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  1. Snow shot Sunday!

    Here it is in action today
  2. Snow shot Sunday!

    Same here! And to think I was thinking of installing a tiller a few days ago!
  3. Snow shot Sunday!

    You must have noticed the icicles hanging on it!
  4. Snow shot Sunday!

    I would agree! The windblown snow turned me into a snowman.
  5. Snow shot Sunday!

    Nothing like a high-HORSE power snowblower to get you through a mid-April blizzard!
  6. B80 with nothing but potential...

    Right now there is ice on everything, the overnight lows are still dropping into the single digits. And to think that one year ago on this day, the ground was already thawed, i was plowing the garden, and it was in the 60’s outside!
  7. B80 with nothing but potential...

    This electrolysis doodad sounds interesting....
  8. B80 with nothing but potential...

    Now the 8hp 4speed that I got with this B80 has a freaky sweet patina. It’s a shame that my wife is making me sell it once it’s rehabilitation is complete.
  9. B80 with nothing but potential...

    I am thinking a pressure washer is in order, but with temps over here still around 10, it might be a while. Given that the original paint was covered in barn paint years ago, I doubt there is any patina to save.
  10. B80 with nothing but potential...

    April in northern WI... how long until the transmission ice melts?
  11. As some of you are aware, a few weeks ago I picked up a couple of basket case 8hp Horses, a B80 and a 8hp 4 speed. Now that the 8hp 4 speed is running well, I figured it was time to look at the B80. I got it into my workshop and started the initial exam. Everything is covered in peeling red barn paint. All the control cables are rust frozen. The fuel line is dry rotted. The transmission is lubricated with ice. The wiring is...questionable. The engine is not seized. The metal is mostly straight, though there is some rust. Tonight I managed to do the initial exam, loosen up the throttle cable and governor linkage, remove the fuel tank, and remove a critter nest from behind the dash. So far I see nothing but...potential?
  12. Weekend haul!

    The 1973 8hp is now running! All it took was some gasoline, an oil change, new fuel line, spark plug, condenser, points, starter solenoid, carburetor, head gasket, and cylinder head! Thankfully, I had a spare cylinder head laying around that I could pop on. The one that was on the tractor had a tiny crack going out from the spark plug hole. There was very little carbon inside the cylinder head, and the piston top and valves had no carbon deposits and were pretty clean. Now it is running strong, with no smoke! It sounds great too. Hopefully it has lots of life left in it. Next step, the transmission!!!
  13. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    I just brought one home today. It is exactly the same as yours!
  14. Weekend haul!

    After my initial examination of the 8hp after I got it home, I was able to determine that the engine is free and the starter spins when power is applied to it. However, the starter relay seems to be bad, the carb throttle and choke linkage seems to be stuck, and it will not fire with starter fluid. My compression tester says it is making 60 psi. It looks like some Deep Creep is in my near future....
  15. Weekend haul!

    If I had a bigger trailer I really could have gotten in trouble in Polo!