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  1. Set screw completely stripped

    Are the threads stripped or just the sunken Allen hex and your wrench is spinning inside it? If the latter sometimes an "easyout" in the stripped hex will grab and spin it out or try the next size Allen key and tap in with a hammer works as well if not to tight, Jeff.
  2. 65lb Wheel Weights?

    I know they were originally Massey Ferguson selling on eBay for $200+ but I found them on a junked Craftsman for $40, and they fit these deep dish 520 rears and I can hide them behind my wheel covers plus run the Cub weights on the inside at the same time, 35+50 and maybe 5gals fluid yet per side should be plenty for pushing or pulling.
  3. Old Old deck retrofit to an old Wheel horse

    I believe it's a 102742 =1/2"x103" or "HA103" for my '95 and '97 520H/48"SD combo, haven't bought 1 for awhile, Jeff.
  4. Toro model#79361 snow blower

    Like I said above $1200+ when new, if in like new condition and you are willing then $800 with ALL the necessary linkage maybe not to bad, the big things to look for are the auger BUSHINGS they wear out non serviceable (replace only) and the factory wooden chain tension block now Toro replacement is nylon, the impeller to auger gear box seals shrink and leak requiring to keep a watch on fluid level, myself and others have upgraded the bushings to greasable cam lock bearings, and idler sprocket vs tension block, and a cab is almost a requirement when running a blower so you don't wear as much as you chuck, 1 final thought I had a tall chute single and it threw nearly a far but always clogged on D.O.T. plow banks at the end of the driveway but 2stage just keeps on chucking, Jeff.
  5. What have you done on your WH today?

    Those V-bars rip some ice, used to have a set for my 2WD S10 and with enough weight it would go where most 4x4s wouldn't tread, now you need a little more counter balance on the back for the 2stage, Jeff.
  6. 65lb Wheel Weights?

    I did that out of aluminum on a CNC milling machine at work and thanks.
  7. 65lb Wheel Weights?

    On my 75# 2 hole weights I used "all thread" and a plastic "lock nut" on one end then a regular nut and lock washer against the wheel like studs then slid the weights over them and another lock nut tightened then cut of the excess, then on my other 520 I actually have two sets of weights bolted on 1 inside the wheel towards the trans the other hidden by wheel covers ,a little harder to get on there but doable, Jeff.
  8. 1960's snow thrower

    Here's what I did for the 42" tall chute I believe it's the same for the short chute, Jeff.
  9. 520-H

    I really like my new Trac Gard front tires vs the original Dico brand got the anniversary 520H to go yet, looking good, Jeff.
  10. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    Yeah I know last year I had 3 520H 2stage, tall single, and a plow and a 520xi with a tall single, used the plow 1 time, had a front plow set up for the Kioti in WV, dad never used it, now I'm in the middle of converting a super heavy duty fully hydraulic JD blade to the Kioti, maybe it will snow, anyway @JERSEYHAWG / Glenn, I run TRAC GARD 16x7.50-8 turfs on my 520s and 16x6.50-8 the Cubs, they seem to do way better than the original DICOs IMHO, never tried the tri-ribs or used roller chain, good luck ,Jeff. Maybe these Carlisle tires on Amazon...
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    Winterizing the 520s, first off changed the engine oil and filter on the anniversary snow chucker, as tip for all the guys running the 2stage and have the sway bar mounted, take it off, the hood will open all the way and not hit the chute, also changed out the Toro emblem on the fan shroud for a one, then greased all fittings tractor and blower, aired up the tires, blew the dust out the engine and air cleaner and put her back ready for the white stuff, then pulled the mower off the '95 put the snow plow on with the new extension kit, had to modify the angle lever, and added a frame/attach-a-matic sway bar, greased the tractor and called it a day, Jeff.
  12. Good Day From Wellsville, NY

    to , bought my first brand new in 1998 a 520H and have acquired attachments through the the years and yes the 2stage blower for winter duties, Jeff.
  13. Toro model#79361 snow blower

    I picked mine up for $200 but had to rebuild/repair it to look new, and new they were $1200+, also make sure you get ALL the hardware (frame bracket with belt guard/sway bar mount and sway bar and lift linkages, Jeff.
  14. Kioti CK20

    Made a little progress on my new snow plow adaptation/mounting shouldn't be to bad to fab up some sub-frame mounting brackets that will work/function like it was made for it, this thing is built like a take sub-frame is all 1/2" thick with 1.125" pins (manual says 725lbs for the whole assembly), definitely needs new hoses and quick couplers to fit the Kioti, any help from the hydraulic gurus would be greatly appreciated, there's an aluminum block bolted to the blade sub-frame that the hose go through to the dual angle cylinders what's its purpose? (I'll get a pic of it up later if it helps or same as 1st screenshot) ...(refer to pics above and last 2 screenshots)also the angle cylinders only have one fitting/hose is this what they call single acting? and also one is extended the other retracted and after pulling the old hoses I still can't get them to move/budge is this OK or a problem? The lift cylinder has two fittings/hoses double acting? but with hoses removed it moves freely with minimal effort again OK or a problem, thanks Jeff.
  15. Dolmar Chainsaw

    Gave the new Dolmar a bigger work out today on a a downed chestnut oak and a few pole sized trees at my property in WV, 3 tugs for cold start up, 1 tug the rest of the day, and throws chips a good 10 feet or more, Jeff.