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  1. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Here’s the firewood hauler, working in the snow!
  2. Lets see the snow rigs!

    We haven’t had much snowfall since I got it all put together, but I have tested it on the snowbanks piled up from previous plowings, and it goes through them like they aren’t even there!
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Here’s my 417A with Kohler M18 engine and short chute blower. Tractor was rescued from a farm field, and the engine was rescued from a thrashed, but low hour, Snapper GX.
  4. 1973 8hp?

    Oh no... the seller tells me he has been collecting since 1983. We may be in over our heads here....
  5. 1973 8hp?

    You aren’t kidding! A total of 15 have followed us home in just the last year and a half!!! The seller just told me that he has “a bunch” of other that he will be looking to sell. We might be looking at a “honey hole” situation here...
  6. 1973 8hp?

    Oh that.... It’s a labor of love alright! We have somewhere around 13 in various stages of reconditioning right now....
  7. 1973 8hp?

    Agreed. There are plenty of areas on my property that get more than a foot of leaves in the fall.
  8. 1973 8hp?

    Oh no! I must have missed the memo that said we could only have one . That being the case, who wants our other 13? But seriously, the asking price on this one is low. I figure if the engine is runnable, I would just be using this one to mount the electric crane attachment I have for lifting heavy objects. It was going to go a Charger 10 roller that I have laying around, but I figured this might be better, since it already has an engine.
  9. 1973 8hp?

    Would any of you think a 1973 8hp like this one is worth considering, or should I run? It supposedly ran when parked in the summer.
  10. Front AG tires?

    I have reversed loaded ags on the front of one of mine, and it turns with much more grip on all surfaces than the turfs ever did.
  11. Happy Birthday Deadguy!

    Thank you everyone!!
  12. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    1967 857? 1991 312H