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  1. Question on a cab install

    I'm still working on my JD to Kioti conversion hopefully by years/month end I'll have it on and working, Jeff.
  2. Picked up a tall chute blower

    I home built my lower deflector out of .080" thick 6" exhaust pipe, IMHO it does make the snow fly farther first on the SS and then on 2stage, Jeff.
  3. FEL Build for 520

    Now if you were feeling really energetic you could try going 4in1 on the bucket like this TYM sub compact in Australia, the foreign markets get all the good stuff and the tractor is about the size of the xi series, Jeff.
  4. Tractors that got away

    I believe most of the implements were shaft driven vs belt, ergo if someone would have taken all the better points of each brand and molded it into one there wouldn't have been any competition, Jeff.
  5. Two stage blower

    About an 1 1/2" here so far, Jeff.
  6. Two stage blower

    @cleat, did a nice pictorial of installing the 2stage on his 520 there's where I learned a couple tips to help ,Jeff.
  7. 56" D blade leveling

    I wonder if the rear hitch couldn't be shimmed on the opposite side to help with this effectively (in theory) causing the moldboard to level itself out, (I'm pretty sure I bent/twisted the A-frame while pushing a large cedar stump across the yard years ago and just haven't worried to much about it) I usually use the rear rake and blade for grading, Jeff.
  8. Cab install, HELP NEEDED, 416-8

    @JERSEYHAWG / Glenn, just went out and got measurements for you and the gang, for the crank extension, 3/8" diameter rod 10-12" long depends how close you want it to the seat, then the coupler is 5/8" diameter 3-4" long drilled through 3/8"+ for a slip fit, then drill 1/8" holes for the cotter/hair pins, I roll pinned my coupler and on the 2stage it has a thin walled coupler on the worm gear from the factory, that's what I did hope this helps, but you could use 3/8" rubber hose and clamps for the couplers eliminate all the fabrication just to get you up and going for now, Jeff.
  9. Question on a cab install

    I have an older cab that came on a 417 that I put on my 520H but here's pics of the frame on mine, and I used existing holes in the floor boards while only "trimming" a small bit out of the inside of the pads for the upright closest to the dash tower, Jeff.
  10. Question on a cab install

    The extension I made for the chute crank can be taken off and returned to stock, I didn't alter anything, just took 1/2" or less round stock drilled through then another long piece of existing size drilled to accept cotter/hair pins easy to install and remove, look real close at this pic, Jeff.
  11. A little red 312 hauls in a big Deere

    @Ed Kennell, I think this one must haven gotten into your 'shine...
  12. The world of Big Red Fred

    @Big_Red_Fred...i won't beat you up to bad...just change the Mahindra to , Jeff.
  13. Question on a cab install

    Like this...no cutting no welding...and yes the 2stage and single crank rods are the same length, Jeff.
  14. Hydraulic lift issues

    Ever clean the power steering filter? If it's "clogged" it might not be let the fluid to return fast enough causing the problem, Jeff.
  15. Snow Plow Install

    Mine had a double bend so it wouldn't catch on the muffler but after getting the frame extension kit I had to straighten it out a bit, Jeff.