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  1. Snow Blade installed

    It will. I just need to use it if we get snow and we'll make it pretty when it comes off in the spring.
  2. Snow Blade installed

    Was it once on a tractor of yours? Squonk had it and parted with it as I was looking for one.
  3. Snow Blade installed

    We'll get there. I have to have them before Tim leaves for Spring Training in Florida. Sure as anything it will snow while he is gone. I don't like our big tractor because the snow blower is on the back so you're going backwards the whole time. Not fun at all.
  4. Snow Blade installed

    Installed the snow blade we picked up from Squonk yesterday. Had a chance to get some snow on it and then ran out of gas. We didn't have any non-ethanol gas ready to go in a can so we had to push her back into the barn. It was fun for a short time. We didn't get the storm so luckily we didn't need to push any snow. We'll clean it up and paint it in the spring.
  5. Voted!! Good Luck! That's awesome! My Great Uncle drove race cars. Keep up the hard work. It will pay off.
  6. I want to see everyone's horses

    Great pictures from everyone!!
  7. what would a 1966 856 be worth

    I would do whatever it takes to get the tractor. It clearly means a lot to you. I have my grandfather's tractor and someone would have to remove me in a body bag to get it away from me. It's no longer just a tractor at this point. Keep us posted on how you make out. I would like to know. Here is my grandfather's 1961 - 701. My husband got it running again and some new paint as a gift for me this Christmas. I know it has a 702 on it, but the guys here on Red Square helped us out with this. Great group of people on here!!
  8. WH trailer

    I really like this post! I have a trailer that was with my Grandfather's WH. We just went and got it out of storage today. I like what you did with yours and now we're having a discussion about what is best for mine when we begin redoing it. .
  9. New Member

    to I'm new to the group as well. These guys and gals are awesome!!
  10. ID my Horse

    Hi all!! I went up to camp and picked up what I believe to be a trailer. We've always had it and it is definitely the same color as the . Here's a side view pic. There aren't any stickers or part number on it. Let me know your thoughts. There red is a little work to be done on the back edge of the trailer as it is bent in and out a little with a 2" crack on the back edge. This trailer worked hard when we were using it for garden and yard work. Here is is the first picture. I'll add some more later today and or tomorrow when I get back out to the barn. It needs some love, but is still solid. The tires treads are cracked. We'll see if we need new tires when we put more air in to see if the tubes are good. The tires are original.
  11. My Pink Raider 10

    Love the Hot Pink and Black! Looks amazing!! I'm a newbie too!
  12. Mine was done in Regal Red just this fall/winter. The paint was done inside our factory so the temp and humidity was consistent. Plan on painting the tires for the spring. With the help of all of the guys on the forum we've decided that it is a 701 with a 702 hood. I'll be removing the 702 from the guard.
  13. ID my Horse

    I appreciate all of your information from blades to dash boards. I am taking in all of your knowledge from all angles. I want to walk a fine line between keeping my WH as the family tractor that it is and all that it has been part of and having it look great. I'm not sure where that line is, but I know I will find it with all of your help. ☺️ Thank you. Connie
  14. ID my Horse

    Brian, Wow! That looks nice! I think I need that! I don't have a key anymore. It was changed to a switch. What is the blue on the choke and throttle and the green on the amp gauge? I don't see a serial number under the dash? Why is yours different? Connie
  15. ID my Horse

    Hey Brian, I now see what you mean about replacing the dash on my WH. I may very well place an order for that with Glenn. Thank you for providing the info. Connie