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  1. Harbor Freight Torque Wrench

    I already returned a crap torque wrench to HF. I was way off. I recommend a beam type. The are very simple and cheap. Like 25 bucks.
  2. name that tractor

    1973 8hp 4 speed. That's my guess.
  3. solid seat pan

    I got one 400 which has a non solid seat pan. And another which could be a 401 but currently it's a 400 that has a solid pan. Not sure. I was told the solid one is original.
  4. Work Horse 700 video

    Sounds like it revs up high. Never seen a techy run so good. Nice find, and at least it has not been cut up. I would keep it as it.
  5. What model?

    Is there a square hole or a round hole directly bellow the steering wheel. Square 1960, round 1961.
  6. 1991 520-H

    Girlfriend for now, once wife no more sand. hehe :thumbs:
  7. Is This A Good Idea.....or AM I JUST CRAZY!!

    It has to be a bad battery. Was is maintenance free? Does you garage hold an above freezing temp during the night? Did you ever try to add water to the battery? Batteries most of the time blow up when they leak hydrogen, or if they are over charged. When the engine is running use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery. It should be only a couple volts higher that when the engine is not running. I keep my batteries on a float charger. It keeps them charged, but doesn't over charge them. Any batteries that are not going to be used until spring, keep them fully charged in your basement. That's what my Grandpa always told me. Makes them last the longest. Good luck.
  8. You could do like this guy did.
  9. Post Christmas Chat?

    I going on right now!
  10. 1960 suburban 400, based from the footrests and engine. Where you located?
  11. GPH for your Tractor

    My 8 hp 4 speed uses about 1 1/8 gallons in 2 hours.
  12. I've got alot of spray paint cans out in my garage. It's a separate building from the house, and no heat. Do you guys think they will be ok?
  13. Rattle Can Spray Caps

    When i'm done painting, I take the cap off and put it on a can of carb cleaner, give it a short spray, never had a clog.
  14. 314-8

    That tractor looks great, but the deck? Did we forget something? :notworthy:
  15. C-111 Restore

    I like the idea of power washing. Looks like it does a nice job. Looks like it will be sweet when done. Good luck.