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  1. Reproduction fenders for BlackHood models

    Yes and they are made of fiberglass
  2. Christmas Day Storm with FEL

    Yea you don't want one... if you do get one just call me and I will come get it out of your way lol. I haven't been on it much. Just got it mounted before Christmas
  3. Christmas Day Storm with FEL

    Used my loader to move some snow a couple weeks ago and played with it Saturday. Can't wait for good weather.

    Didn't do much with them today but had them out to warm up and charge the batteries up!
  5. Very cool projects!
  6. C195 new tires and seat ordered today

    Do you know what modifications you have to make to the subframe for it to fit? My ark 550 isn't made for the 195 since the 195 had a longer frame
  7. I got my book!

    I got 2! One for me and one for dad. He had the first edition also
  8. Been wanting to switch my c195 over to led headlights just haven't done it yet
  9. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Very cool, we have2 tombstone weight, and a reproduction bracket we are going to put a weight on dad's rj58
  10. OEM Foot Control Accessory Book

    I will try and do that
  11. Lets see the snow rigs!

    C195 with the big 54" blade I split a beast and if I run out of room I can move the snow with the 520-8 with the Ark 550 loader. Both are fun
  12. Thought some of you guys might like to see this manual since I haven't found it on here in manuals.
  13. My manual for the oem foot kit
  14. Vintage Trucks

    Thanks! It's my baby and it has never seen a winter so the underneath still has the factor paint. It is in a heated shop covered up right now
  15. Vintage Trucks

    I'm sure not classic to most people but I was born in 94 and it was born in 92. Mom and dad bought it new and i bought it from them in high school.