snowfall, i have traction issues with the blower i think the blade with heavier snowfall would force me to run chains which would scratch up the asphalt, so given the choice i went with the blower.
  2. Hitch Weight Rack...

    I agree with the concerns raised here. I like to do things right, so in the long term, I'm probably going to pick up the 3-point receiver hitch and maybe add some AG tires as well (trying to avoid scratching up my driveway with chains). For right now, I have to say the combo of 75lbs and the toro wheel weights works quite well. You can really feel the difference in traction vs just one set of weights.
  3. Hitch Weight Rack...

    Sure here's a couple more updated pictures. It doesn't fit perfectly flush against the trans like i was hoping for, partially because of the drainplug. But i think its better than it was.
  4. Hitch Weight Rack...

    I modified the stock hitch with a plate so that it distributes the force on the transaxle better, and then made a sleeve mount for some cheap 25 lb weights. I'm now running 75 lbs on the hitch AND toro wheel weights on the wheels. After reading this thread I think I am going to get the 2" receiver and go with that style of design instead. I'm still a little nervous about putting that stress on the stock hitch and a 2" receiver would be useful anyway.
  5. Fuel pump?

    Wow that could actually be the problem i would have never thought of that. My gas cap is actually damaged on the top surface... Like the fumes have mutated it over time. You cant read the level indicator anymore i was actually going to replace it for that reason anyway. Ill check into this thanks!
  6. Fuel pump?

    Kohler M14 engine This morning my tractor didnt want to help me clear the driveway. It started right up at first, and normally i let it idle for 5-10 minutes to warm up... but then it died after about 30 seconds and wouldnt restart. It didnt smell flooded, so i had to push it to my other garage where the air compressor is and pressurized the gas tank. it started right up again and ran fine after that. This is the only the second time this has happened so im just wondering if its coincidence the pump can lose prime every once in a while. 1200 hours on the tractor and the last snowstorm we had i didnt have a problem letting it idle in the cold for 5 minutes. The tractor has never starved for fuel when running. Is it time to replace it? Fuel filter and lines are all relatively new, im confident theres no problem there and i keep stabil in the gas.
  7. Dozer blades..Keep em centered.

    looks like a great idea, nice work
  8. Snowthrower improvements

    Make sure your PTO clutch is adjusted such that there is no slip. I used mine this week on the wet heavy snow and i quickly noticed the extra weight of the snow was causing the PTO to slip and make the chute clog up. Unless its coming to a stop it may not be obvious the PTO is slipping. A quick adjustment and my tractor was launching that wet heavy crap no problem. I also spray the cute and auger down with pam / cooking spray before i run it.
  9. Current value of tall chute snow blower

    Looks great, i think you got a good deal. We havent had any snowfall here since i bought mine either so as far as im concerned its working perfect . Not going to lie im excited to use it though. i saw someone mention using the inner PTO pulley. I tried this on my 414-8 because i figured the extra speed would be good, but it looks like the bottom idler isnt aligned with that and puts the belt at a little bit of an awkward angle. It works, but looks like its more of a risk of wear and popping off than with the outer pulley. Any thoughts, is the 520 this way too?
  10. Current value of tall chute snow blower

    Agree with everyone here that looks rough! id be patient there are plenty of good ones still out there just not always at the exact time youre looking.
  11. Current value of tall chute snow blower

    Jeremy's looks like a great deal!
  12. Current value of tall chute snow blower

    I just paid $550 for one in like new condition. (In my avatar). Looks to have been used maybe once or twice and kept inside. I wasnt really looking for a bargain though i wanted a nice one and it took me a few months to find. All the hardware was included as well as a new belt and users manual. No regrets im happy with it!
  13. Tongue weight on factory hitch?

    Thought about that but unlike the wheel weights i can take this off and on in a minute or two. its just for traction in the snow and to help balance out the weight of the snowblower. The steering is noticeably easier with the weight behind the axle. Where does that attach to the tractor? It seems like options are limited. Id like to make something like this but i need to do some thinking on how i want to design it.
  14. Tongue weight on factory hitch?

    This is exactly my concern, especially in the cold temps. I put a shim on the front of the draw bar which i think is better than the original sharp edge, but still not by much. I probably should have welded a piece of flat stock on the full width of the transmission instead. So for now, i decided to play it safe, I removed 45lbs and made a crude triangulation system with a ratchet strap. I'll look into re-engineering the front of the draw bar soon and maybe adding a more permanent triangulation brace as well. Thanks for the input!
  15. So i recently fabricated weight rack that slides onto the factory hitch and functions as you see in the pictures here. I've got 120lbs on it right now but its probably more like 200lbs on the hitch with the leverage. It seems solid. I also shimmed the factory hitch so it wont bounce and added 2 more welds for strength. I just want to make sure this isn't too much. I'm not so much worried about the hitch itself as i am the hitch pressing up against the bottom of the transmission... is there any chance this could crack the trans case? Or am I good? Obviously I can reduce the weight pretty easily with this setup if need be. Thanks!