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  1. Craigslist find

    Good for ya!
  2. Craigslist find

    Looks like a keeper to me!
  3. Subconciously Creating a Scrapyard

    I know the feeling , all to well!
  4. Todays haul

    Looks great!
  5. Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    The tiller uses practically no hp. I have a 10 hp 8 sp briggs, and a 10 hp kohler 8 sp , both run my tillers at slightly over an idle. I dig furrows to plant in with a B-60 with aggs on the back , and weight on the front. I havent tried it, but I'd bet a pay check the B-60 would till just fine. I have extra tractors so leave them each with an attachment and have had no need to rearrange them, I find that low range 1st at an idle tills the deepest for me. I love the gas sipping idle. Gear drive are by far better.
  6. Saturday night with a Horse

    I too love the kohlers, however that briggs with the starter generator might be my choice! Nice to have the choices for sure.
  7. If you don't have it, you should obtain a tap/drill chart and get the correct size drill for the size set screw you select. I have done a half dozen or so and went to the next size bigger set screw than the original . I felt there was no way I could make a flat spot on the hub for the locking nut that would truely be perpendicular to the hole I drilled. Instead I bought set screws with the cup type point designed to dig into the shaft, you tighten and loosen 3 times. It won't loosen. My background is electrical apparatus repair, and work with lots of pulleys, fans, and locking set screw pillow blocks that encounter way more vibration and such than the wheelhorse axles ever do. Also if you are new to tapping new threads you want a tapered tap, not a bottoming tap. Also you turn your tap in about a half turn then back out a half. then go in a full turn, back out a half, and continue. This breaks and frees the material your cutting as to not jam up the tap. Some cutting oil is of great help as well. I've found any oil is way better than none. I use the next size bigger set screws because the next size tap is much stronger and less likely to break. Likewise the bigger set screw can be more forcefully tightened. you definately want flats on the shaft where the set screw digs in to aid in future removal. a considerable burr will be raised. Go for it!
  8. 2 tractors finally meet

    Its a great feeling when you do what you should in the fall and everything goes so sweet in the spring at start up! Good job , they are ready and looking fine!
  9. What does anyone here think of this?

    Price seems good to me , if in fact it runs good, and the mower deck is good. If the snowblower is good as well then its a great deal. Ive had two and they are great machines. I prefer the Kohler's but the briggs are good too. I also have a GT1100 I have tilled with for 5 years. Good luck, I say go for it.
  10. C120 slippin'

    I've had something similar on a b-80 , and an 875. One gear drive, one hydro . I don't think either was as badly worn as yours is. On each tractor the issue was the fit of the woodruff key between the axle and the hub. On close inspection I determined each had a bad key way in the hub , and a worn key. While I'm sure the axle's must have had some wear also, they fit with new keys quite well. I had access to a broach kit and made new key ways in the hubs. I installed new woodruff keys , drilled and tapped new set screw holes into the hubs at the new key ways, and added a second set screw because the hubs were thicker where the original key way was. It really surprised me how sloppy the old seemingly not too worn key was in the new key way of the hub The new key fit the original slot in the axle with no feel of slop. I assume as brand new the key would have been tapped into the axle slot. I tightened them well with new set screws with the concave tip that cuts slightly into the shaft , or key when you tighten them . loosen them . and tighten them again. Incidentally when I jacked each side up and rocked each wheel to see if it was loose (before the fix) the loose ones were easy to feel. Its been two years now and each is still working fine with no loosening. Hope you beat it!
  11. NJTOM's 701

    That looks great! Nice job.
  12. Parts supplier info

    I've bought lots from them. Top notch service and parts.
  13. Infrared of my 312/417-8

    Thank you, very interesting.

    I went to get a pic of it tonight and my brother had it all sorted out. Thanks though.
  15. I am trying to put the linkage together on this 10 HP Briggs. One cable does it all, choke and throttle. Does any one have a photo of how its supposed to be? I think I have the throttle working proper, however the choke linkage is a real head scratcher. Any help appreciated.