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  1. New guy

    I'm trying to interest my brother in investing in the collection of my older friend. But it is hard to explain the value of junk to a business man. Hard as new person to identify all the different models. And for some reason I'm unable to upload more pics. Have I reached a max number allowed or is it the pic size and how to correct ? Grr. Thanks to you men that truly give of yourself so us newbies can enjoy together. Switched four gear in place of sun strand hydro box and by chance had all the right peices to make it work. Sun strand hydro lacked only full power in reverse was why I pulled. But noticed cam plate and pin wear seemed to be the major malfunction . Either way I'm thinking about using it on the dual engine build for simple controllability of course will design my own controls.
  2. New guy

    Yep yah got it right at sand drags. It was lots of fun unemployment checks helped build the jeep. Tried factory style 327 375hp build and it worked well. Did not do well in mud drags. Never do that again ! Just got tired of race jeep sittin only to be toyed 5 times a years so killed it in mud like fool. Got some good pics to upload soon though. Tried rebuilding lighter but passing parent put hurt on project. Jeeps been on death row for two years now. Thanks guys glad to have yah Fired one engine its definatly kool but pull start sucks if I forget to turn fuel on !
  3. Google also wilderness center solar panel array on line it was built and dedicated to Dr. Arnold Fritz and posts all up to date $ and cents info on investment just kool. He was a loving man. I miss . Good work thanks for sharing your build !
  4. New guy

    Trying to convert peerless hydro over to dual range gear box on another project and found the dually. I Adapted round hood on square hood hydro worked out well but dual range box isn't goin so well. Short parts. Lol. Sounds like my neighbor. I said I could trade my truck for nice collection of horses but don't know how to explain it to wife. He said just tell her truck was stolen. Lol
  5. New guy

    Plans are work as much as can without goin to divorce court. Lol
  6. New guy

    Thanks . I've been picking your brains on here for a while but decided to join and share. First tractor was a gift to my daughter from father in law and since a herd has followed us home. Mostly my past has been amc sand draggin in Lisbon Ohio. This dual tractor I just got from older friend. He's sadly unable to continue due to health. I'm hoping to grab all o can from his collection to help preserve . And my 11 year old girl and her girl cousins love this hobby. I'm just gettin started on this project and definatly want to go to big show. The engines are Colt mfg. 2a016 111 2 cyl multi fuel 16 ci.
  7. New guy

    I'm new sorry but anybody like dual military engine horses ?