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    Have 50" mid-mount grader and original-design gravel grader.
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  1. I back up the rear wheels onto an ordinary pair of ramps which raises the rear of the machine about a foot. This, together with the application of a no-seize paste when installing mower blades has made life so much easier. BTW, you can avoid the center spindle grease fitting on 48" decks being sheared off by using hose clamps to prevent the deck from side shifting.
  2. Company While Mowing

    AMC Rules- Best description is "rickshaw".
  3. This is an easy project that is a lot of fun. If you use this while mowing, better have a side discharge deck. (Have two WH for mowing, Honda is for running around.))
  4. This good quality wrench is being sold by Harbour Freight for seven bucks and change, but with their 20% coupon its only a little over six. Useful tool if you don't have an impact wrench.
  5. pin holes in 48" deck

    48" decks always corrode in the same place; rear left corner where clips collect because airflow here is not sufficient to sweep the clips clear, especially if mowing wet grass. Therefore, after every mowing try to clean that area particularly and the problem will be reduced. -Tom
  6. Inverting Mower Blades

    My original post suggested that the mower blades were upside down resulting in the long grass being matted down and not cut. WRONG! The belts were crisscrossed thus reversing rotation direction resulting in matting down. There may be a purpose to this where conventional cutting doesn't work. We'll see.
  7. Inverting Mower Blades

    Did that, very tough going, build up and binding underneath. Have about a 1/2 acre of lawn that was flooded long enough to produce 20" of hay. Still wet. Thanks all the same. Using C chassis with 13 hp Honda clone, 48" deck.
  8. As a result of a senior moment, I installed sharpened blades on a 48" deck upside down. I attacked a lawn that had grown out control because of continued very wet conditions this spring not knowing that the blades were axbaxward. Low and behold the grass and weeds were layed down as a grassy mat, not cut. Had anyone done this under conditions too tough to mow? What if the back edge were sharpened (in addition to the front edge) and run upsidedown. Would that enable the tractor and deck to partially or moderately cut the growth without binding or loading the deck up?
  9. What was your first car ?

    This is a 1939 Bantam "Woodie". Mine was blue and clean. It had an American Austin engine and could just make it to 50 mph. The plastic cam gear gave out and that was its end for me.
  10. Predator engines

    I have a Honda 11 hp engine with an air filter arrangement very similar to your P-6.5. This engine has been in service for some 25 years and I have used white abrasive cloth wrapped around the filter body and secured with wire. This abrasive cloth (actually a felt) is washable and as such will last forever.
  11. Hi Ron,


    You mentioned in a recent post that you

    had made a modification to a 42" deck that obviated problems

    with jamming of clips.  Please pick up this thread as several of us

    would like to see what you did.  Thanks, look forward to your post.


    Tom Arcoleo:)


  12. 42" SD DECK ISSUE

    Great idea. Have the same problem with my 48" SD decks. Got pictures? What about the cross piece at the exit of the deck. Do you use the chute extension? Thanks in advance. -Tom
  13. The wear on the spindles will vary with the load, rotational speed, amount of bearing surface, lubrication, and hardness of the spindles. I take heart with 953nut's comment above. The conventional ball bearings usually found on these wheel are not very durable; I'm hoping these roller bearing and spindles will last many years with care.
  14. Would like to get opinions or experience with heavy duty roller bearings suitable for front wheels, in my case on my C-series chassis's. I'm speaking of- http://maverickmowersupply.com/215267-heavy-duty-wheel-bearing-3-4-id-x-1-3-8-od?gclid=CPymgMTuk80CFYQ2gQodsWcIIQ I'm trying these out with the full realization that the "inner race" is the spindle itself. But I reason that wear on the spindle would not be a problem so long as the bearings are kept well greased and that vehicle speed is limited to normal mowing speeds. Low wheel rotation speeds should further limit wear to negligible amounts given the large surface areas that the roller bearings contact the spindle. The wheels are retained by split shaft collars avoiding problems with retainer springs. Waddah you think? Tom
  15. Mid mount grader blade

    Have one but it and I are in RI,