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  1.  old engines running on unleaded gas.Just having a rough time keeping this 10 hp kohler running, back fires, black smoke out of exhaust pipe...I have never had issues with plugs before.. someone mentioned to buy ngk plugs?.

  2. Fire coming out of...

    To be honest with you guys, i haven't even looked at it lately. Been busy, and haven't had the time. Probably end up being my summer project, to get the thing working great for next winter! Sorry, I know some of you are probably curious, but just haven't looked at it lately! Thanks for all your help though! Greatly appreciated!
  3. Fire coming out of...

    What do you mean by points? And no we haven't replaced them recently that I know of. Had it almost 8 years, paid 300 for it at an auction, and haven't done much work to it at all.
  4. Fire coming out of...

    Both. Sparks come out of the head, probably because of the gasket, and sparks come out of the muffler sometimes to. Now I can't get it to start back up. Could the timing being off not let it start?
  5. Fire coming out of...

    Could the timing still be off when the engine runs? The tractor works, it's just when it gets darker outside, you can see sparks and the occasional flame coming out of the head! Still timing issue? How do you fix that
  6. Fire coming out of...

    I have a Kohler K181 8HP engine that when it runs, which aint to often, it spits sparks and flame out of the muffler side, up by the head. I assume that it is in need of a head gasket. Where can I get one? What size? All that good stuff! Thanks in advance
  7. I saw a post on here earlier of a lift assist spring. What exactly does this do? Can I get a dummy crash course on this? Also, does anybody know how to make a homemade one for my snowblower?
  8. Snowblower Bearings

    I found two of them at a local bearing and welding shop. Fit perfectly and blowing snow today!
  9. Snowblower Lift

    Thanks guys! I found out that it was upside down, and now I feel stupid because I didn't see that before, pretty obvious! Thanks, Alex
  10. Snowblower Lift

    I have a Snowblower problem, well kinda. Every time I get into snowplowing, which has been a lot today because of the storm, the lift bar to lift the blower up off the ground, breaks through the pin on the bottom of the blower, causing the blower to fall to the ground, which is an obvious problem. It's so aggravating, I finally quit just shoving pins through the connection, and am worried that if I shove stuff in there just to get through the storm, it will eventually break the connection piece, which is attached to the blower, out the bottom, as it has already started to break through. I can't fit a bolt through it, and I can't get it welded until after the storm. Any ideas and what have you guys done in the past? A cotter pin worked great up until now, and with all the heavy snow running through it and sitting on the blower housing, it gets heavier than what the pin can hold, and snaps. I know the picture is a little blurry and hard to read, but the circle is where I am having problems. I just need a quick fix, but won't wreck it completely and beyond repair! Please help!!
  11. Mower Attachment

    I don't have a PTO Clutch foot pedal on the right side. I only have one on the right side. Should I have two?
  12. Mower Attachment

    I have a 1966 Wheel Horse 856 3-speed with reverse. Is there a special PTO I need to use the underbelly mower deck that came with it when I bought it at an auction?
  13. Snowblower Bearings

    I can't find a part number, but I plan on taking it to NAPA after school and see if they have one in the shop. If they don't have one, I'm going to take it to a welding shop nearby because I heard they have a great selection of bearings like that. I'd like to get it today, because we're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow tomorrow!
  14. Auger sprocket

    I just replaced mine yesterday! Went to the local farm store and bought one that was the same dimensions! Went home, welded it on there. Now I just need a bearing for the inside of the auger chain side. Any ideas on that? Then I'll be ready for a snowstorm, which looks to be coming Tuesday!
  15. I have a snowblower that has a bad bearing inside the auger on the chain side. Took it apart, and now I can't find a bearing like the one I need! One thing I need to know is if these parts are metric or American? If it is American, it is a 3/4" inside diameter, 1 5/8" outside diameter, 7/16" width. Anybody have a place they get them? Near Rochester, MN. It is a model 53321 snowblower I think as the model # plate is really scratched up.