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  1. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    As much as I hate to I will part ways with the 312-8 with good running Kohler M-12 (and a new battery)that I got back in the spring plus a couple extra frames, front axles, steering tower, hood fender pan and foot rests, will only sell as a bundle, and my 36" tiller with 2 belts one of which only has about 3 hrs of use, just PM me if interested, Jeff.
  2. xearl

    @Xearl, Ok picture straight from the last xi series I had, I would just Google it or try eBay ect with the Toro # ,then find your cross reference number...try SLE.COM seems to be the cheapest so far, Jeff.
  3. @cleat, maybe you can shed some light on the differences between model year wiring with the Onan powered .
  4. Happy Birthday 953 nut

    Happy Birthday Sir.

    There "should" have been a decal on the deck with the belt routing, don't have any pics of my decks at the moment but here's the decal and parts breakdown for the spindle/blades, also the model of the deck itself will get you the correct owners manual you can download here for free my '96 48" deck is "78360" .

    What size mower deck? usually a 48" deck is 1/2"x103", Jeff.
  7. 300 series attachments?

    The B,C and 3,4,500 series are all basically the same tractor frame/ attachment wise, the newer version of the slot hitch is the "clevis" hitch which opens up more universal implements like you are referring to usually sold under the "Brinley" name or by Sears under the Craftsman name there's a couple others like Agri-fab and Ohio Steel, here's a couple pics moldboard plow, disc, York rake, rear scraper/box blade ect, the rockshaft is what the lift arm (if you're manual) rotates between the frame rails to raise and lower the deck but shown in my last 2 pics of a hydro but basically the same the last pic underneath shows the chain going from the deck/floating snow plow lift arm to the rockshaft you can see the small clevis (center right of pic) on the rockshaft that is the cable that goes out the back over the transaxle to the rear lift unit whether slot or clevis, hope this helps, Jeff. @wheelhorseman can help you with getting the correct complete rear clevis hitch kit.
  8. Onan Carburetor cleaning

    I don't think a non-Onan oil filter would cause a surging issue, but if the original fuel lines are still on there I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't most of your issue as I myself figured if they looked decent on the outside they were fine on the inside wrong my Anniversary 520H bought new started the dreaded surging even after trying the "easy" fixes like Seafoam/Berryman's B-12 ect new fuel filters pulling the top off the carb several times I still had black specs in the bowl from the rubber slowly deteriorating from ethanol fuel(kilked a fuel pump too) after a complete carb tear down/rebuild, new rubber lines and ethanol free fuel seems to be doing fine even sleeping for months between start ups (dedicated winter rig at moment) just a thought out my own experiences, Jeff.
  9. 520H Carburetor Help Please

    Yes to the above bit for the '96 year and newer if not '95 has "accelerator pump" carbs which are pricey as well as the repair/rebuild parts as I used the O.E. Onan parts to rebuild the carb on my anniversary 520 but some people like finding the pre-accelerator pump style carbs for a suitable replacement @boomers_influence or @onanparts.com should be able to help you out here if you wish to that route or for O.E parts, and I do buy/use the cheaper aftermarket fuel pumps without issue so far, Jeff.
  10. sweet ride but I'm sorta partial to those ...now you need a set of these to compliment that beauty, Jeff.
  11. 520 H Oil Change

    "Classic Kitchens and More"...
  12. Fighting the "Creeper"

    Got a bit more done today between rain drops...all the vines you see piled up(last 2) came out of the tree tops nothing was on the ground before I cut them down last evening... I keep hearing Axle Rose belting out "Welcome to the Jungle" .
  13. 417 H

    Along with what @953 nut said, 20 years ago I was on the fence about a hydro tractor, but let me say ever since I bought my first 520H brand new, I quite frankly wonder why everyone shies away from them (why did just about EVERY manufacturer tout their top of the line top HP garden tractor equipped with some version of a hydrostatic transaxle vs a gear drive unit?) they all have their pros and cons but a do everything 1 rig hydro with hydraulic lift is the way to go, I do have 2 SCUT tractors with the gear box but mainly because I got very good deals on both vs hydros of the same class, as you get older your shoulder(s) with thank you, another example of this is my dad (now 80) was all about clutching gears but a few years ago he realized that he couldn't lift the attachments (snow blower/rear blade ect) by armstrong power on his beloved CC 1200 so I found him a CC 1450 hydro/hydralic lift to use just for that very reason, Jeff.
  14. 520 H Oil Change

    All kinds on the internet...
  15. 417 H

    From the running boards that style of thick pad is 1996-97 the 95 and older had the thin glue on mats, other than the front axle and lower HP it's just like having a 520H , IMO the Onan has the best power if they're properly maintained but on the same hand the wiring was Toro's downside, but where else are you going to find a comparable L&G today for $250 with a snow plow? and yes the plow will work on the B80 but this way you'll have your dedicatedwinter horse with hydraulic lift and no clutching to find the right gear and the B80 to mow with, just my , Jeff.
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