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    Bought new '97 520H Anniversary , '95 520H ,2 stage snow blower, 36" tiller, 42" front blade (modded to 50"), 2
    48" classic mower decks , 2 discs, 10" Brinly plow, sleeve hitch 42"box blade and 48" York rake, 48" Brinly style rear grader blade.
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  1. Blower lift rod bent??

    I believe it should be "straight", Jeff.
  2. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    How about powder coated silver/ polished aluminum like the wheel covers I did this past spring?
  3. Xi series CLevis hitch

    Changed Status to Closed Sold on eBay, thanks for looking.
  4. Maybe selling my 520XI

    The eMax platform is the TYM with Daedong power, Daedong is the parent company of Kioti which I also have, the original eMax had fiberglass/plastic hood/sidepanel and fenders which TYM still incorporates on their own branded with Mitsubishi engines ,the newer ('17) eMax are now all steel, I have an earlier version with plastic body panels but I opted for the gear drive version for 2 reasons 1) the deal I got on that one and 2) the hilly terrain I mow, I got a FEL and 60" belly mower with mine I couldn't justify the extra $5600 for the snow blower, but $400 for a soft cab maybe later and $2500 for a full hydraulic front dozer blade maybe also, I did get a 5' rear scraper blade for when needed total with what I have now $14500, I still have my 520H with cab and 2stage if the white crap gets deep, and a couple shots of it to compare size to the Xi, another thing to consider when shopping for a SCUT is to go set on them a see if it fits you, the eMax is right at my limit on comfort and I'm only 5'9" the Kioti is more comfortable but less maneuverable for mowing, Jeff.
  5. 91 520 H starting question

    And safety switches, like the PTO and shifter lever...
  6. I'm cheap too but (fortunately) I'm a machinist and could do it myself, but as far as a rebuild kit for the gearbox I really have no idea, but on the flip side if there is not a lot of wear on that shaft a keyway could be cut 90°-180° from the original and with a new pulley with a set screw should fix that problem, Jeff.
  7. I would try and find a new cutting/scraper edge unless you weld the new piece to the bottom there may be interference with the auger, as far as pulley and jack shaft, I would tear the gear box down and have a machine shop either make a new one or weld it up machine it to size and re-key it I would NOT weld the pulley to the shaft unless it was just long enough to finish out removal of blizzard, Jeff.
  8. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    It's the forward swept front axle but with 1200+ hrs I would still be leary of twisting a 60" deck, but that's not my decision, that 48" is plenty deck if you have 2 acres or less to mow, just my 2¢ for owning one since new in '98, good luck with your new ,Jeff. also the belt is in the wrong pulley on the engine PTO should be in the back one, the front where it is now is for the snow blower.
  9. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    The 60" deck takes a "special" only for the 60" mule drive vs the smaller 42"-48" decks mule drive, and depending on hours and condition of of your 520H I would be concerned about running that big 60" vs a 48" deck, but yes as long as its 1990 or newer with swept forward front axle the 60" deck will work but not on the 88-89 straight axle versions, Jeff.
  10. Dirt and Snow Plow

    Find you "D" series moldboard they're 56" wide, Duke has/had a NOS one for sale in the classifieds, and yes I widened a 42" to 50" for my 520H ain't pretty but got the job done, Jeff.
  11. For those wanting an air cooled diesel to repower with

    I have thought about this twin for a 520 diesel conversion , before all the nay sayers, a Briggs or Honda replacement would be about the same price, and this engine has an 1 1/8" shaft and probably won't ever run out of torque, Jeff.
  12. 418-C

    The first series Kohler twins weren't the greatest as they were splash lubed vs pressure lubed like an Onan.
  13. 520 club members!

    I hear if you want speed from a hydro 520 is has to be the "HC" it has a "taller" final drive ratio than the standard "H", Jeff.
  14. There was a WHAT .... WHERE ???

    Jim, for some a couple hour isn't to far out of the realm of "nearby", before I moved to Staunton I had 1.5 H.R drive 1 way to work, Jeff.
  15. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    More like a "hoard" than a "collection" to me if you had seen all the "stuff" piled and scattered about even though most of the property was under some sort of roof, and maybe I'm just too picky or just don't to fix and repair a lot things ,but most of what I seen was parts too me, and as for the cast weights on most of those were Case brand, Jeff.