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  1. C195 plowing the garden

    I was very pleased with how well it worked. In the past I have used a sleeve hitch plow adapted to 3 point and was not impressed
  2. Got my garden plowed last weekend with my very nice original new to me plow. Did a great job!
  3. Been working on putting my NOS front deck carrier put together. It's coming along nicely. I think I'm going to like it! Pretty much just have to mount pulleys and run belts. Also install center spindle
  4. Category 0 3 point Brinly disc

  5. The disc is set up for category 1 right now but is easy to switch back. Good original disc
  6. Happy Birthday Adams94

    Thanks! I actually been playing with my new plow I got yesterday at an auction! Works great
  7. Nice loader here is mine! Gonna get some dirt and stone this week to put it to work?
  8. NOS Muffler part #110661

    This muffler is discontinued by toro(the date stamp on the tag is 2007). Shipping is available for whatever it costs. Pm me if interested.
  9. New sign

    Very nice! I like that box!!
  10. New sign

    We picked up a lighted sign this weekend. Not as old, cool I think though. It's 10fx3ft. It's lighted, they said it works. Got it pretty reasonable
  11. Today's Haul!

    Yea it did but parts went super cheap
  12. Today's Haul!

    I need one bad lol but who doesn't!
  13. Today's Haul!

    It may go up for sale. Not sure yet, takes a lot of wall real estate
  14. Today's Haul!

    Bought their sign! It's 10ftx3ft
  15. Today's Haul!

    No it brought $400. $250 is about all a pedal tractor is worth