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    Bought new '97 520H Anniversary , '95 520H ,2 stage snow blower, 36" tiller, 54" front blade , 2 48" mower decks , 2 discs, 10" Brinly plow, sleeve hitch 42"box blade and 48" York rake, 48" Brinly style rear grader blade.
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  1. Keep fighting or sell?

    Dells I know the feeling I have replaced xyz on dad's Cub Cadet ever since finding the rodent condo that burnt up the coil, then the carb started leaking then the new coil died then the new carb started leaking then finally the mechanical fuel pump quit working, I have replaced coil and carb twice, and installed one of these cheapo electric ⛽ pumps but after a little while mowing it'll shut off and not restart till its cooled down(like the ignition module on an Onan) , what I'm getting at is thus is the only mower dad can get on an off of at his current state so I'll keep plugging along till I get it fixed as you should too, Jeff.
  2. Another Horse Hauler?

    F.I.L has a couple of these square body C/K trucks and happened to have a seat cover laying around and I asked if I could put it to use, so at least now I'm not sitting on shredded vinyl anymore and picture of the "3 Amigos" plus his '79 K3500.
  3. 2 stage snowblower question

    As long as the engine is still strong I see no problem at all, the biggest issue is trying to steer all 300# hanging off the front even on my gear reduction steering it's still a struggle sometimes.
  4. How about a little help with this log splitter valve??

    Eric you need to try out surplus center...got a lot of my hydraulic parts from them when I converted the JD blade over to the Kioti...https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Energy/1-Spool-Energy-Log-Splitter-Valve-w-Pressure-Release-Detent-9-12302.axd
  5. Keep fighting or sell?

    That's always how it seemed with the lil ATV I had for my boy back home, fixing it more than he actually rode it...BTW sometimes I can load a truck a bit like you...
  6. Churchville (VA) Fall Festival

    That's one of the biggest reasons I have kept this car so long, is my boy back home always had a blast when I took him for a little around on the back roads, also had buddy loose a bet that he could grab a C note off the dash on take off after heating up the tires...good times...
  7. Bonfire night

    Dry time lasted long enough for my time at the car show (about half way between mine and @Machineguy Bob's homes), got back hoping to finish my mowing only to get rained out once again, between chasing kids and taking care of elderly parents ain't much time for the fire pit this year.
  8. Ford 1520

    Jim, most of these SCUTs are Japanese or South Korean or at least powered by Yanmar Kubota Kioti(Daedong) or Mitsubishi ect (the Chinese would be like the NorTrac or Cabela's brand), any ways 20-27 engine HP hydros always have less Drawbar/PTO HP, other than some of the smaller ones today(BX Kubota has limited CAT1) both of mine have full CAT1 3PT, even CUB CADET had Yanmar build their last version of SCUT so they would be worth looking into, as well as Bobcat was built by Kioti for 3-5 years same as mine but 25 hp vs 22, as far as tires I replaced the turfs with R4s (because I didn't want to buy new rims as if you went with R1s) as far as traction it's really a toss between the 2 back home dragging logs (AG type "R4" are just a personal preference of mine, good luck with the hunt some the chase is as much fun as the acquisition, Jeff.
  9. Churchville (VA) Fall Festival

    Seems like if you want a street rod all you need to is stuff a chromed up Small Block Chevy 'tween them fenders, kinda like the blown Ranger, that red Stud is turbo forced induction 4.3L Chevy V-6, and unfortunately for me the "G-body" was under represented maybe next I'll roll in my 'BU.
  10. Electric Fuel Pump Issues

    A long time ago on a small block chevy was the 4-7 psi though, it actually was quite adequate for a stock engine.
  11. Churchville (VA) Fall Festival

    Since the tractor show was postponed because of all the rain since last weekend, I took the step-son a little farther south down I-81 to Lexington VA, and a big car show here's some pics @PeacemakerJack, @Machineguy, @cschannuth (a ranger just for you), @pullstart, @ebinmaine @Achto and any other RS member enjoy, I'll try and make it to the rescheduled time for the Steam and Gas meet and share, Jeff.
  12. Other brand pictures.

    Hey that's what I gave for the 'BU with a barefoot gas pedal, but no cup holder 17 years ago..😯
  13. Ford 1520

    @WHX20, both of my SCUTs are gear jammers, the only issue I have is there should be a mid range sometimes high is too high as low too low but that's where JD or Kubota may shine better if you can find one reasonablely priced used, the Kioti I found as a trade in at the dealership less than 500 hours worn out front turfs good loaded rear turfs FEL and 60" MMM out the door and delivered for $6500, and IMHO it's bests to have 4wd and not need it than the other way, Jeff.
  14. The Wheel Horse difference

    I do have my group of car "nuts" but they're a very small band back home, where as here I/we have "friends" and tractor "nuts" from across the globe good time an info galore.
  15. Churchville (VA) Fall Festival

    Thanks Ed, hadn't heard anything till now.