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  1. 1974 C120A

    1974 Wheel Horse C120 Auto. 12hp Kohler engine, 36" triple blade mower deck. New deck drive belt, deck sharpened and painted on top and underneath at the beginning of summer. Fresh oil change in engine and transmission. Runs strong and ready to work! Strong, tough vintage tractor.
  2. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Here's a couple. 1961 551 1967 Lawn Ranger 1981 GT2500
  3. Felony Green

    Be nice guys. The person who did this is obviously mentally challenged and doesn't know any better! Just be happy that he was able to get outside of the assisted living facility and do something.
  4. Another one followed us home!

    I hope a calendar thread gets started soon. I do have a few pictures I would like to submit, and I would love to see what everyone else has too! That is only because we have that need parts and some repairs/maintenance to get back into action! Once those are done, then we can talk some more...
  5. Another one followed us home!

    The GT2500 has an 11hp Briggs.
  6. Another one followed us home!

    Here it is, put back to work!
  7. Another one followed us home!

    So when wife wants an electric tractor?
  8. 2017 Symco show!

    When I plowed on Saturday, there were about a half dozen.
  9. 2017 Symco show!

    I did do the GT plowing this time. It worked well. I was not able to get any pictures, as I was plowing and my wife had to tend to some baby issues at that time.
  10. Another one followed us home!

    She wanted the GT2500!
  11. 2017 Symco show!

    He loved all the tractors at the show, but his favorite seemed to be the track resurfacing tractor at the tractor pull. He loved watching that tractor go round and round the track.
  12. 2017 Symco show!

    We couldn't have done it without your help! As far as Henry goes, the odds of him getting the 701 just got better now that Sarah got her GT2500!
  13. Another one followed us home!

    This one my wife insisted that we get!
  14. 2017 Symco show!

    I have a big thank you for Achto! Without his help it would not have been possible for us to put up our Wheel Horse display at the Symco Thresheree. See the pictures! Thanks again Achto!
  15. A GT2500 followed us home today. The metal has some rust, but it is straight. It runs nice and strong to. Came with what appears to be a late 60's snow plow and wheel weights.