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  1. Two more followed us home...

    Yet another one to follow us home. 312H with only 456 hours, 50" belly blade, belly mount cultivator set, 42" side discharge deck, and snowblower. Great condition. Makes it well worth the 460 mile round trip to get it.
  2. 2017 Gardens

    My zucchini are monsters due to all the rain we've had lately!
  3. Two more followed us home...

    My Mom asked if Deadguy and I are addicted to tractors. I told her no, but we are on our way to pick up another horse now. We might have a slight addiction, but it's a great one to have!
  4. Another one followed us home!

    Too bad Deadguy told me no more tractors for awhile. Maybe he should change his name to DonnieDowner....
  5. Another one followed us home!

    Gross..those things are diseased and need to be put down.
  6. Another one followed us home!

    Whatever Horse the wife wants, wife gets...
  7. 656 or Lawn Ranger?

    I really want to bring my pink Raider 10, so I might take you up on the offer. I'll talk it over with Deadguy. Those are wonderful pictures and memories. Thank you for sharing. We hope our son will treasure them as he grows too. This is how we announced the pregnancy last year.
  8. 656 or Lawn Ranger?

    As Deadguy's wife, I'd just like to say how much fun I had wrangling with him this weekend. It's so awesome to have a hobby (borderline addiction) that we can do together. I have learned so much, including how expensive it is when both of you love horses. The memories made and the thrill of the hunt with him are things I'll treasure forever. See you at Symco!
  9. New enthusiast/addict

    Hello from strangely warm Wisconsin! As some of you already know, my husband and I have become Wheel Horse enthusiasts recently. I can't wait for some snow so I can try out my pink Raider 10 for plowing! I'm a gardener also, so if the winter refuses to come, I can always look forward to using my Raider 10 to plow the field. My next Wheel Horse will be a round hood. I will also ask my husband to help me pink that one as well as it will be my show horse. The Raider 10 in pink is awesome, but it will still be a work horse and will not always look so pretty. Ok, truthfully, I would love to have a horse from every series and would love to pink those as well, but I'm willing to take it one at a time. I have attached pictures of the two horses in our fleet (the first two of many, I hope). Thank you everyone for the many warm welcomes. I look forward to getting to know you and your horses!
  10. My Pink Raider 10

    I love this one! Did you have that seat custom made?
  11. My Pink Raider 10

    I love that! I would love to do that!
  12. I know this will not sit well with Wheel Horse purists, but here goes: My husband and I picked up our first Wheel Horse earlier this year; a beautiful 857 with a Robin Subaru engine, 48 inch deck, 6 speed hi-low and repainted. After driving it around, I was hooked; I became a Wheel Horse fan at that point. I half-jokingly told my husband that I wanted a pink tractor for my birthday and he began to search the ads. I expected that we would buy a tractor and it would never really get painted as we were mainly looking for a working tractor that would be put to use in my expanded garden plots next season. I picked out the pink paint, still only thinking that a couple of minor pieces would be pink and did not expect much else. To my surprise, I came home from work to see my borthday present nearly completed. I know it is not everyone's ideal Wheel Horse, but it is mine. I love Wheel Horses and I love pink, so this is the best of both that I could have ever dreamed of. Eventually, I would like to have a Wheel Horse for each series, but I'll take it one at a time. Attached are photos of my Raider 10 in progress.