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  1. 314-8 Tranny problem

    I'm really shocked at how helpful you all are. Thank you all, again! I'm going to start in on this tomorrow. I'll post pics and progress.
  2. 314-8 Tranny problem

    I'll give it the ol' college try. Where's this video?
  3. 8 speed transmission

    Hi, is the Tranny still available? Just found my xmission on my 314-8 may be toast. Also, as I'm not really capable of repairing or rebuilding mine, are you interested in the part? Thanks!
  4. 314-8 Tranny problem

    Hi all. Thanks so much for the support! OK, here's an update. I came home jacked up the rear end and started up the tractor. In all gears, no spinning of the wheels. Seems to be moving freely. The input wheel is spinning, as is the shaft. No movement on the shafts to the hubs. The lo hi gear seems to be moving, but I can feel it grinding and I don't think it's catching. On the Tranny, there is about a 1/4 to 3/8 gap between the "stopper" on the lo hi shift arm and the Tranny case. I'm beginning to suspect it's the lo hi gear??
  5. 314-8 Tranny problem

    I need to replace the shifter boot, looking at it last night, its dried and cracked. Also, If memory serves, flushing the tranny is best with diesel and let it run the the transmission for a few minutes? Ill get into the keys tonight. I tried to remove the lug nuts last night to make my life easier, and it appears that someone was kind enough to put some lock tite on the threads for me.
  6. 314-8 Tranny problem

    I have not. I'll look around on here for some how to info. Thank you very much!!
  7. Hi all, my first post here. I bought a 314-8 this past fall, with a mower deck and snowblower. All was fine, other than a sticky first gear. I replaced oil, new fuel filter and gas line on the tractor, and also new belt on the snowblower. First snowfall it worked well, but ran a little rough. This past week, I got one swipe of the driveway done, and when shifting from reverse to 2 ( couldn't get it to shift into 1 and stay) the Tranny wouldn't engage, leaving me stuck. No reverse, no forward. Engine still running fine, drive belt seems in good order. I pulled the shifter today, which is intact and looks fine. Trans fluid looks a bit low, and milky, so I think some water got in there. The gears seem to shift smooth, but the tractor just won't engage. I called the guy I bought it from, who assured me all was in good order, as I can't seem to find someone to work on the unit here in RI. Any thoughts??? I'm OK mechanically, but not a whiz, and not set up to pull and rebuild a transmission.