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  1. 48" deck parts help

    Thanks I will try that!
  2. C-160 Automatic Package

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. I need the middle spindle shaft for this deck, is there a manual or parts manual on here. I want this deck for my 520-8, I believe the bearings are good. The key way on the shaft that goes in the pulley busted so the shaft is junk.
  4. C-160 Automatic Package

    Changed Price to 700 obo
  5. Reproduction C-195 fenders

    . We have the 1984 fenders now!
  6. All three horses

  7. All three horses

    Me to! Love using my c195
  8. All three horses

    Had all three out today, hopefully the c160 is going to a new home tomorrow.
  9. New to me 520-8

    I do like the muffler cover
  10. Chop them up with the mower, then pick up,with lawn sweeper. Dump in garden and burn
  11. New to me 520-8

    I was told 225 were made, only made in 1990
  12. New to me 520-8

    I want to put a 48" on a front deck carrier on it
  13. New to me 520-8

    Finally got the 520-8 unloaded today, going to mow with it tomorrow, the 42" deck is all I have ready for it right now. Shouldn't have any trouble pulling it.
  14. Joined the 520-H Club Today

    Still interested in a trade? I have a c160 automatic with a deck and snow plow I'm looking to get rid of. Pm me
  15. What's In Your Mirror?

    Or a small hydraulic pump i totaly ageee