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  1. NJTOM's 701

    That looks great! Nice job.
  2. Parts supplier info

    I've bought lots from them. Top notch service and parts.
  3. Infrared of my 312/417-8

    Thank you, very interesting.

    I went to get a pic of it tonight and my brother had it all sorted out. Thanks though.
  5. I am trying to put the linkage together on this 10 HP Briggs. One cable does it all, choke and throttle. Does any one have a photo of how its supposed to be? I think I have the throttle working proper, however the choke linkage is a real head scratcher. Any help appreciated.
  6. cultivator

    Kyle, I've sent you my contact info. They are perfect for what I need .
  7. k series rebuild parts

    I have purchased and installed 4 or five of the isavetractors carbs and have only positive to say about them. If I had a complaint it would be that they don't come with gaskets. Making a gasket is not a huge deal, but hey. I cant comment on durability as I have only used them for 3 years , but so far they have been very satisfactory to me. I have 2 new ones not used yet, and will buy them again as I need more. I'm sure they are Chinese , but these days that's the norm.
  8. 2017 Gardens

    Used an old Work Horse with a 10 h.p. Briggs to till up a spot for potatos today. Then brought out a B-60 with a furrower I rigged up and did 8 rows about 40 feet long. Got 6 rows planted before the rain drove me in. Hope to plant the other 2 rows Wednesday. Seemed good to have some seat time.
  9. Tine Wear

    Id say they are about 3/4 of perfect. Good life left.
  10. Need a Vote on This . . .

    The 1276 for sure
  11. Wheel Horse 875

    Yes, and removed the set screw to unlock foot rest from their perch so they'd rotate
  12. Wheel Horse 875

    Ok Todd as promised , photos
  13. Wheel Horse 875

    Todd I have removed the brakes and linkage from the tractor.Id be glad to get some photos of the pieces over the week end Ok over the weekend Ill take some
  14. Wheel Horse 875

    I have removed them from the unit but yes they were on both wheels. When I bought this tractor it also had 300 plus pounds of lead wheel weights(home made) on the rear of it. My best guess is the original owner used the brakes to help him steer. He may have used them to help him lock a spinning wheel to force the other to turn.
  15. Wheel Horse 875

    I thank you for that. Would have learned the hard way. Good food for thought