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  1. NOS "D" series muffler

    NOS D series muffler that my Father-in-law bought for his D200 many moons ago. Price is negotiable. Pay the asking price and shipping is covered, If not add $20 your offer for shipping and handling. If you e-mail me please put Muffler somewhere in the subject line. First offer of full asking price gets it, over lower offers except one caveat; I would like to see it go to someone who is restoring their D and not to someone who will just throw it on their beater to get the spring plowing and tilling done.
  2. D-200 Mufflers

    After several hours of running they are holding up. If I ever need to make another set I think I'm going to source all the material from my local metal dealer and have all the pieces cut on a plasma or water jet table especially the end caps.
  3. D-200 Mufflers

    either that or I'm going to have to hire an armed security service and install an alarm system now that the word is out that I have an nos D muffler
  4. D-200 Mufflers

    So I finally got my D-200 put together. I decided to knock together some mufflers instead of trying to hunt down another nos muffler to match the one I have. I used the inner parts of the old mufflers some sheet metal and some 3inch exhaust pipe.
  5. D180 I think

    I couldn't find anything on the engine to identify it . I'll just have to take some pictures and post them up. ID tag next to the parking brake had two numbers 1 0630 9 and 1002130.
  6. D180 I think

    Thanks for all the encouragement. While I'm wiring and running fuel hose tonight I'm going to write down the Sn and see if I can find the sn for the engine. Not sure if I'm going to spring for decals just yet. I would really like to find someone that makes decals to replace the upper and lower plastic dash panels. Mine are pretty beat up.
  7. D180 I think

    New to Red Square and new to wheel horse. Pictured is what I think is a D180 that my father-in-law acquired around 2008. He disassembled it to repair a crack and I have been slowing putting it back together. When the tractor came to me all the panel where sand blasted and bare except the fuel tank he painted and a few panels that I painted. I've spent several weekends painting and reassembling and I'm pretty sure I got every thing in the right place. All that is left is to finish the wiring, install new fuel hose and the seat and find some mufflers. I have one NOS muffler but I rather try find suitable subs or to fab up some mufflers than use an NOS one.