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  1. Speedex tractors

    I have a speed-ex , Thought I would share a pic of it. Very interesting thread Attached Image
  2. CC-70,almost done

    The engine was wore out on this one (a 7 hp) I installed a 9 horse. Attached Image
  3. CC-70,almost done

    This Cub started out at a purchase price of $50.00 wow, wha hoppened The ribbed tires got here today for the fronts, Im hoping the rear dual spacer will be here tomorrow. I havnt wired it yet , when its done , I will get after the D200 Attached Image
  4. can anyone help with ID

    5 green ones Im reluctant to post anything about other colors , I dont want to unintentionally break any rules. I`m still green here!!! My goal is to have as many different names brands as possible in the time I have left to play on this Earth. BTW , I did bring home the D200 today
  5. can anyone help with ID

    :thumbs: Thanks guys , good info with some entertainment and some education!! Very good , thanks again , I just like to know whats sitting around.
  6. can anyone help with ID

    Heres a bad pic of the numbers plate Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)
  7. I have a piece of a old wheel Horse. it only good for a parts tractor. Its interresting. The serial number is 41236 To bad there not more of it there. Thanks in advance Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)