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  1. Putting this deck on a c120 and don't have the right drive belt. Anybody know the part number? Thanks!
  2. Any idea what these pieces are

    Thanks! The other piece is part of a Bb-1000 bring grader blade
  3. Any idea what these pieces are

    I will keep it now that I know! Is there a manual for it on here. Is that where you found the picture?
  4. Any idea what these pieces are

    That's what I thought but couldn't find a picture of anything that looked like that piece
  5. Any idea what these pieces are

    Cool thanks! Maybe kinda uncommon?
  6. Picked these up at Portland and I'm curious as to what they were?
  7. 60" deck for c195

  8. Is there a parts manual on here for this deck, I broke the idler tension spring yesterday and looking for part numbers. Thanks
  9. C195 plowing the garden

    Yea there were to many different points of adjustment. I am used to farm tractors and prefer 3 point anyway
  10. C195 plowing the garden

    I was very pleased with how well it worked. In the past I have used a sleeve hitch plow adapted to 3 point and was not impressed
  11. Got my garden plowed last weekend with my very nice original new to me plow. Did a great job!
  12. Been working on putting my NOS front deck carrier put together. It's coming along nicely. I think I'm going to like it! Pretty much just have to mount pulleys and run belts. Also install center spindle
  13. Category 0 3 point Brinly disc

  14. The disc is set up for category 1 right now but is easy to switch back. Good original disc