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  1. One of the sand filled kitty litter jug counterweights got dented, but that appears to be the extent of the damage. What appears to be a dangling fuel filter is just a tank breather.
  2. Almost free!
  3. The Charger is finally starting to come back into view...
  4. We have at least another 30 trees down like that. That is just the one that found some horses.
  5. It was originally next to the building, and fell away from it. Good thing too, because there were four more in there! There is a small shed under that tree as well, but it is ok. The Raider 10 is in there!
  6. The Lawn Ranger was just missed by the branches, but there is a Charger 10 under that tree. It appeared OK based on the best look I could get, but I will find out for sure when I cut that tree up.
  7. We had quite the storm the other day. Here is only a taste of the damage. There are two horses in that tree!
  8. There is a 522xi listed for sale around here with 54" deck and snowblower for $1000. Is this a decent model, and is this a fair price assuming that everything is in decent working order?
  9. Would this make replacing the worn out tie rod impossible without a new steering block?
  10. Is the tie rod end supposed to be welded to the steering block on the 551?
  11. Hank says, "Which one?".
  12. You have seen him with the 551 in the past, but now the he's 4 months old, he thought that he would give the Lawn Ranger a try.
  13. My little guy loves Horses!
  14. So....who is thinking about buying it to bring it to the big show?
  15. So, I found this for sale. What the heck is going on with this poor Horse?