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  1. Will do. In Steve's post, I was able to find the videos that I remembered. I'll keep you guys posted.
  2. Thank You, Brother Wish Me Luck.
  3. Happy Spring! Well, I have worked my B100 for a little over a year and I am now Certain I will have to open up the trans and rebearing the 5091 Transmission. The input shaft bearing was screaming after using my shredder for my last composting job, just before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear it starting to go while the machine was shredding. I hope I won't need a shaft. I remember seeing videos for transmission tear-downs and how "Best" to remove the bearings. Does anyone know where to access those videos? All the Best, Danny
  4. Wheel Horse Cart (dump) Model 7-2211

    Thanks Ray, I'll see you next week. All the Best, Danny
  5. Into the Vise she goes....... Thanks for your replies All the Best, Danny
  6. Hi Paul, That bar is every bit of a 1/4" steel. No "injuries" were noted on the rest of the mower deck during tear-down and sandblasting, other than the rusted half dollar hole on the side of the deck. I found a B100 restoration thread on this site with a picture of a mower deck. It's not taken at the angle I need to see it head on. However, the bar appears to be "offset" (not exactly centered on the crossbar) and possibly? has a curve to it? Here is the Thread Title: 76' B-100 Restoration Started by martinarcher, 18 Jun 2015
  7. Hi Guys, I'm breaking down my mower deck to repaint and patch a rusted hole on the side of the deck. I purchased this B100 in November, I never actually installed the mower deck on it. It came with the Dozer Blade on it. The arm that ties all the other arms together to attach it to the mid-hitch appears Bent? It is a pretty thick piece of steel and I'm wondering if it was done by design?? I don't want to paint it and find out I have to rebend the arm straight. Here are some pictures. Thanks as Always, Danny
  8. "Who is that guy on the red tractor?"

    This is the place Manny! All the Best

    Did it work as well as the 5 gallon acid baths? Jim, I looked at a few other YouTube posts (independent) and they were amazed at how well it worked. The ones that I viewed had only soaked them for about 24 hrs. It is good to know that we have a member with 4 years experience and up to 4 days soaking time..........Then I started watching how well vinegar baths work!.......I was stuck in the "Rabbit Hole" for another couple of hours, I hate when that happens??

    Steve, maybe you can do a comparison using Evapo-Rust. It has Rave Reviews.......... a product that can clean this well and is Biodegradable is hard to believe. The key word is....."Chelation" It may work on the axles?
  11. Is this a Wheel Horse Attachment?

    Thanks Mike They only had two pictures & no model #.
  12. I saw this Dozer/Plow Blade for sale. Is this a Wheel Horse attachment? Does it mount to the back? How would you use it? I asked for a Model number. They looked and could not find one.

    I just read the link you have up explaining the process .......Interesting! Will you be posting a before & after picture? Awesome thread. Thanks Stevasaurus!
  14. Would Carlisle Big Bites Trupower AT Tires (523367) - 23x10.50-12....Fit on my B100, original tire size is 23X8.50-12 Would they be alright to use for lawn mowing as well or will they leave a trail.
  15. I am definitely in the hole on the front of the shifter with the dog point & I can physically see the shifter ball move up and down when I pull/push the shifter. I will loosen it a wee bit when I get home tonight. The interesting thing is that Reverse & 3rd are Normal, 1st & 2nd Drag into gear. I drove it last night (standing on the trailer hitch) and all the shifts stay in gear and feel positive. If you look at the set screws in the photos you can see the "break in" of the original dog point. I'll touch base later. Have a Great Day! Danny