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  1. Thanks very much!
  3. Ok thanks, I think we have one but will keep it in mind thanks
  4. Thank you. We are working on that, had to get another pattern since mine is an 82 but we will get them! Also soon we will have them available for the other BlackHood models
  5. Thanks to Edwroy for buying 2 this weekend!
  6. These fenders are made with the 1982 lever placement right now. We are working on the 1984 lever placement fenders so they should be available soon. Price is $250 plus shipping. Pm me for details if interested. I can deliver to Portland show the end of Aug. Need payment before shipped. These are a fiberglass construction made by a boat factory that makes small things on the side. Had many guys compliment these at the Mentone Indiana swap meet.
  7. Thanks!! Thank you and that is what i was thinking!
  8. I know this question has been asked before"are the C-195 fenders the same size as the rest of the black hoods?" I didn't think so but comparing this fender(off a 1983 C-145) to the new reproduction fender we are making for the C-195 they appear to be identical. Of course the fuel fill hole and the hydraulic lever cutout would have to be left in. But the holes all measure the exact same. Even stacking them they look the same. They appear the same size. Anybody else played with this? Reason I'm looking at it is because if it is the same then we can make more fenders from the same mold. Thanks
  9. Right now they are made to the 82 style. I don't have an 84 pattern to get the correct measurements for the holes yet. Pictures!! I had a lot of comments on these at the Mentone show. Aside from looking at the bottom they look identical to the original. They are heavier and not near as flimsy.
  10. I plan on taking pictures today!!
  11. I got the first one done Friday am. Had it displayed at the Mentone swap meet. I am happy how they turned out and had a lot of compliments. One ordered already. I will post a classified add here soon. Well also may be looking into doing the seat pans for the other black good models
  12. That is awesome!
  13. I would like to have one to mow yard with one day. I think it would do a great job since you don't run over anything first plus great visibility
  14. Are either of the wheels correct?