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  1. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    After you loosen the bolt/nut on, the splined drag link you need to "spread" it with a screwdriver or chisel so it will be easier to pry up/off the spindle.
  2. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    Unless they are totally worn out then they tend to fall apart, but looking at the parts illustration if you loosen the splined #8 bolt #9 nut #7 (depends which side) then you could pry that up to get enough room to remove the "tie rod" #12, Jeff.
  3. 520 xi deck 52" assembly questions

    The 267H is a really decent "mowing" machine it was the prelude to the xi garden tractors, super tight turning radius and foot pedal motion control, if all you want is a riding mower for your son to help out then the 267H and it's 52" deck should do a fine job, and snow plows/throwers were available for this series as well, @DennisThornton has a couple of these 26X series as well as xi series and should be one to tell the virtues and downfalls of both, Jeff.
  4. 520 xi deck 52" assembly questions

    This picture you have shown looks more of the 26X series tractor and deck than the Xi's, but I could be wrong.
  5. What Horse, and how old

    I bought my first brand new (a left over) Anniversary 520H in March 1998, I was 26 at the time and traded a Cub Cadet in on it still left me with a $6300 price tag with only a 48" deck an I've gathered up snow plowing/blowing equipment and tiller through the years and still own it today, as well as 2 more 520s (sold 1) and a 523Dxi and 520xi (sold both xi), maybe if I could talk my old dealer in a price I would be willing to pay he still has an (NOS) unsold 522xi that I wouldn't mind having yet, Jeff.
  6. Tips for using 310-8 on hillside and for logging

    1st, I hope that your dad doesn't use calcium anymore that will ruin a set of wheels quick like , beet juice (Rimgard) or RV antifreeze is better...2cd, just don't over do it 5-10° maximum slope even though a pressurized engine like the twins would be better on a slope there's been several Kohlers that have survived years of abuse on sloping yards, Jeff.
  7. Tips for using 310-8 on hillside and for logging

    Universal wheel spacers up to 1/2" thick are available at Advance Auto AutoZone NAPA ect, then there's the bolt pattern specific up to 2" thick (try eBay) the Bolt pattern in Ford 5 on 4.5", make that tractor as heavy as you can with all the above mentioned I prefer AG tread tires for loose soil wooded areas myself as well as grass but weight is your friend, I have made custom front weight hanger/bumper for these that use 3 42# John Deere cast iron suit case weights, also I would look into a different style rear hitch like @wheelhorseman sells that actually uses 3 points of leverage and a receiver style hitch vs the factory trailer (pin) hitch, Jeff.
  8. Question about 1995 520H

    Here's what @cleat is referring to...the chain and rockshaft are what lifts the tiller the rear axle bracket is what the snow/dozer blade and tiller actually hook in to, also with the snow plow you'll need the frame extension kit as well, Jeff.
  9. This is why you check under the covers

    I don't know , I ran this Kohler MV17 for nearly an hour before the coil lost one cylinder on dad's Cub Cadet a couple weeks ago, just replaced the coil today then the carb started acting up, Jeff.
  10. Finally ... My New Shed for the Horses

    John, the rain must have came because I mowed all 3+ acres today but at least I didn't have a "creek" flowing by your trailer parked at my place, but at my parents place in WV last weekend it actually made their driveway vehicle impassable, hasn't been that bad since the 1985 flood, Jeff.
  11. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    As much as I hate to I will part ways with the 312-8 with good running Kohler M-12 (and a new battery)that I got back in the spring plus a couple extra frames, front axles, steering tower, hood fender pan and foot rests, will only sell as a bundle, and my 36" tiller with 2 belts one of which only has about 3 hrs of use, just PM me if interested, Jeff.
  12. xearl

    @Xearl, Ok picture straight from the last xi series I had, I would just Google it or try eBay ect with the Toro # ,then find your cross reference number...try SLE.COM seems to be the cheapest so far, Jeff.
  13. @cleat, maybe you can shed some light on the differences between model year wiring with the Onan powered .
  14. Happy Birthday 953 nut

    Happy Birthday Sir.
  15. PTO BELT

    There "should" have been a decal on the deck with the belt routing, don't have any pics of my decks at the moment but here's the decal and parts breakdown for the spindle/blades, also the model of the deck itself will get you the correct owners manual you can download here for free my '96 48" deck is "78360" .