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    Bought new '97 520H Anniversary , '95 520H ,2 stage snow blower, 36" tiller, 54" front blade , 2 48" mower decks , 2 discs, 10" Brinly plow, sleeve hitch 42"box blade and 48" York rake, 48" Brinly style rear grader blade.
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  1. 520H for sale questions

    Now you won't have to dismount that loader on the other to spin that 2stage I see photo bombing your new toy .
  2. 520H for sale questions

    I have had several decks in the past few years and all but my bought new anniversary 520H are missing the discharge chute...looks like your new unit used to have a snow cab once upon a time probably why the footrest pad is missing, Jeff.
  3. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    You don't have too, but I did when I had a single stage it really does help not only with lifting but actually holds that flag in the lift rod.
  4. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    @Kurt-NEPA try this...
  5. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    Maybe it's "superbrightleds.com"...
  6. What would you buy to keep forever?

    Does it count if I bought a brand new 520H 20 years ago and don't ever see myself getting rid of it in my lifetime running or not 🤔, Jeff.
  7. The best things in life are FREE

    @mmmmmdonuts, you better be careful @cleat will try and scavenge your Stewart Warner gauges, nice score especially the price, Jeff.
  8. Caddilac kind?

    Did a little detailing in the engine compartment, after a Purple Power bath and drying I used a product for motorcycles and ATVs called Top Kote to help repel dust/dirt/grime ect, I think it turned out rather well for a 12 year old vehicle (sorry didn't take any before pics) and yes that is a cold air intake on a 4.3 V-6, Jeff.
  9. Happy Birthday Jim

    Late to your party but .
  10. 522xi Electric PTO Removal

    , and might I add you'll either need an air or electric impact wrench or a socket on, a breaker bar and rubber mallet to help break the center crankshaft retaining bolt loose, then after you have loosened said bolt up (do not remove) as the old PTO is probably rusted to the crankshaft snout you'll need a 3 jaw puller to help getting it moving after you have it loose then finish removing bolt and clutch, Jeff.
  11. Snow Blade Identification

    ,I concur with Garry.
  12. Picked up another B80 for parts ?

    Like this 12hp...
  13. 520xi with blower

    It'll look a bit like this all mounted up...the xi was a nice machine just liked my Onan powered 520H better.
  14. Pulling Tire recommendations please

    I have both of those styles on my workers, the bottom "Lawn Trac R1" do seem to hold traction longer in snow than the straight bar "Deestone", but I would say if you have the money the Firestone 23° would be your #1 choice with Carlise Tru-power and the Lawn Trac #2 for a puller tire, Jeff.
  15. Side shot Sunday!

    New to me 315-8 on grass duty.