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  1. First snow fall

    Nice tractor!
  2. 54" snow blade question

    I probably will put a slight bend in it.
  3. 54" snow blade question

    That looks good, I was just out messing with it as I changed the engine oil and I can get it in the right hole but sometimes it doesn't go in all the way. I only need another 1/16 of an inch to make it work easy. Everything appears to be factory. The blade and parts are original. Although it does not have a spring on the lock pin, I have to push it in with the handle
  4. 54" snow blade question

    It looks like in the parts diagram the rod is on just like mine
  5. 54" snow blade question

    Wow you are right, I would never have caught that. Now I have my Sunday am project! Thank you! Will update when I do that!
  6. 54" snow blade question

    That may work, I will try it tomorrow! Yes I agree that seems like it would make sense. I hate to do that and it be wrong though, I am going to try and move the springs to the right first
  7. Big Kid play time

    I did the same!
  8. First snow fall

    Thanks! Nice rig!
  9. 54" snow blade question

    Yes it will trip but is also stiff, I bought it like it is, never would have guessed the rod was wrong but I will definitely switch it! Thanks guys. The parts diagram posted above does show 4 springs Very true, well hmm so maybe it is correct. I had kind of thought someone added the 2nd set of springs which caused it but the diagram show 4 springs also
  10. 54" snow blade question

    I had not considered that, you just may be onto something
  11. First snow fall

    It's a beast plowing snow, and I have a 3 point weight box that I can also put on
  12. First snow fall

    Had to get the beast out and play in the snow!
  13. When I angle my blade to the right the spring hits the direction control rod and it is hard to get the pin to lock into that position, pictures coming soon! Thanks
  14. Sir,

    I am looking to purchase a seat pan from you. Sent you a message to your yahoo mailbox. Looking forward to hearing from you. Phone attached to me from now until the end of the weekend.