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  1. C195 questions

    Yes, weights but no hub caps
  2. Blackhood reproduction fenders(plastic)

    These are for all black hoods, the pictures show the c195 fender only because i dont have one to take a pic of right now. But yes we are selling these for c195s(still working on the 1984 lever placement) and other black hood models
  3. Tires, Ag vs Turf

    Have these on my C195, Never have traction issues discin,plowing or pushing snow with the 54" front blade. Only place it will have trouble is pure ice. Any other time it is unstoppable. Will leave a little bit of an imprint in your yard if it is soft.
  4. We are now making reproduction fenders to replace the cracked and broken plastic originals. These are made of fiberglass and are good construction. I do not have a picture of the exact fender yet, the picture i posted is the same fender just with the C195 lever placement. All you have to do is drill the mounting bolt holes you need(the holes are marked just not drilled). Pm me with any questions. Can deliver to Portland Indiana show in Aug.
  5. Which plow works best?

    54" works great on my c195 i love it
  6. C195

    We have reproduction fenders made from fiberglass for these now
  7. We have new reproduction fenders made out of fiberglass
  8. Reproduction C-195 fenders

    Can deliver to Portland Indiana show at the end of Aug. let me know!
  9. C195 27x9.5- 15 rear lug tires

    I have these on my c195 and I like them a lot
  10. Foot control C Series and earlier

    I have an original on my C195 and I love using it!
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    Last week I used the C-195 to set the hay elevator up in the barn and today I sprayed 20 gallons around the house and the fence rows around the hay field. Love to run this machine.
  12. 1984 C195

    In case you might need any new fenders.
  13. Reproduction C-195 fenders

    Thanks very much!
  14. IMG_0823.JPG

  15. Reproduction C-195 fenders

    Ok thanks, I think we have one but will keep it in mind thanks