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  1. Measure and thread of alternator nuts

    Thank you very much
  2. Hello everyone I need help, I have lost the nuts of the photo that correspond to the starter and dynamo can you tell me the size and the pitch of the thread to be able to buy the nuts? Thanks
  3. Gear box 702

    For now I must wait to receive the electric fuel pump, until then I can not continue, I will keep you informed, the bad thing is that I do not have the 702 in the place where I live. Really, thank you very much for your advice and solutions, thank you!
  4. Gear box 702

    I hope you like it, I love it even without being 100%
  5. Gear box 702

  6. Gear box 702

    Hello everyone again, I have mounted a smooth strap and remains the same, what is the function of the strap cover? The truth is that I am a little frustrated, because I have finished, I just need to solve the problem of change that should be something simple that escapes me. The other problem is simpler, I fail to feed gasoline but I will mount an electric pump
  7. Gear box 702

    That piece that I need is the one in charge of braking the strap, right? Could you send me a picture of the back of the pulley?
  8. Gear box 702

    Thanks Acman, I have another question, when the brake belt acts does it only on its pulley or does it also brake the pulley that receives motor movement? I believe that it remains free.
  9. Gear box 702

  10. Gear box 702

    First of all, I do not have that angle in the pulley support, as it is attached to the support
  11. Gear box 702

    Hello friends recently I have finished my 702, but when trying to put the speeds I scratch the gearbox a lot without being able to put the speed, I have the cover of the strap on. I have to adjust the carburetor so that the idle speed is lower, but currently it is not too high to scratch the speeds The pulley of the change that receives the movement of the belt must stop completely when treading clutch?
  12. Gas pump

    You can use the ebay link to buy the smallest pump, to hide it better,thanks¡
  13. Gas pump

    hi friends i need a gas pump for depression, mine after changing membrane and cleaning discs do not send gas Are there new pumps or some type of electric pump?
  14. Belt 702

    Hello everyone again, I've been looking at the 702 exploded and I see that under the engine has a support, my 702 has the engine attached directly to the chassis, is this or missing the support between chassis and engine?
  15. Belt 702

    I just need the adjustment, I do not have the owner's manual, what I understand is that you have to adjust it with the strap cap on, but I do not know why.