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  1. Hydrostatic transmission oil filter

    If you can’t get to NAPA due to their awful business hours, many other auto parts stores have the WIX equivalent part# 51410.
  2. I was. He even showed me a picture of your rat rod Suburban.
  3. Check out the “field expedient” repair on the dash. The ignition switch is held on with a door striker plate and a pull tab from a can.
  4. They seem to be attracted to fresh green currency...
  5. Another project Horse followed me home, this time a 701 and it’s toys!
  6. So I got the 8hp No Name up and running, and pulled it out of the workshop. Surprise, surprise, Henry found it! I think he has claimed this one too. This is going to be a tough sell for Momma!
  7. 516h followed me home

    It got the 36” deck installed because it will be going to a place with a much smaller lot than mine, that has a lot of stuff to mow around and in between. The 42” RD deck that it came with is staying here!
  8. 516h followed me home

    I have the deck mounted, and now when moving, and the deck engaged, it no longer surges. Now we just need some grass to mow!
  9. Henry is Horsing around again!

    The K341 will fit under all the horizontal shaft B,C, 300, 400, 500 series hoods without modifications.
  10. Henry is Horsing around again!

    It doesn’t look modified at all, almost like it was special ordered or dealer converted.
  11. Henry is Horsing around again!

    The tractor was configured that way when I got it. I know the hood is not modified, I am not sure about the rest.
  12. Henry is Horsing around again!

    Good luck, you’d have to get him off the tractor first!!!
  13. Henry is Horsing around again!

    That B80 is equipped with a K341 engine and a 8-speed.
  14. I know it has been a while since Henry was last on here, but now that spring is finally here, Henry is Horsing around again! Here he is, plowing up the pumpkin patch this past afternoon.
  15. 516h followed me home

    Rolling the lawn while cleaning the carb!