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  1. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    Thanks to everyone for all of your input and suggestions! The 2 wire system makes solving my issue a real pain in the lower hind quarters. I wanted to find a clean way to accomplish the task and was contemplating wiring a switch in parallel with the "up" switch as a simple solution. I'm sure it would function just fine and may give it a try since I already have an industrial duty NC switch. While this may not be what I was hoping to do, I just may have to settle. If not, I'll just have to carefully observe the travel of the plow frame. Thanks again to all!
  2. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    Square tube is 14" long. I'm looking for a way to install a limit switch. The wired remote contactor has integrated up/down switches, which creates a serious challenge. That's why I'm asking for assistance. I'm an old geezer and using the lift lever a lot gives me the opportunity to scratch my ankle without bending over when I'm done for the day. The actual method of wiring a limit switch isn't a real issue in most cases, but the remote that was supplied with the winch integrates the up/down switches within the contactor assembly, meaning I can't access any typical "blue/yellow" wires mentioned in virtually all schematics. Yes, it's a real head scratcher.
  3. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    The mule drive came with the tractor and was used to drive the mower deck, which I sold. The winch is rated at 2000 lbs.--- a lot more than what's needed to lift a plow.
  4. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    Removed pulleys, shaft, etc. from old mule. Used 1/4" scrap metal, 2" square tubing, 1/2" bolt to keep assembly from pivoting. No welding. See pics.
  5. I've mounted an inexpensive Northern Tool ATV winch to my 310-8 to raise and lower my snowplow. I'm looking for a way to connect a travel limit switch to prevent the plow frame from hitting the tractor front axle when the plow is raised. The switches on the wired remote (yellow housing as we've all seen) are integral with the contactor, making the wiring of a travel limit switch a real challenge. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
  6. Attachmatic Winch Mount

    Jim: I realize it's been some time since your post. Might you have a dimensional sketch of the winch mount you designed and built? Anything you can offer would be most appreciated. TNX.
  7. Since I don't have "dial a height" (?) on my machine, I'm thinking I could also use the winch to set the plow height. I've seen a few photos of installations where the winch is located just above the plow frame, which I see as a potential problem since this puts the winch motor, etc. at a level where it could be covered by snow, dirt, etc. and shorten its life. If I can mount the winch at ~12" or so above the tractor frame, it would provide more efficient vertical lift and also allow me to use the winch for other chores without removing the plow blade. I thought I'd be able to find some specifics re: design, etc. but haven't had any success. Thank you for your input.
  8. I'll be using the factory WH snow blade.
  9. I'd like to install my electric ATV winch to lift the snow plow on my 310-8. I prefer to modify the existing mule and use it as a quick release mount for the winch. Any ideas, photos, sketches, etc. would be most helpful. Thanks. RonL
  10. Just bought a Wheelhorse 310-8 (1975?). No battery. What size battery (case size) should be installed? Thanks RonL