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  1. 552 hot rod

    It will be done don't have tons of stuff to get ready for show anymore I might even stop in and make an appearance at the show
  2. 552 hot rod

    well after 6 long years this tractor will be at the show not owned by me but built by me here is that it looks like as of today
  3. Yes sir. I am in need of some 48" side discharge deck parts for my old hweel horse. The tractor is a 1972 raider 10 and there is no name plate on the mower deck but from what i have seen i think it is a 5-1483. I need two spindle housing which here again i think the are double d part number# 102775. There is three 3/4 OD spindles which two are around 6" long and one is around 6-1/4" long with large brg at the top and smaller needle brg on the bottom and i need the longer one for a replacement. 




    Gas Can

  4. Selling 250 plus DVDs lots of good titles asking $2.50 each or make u a better deal if u buy them all pm me or text me at 717-465-5980 with list of what u want or to talk about buying them all located in biglerville area

  5. i will be there in my normal place selling the rest i have and bringing stuff thats already sold
  6. Options for Raider 12 repower

    id put a kohler back on it
  7. question on my tractor issue

    what u looking for in trade and is it the 195 u sent pics of to me before
  8. question on my tractor issue

    I think I have desided to keep both for now and put loader on 195 also and sell all the other stuff I don't need I started my hole parts business with 500 dollars and now I still have parts to sell so I can keep the business going and keep both and if I ever get in a really bad time later I will have it to sell then but as of now I think I'll be alright thanks for all ur opinions and support it can only get better from here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  9. question on my tractor issue

    i know and i have the rear tiller finish mower and brush hog and now a loader to put on it maybe i should just sell other stuff and keep both tractors
  10. question on my tractor issue

    I have a 2008 farm pro 28 hp 4x4 diesel tractor with a loader and also just picked up a loader for my 195. as most of you all know I need to sell a lot of my stuff cause of my hard times. I have a 2 acre property and 1/2 is wooded and has a small field (not grass grown up weeds) across the creek. my question is should I sell the 195 my pride and joy that I got almost every attachment ill ever need not that I have a loader for it or sell my bigger tractor cause I would like to get a brush hog for it and a rear blade but I already have them for the 195 I have been tossing this idea for a couple days and would like to hear from u all on what you think and if u have a 195 with loader how does it do I know not like the big tractor but that's like comparing apples to oranges
  11. Some people are just plain nuts!

    the only thing i can say is i have tried to sell and bunch of stuff and i keep lowering the price once i jump it up it sells dont know why i sold a 416-8 about 3 years ago with a 42 inch deck started at 700 went to 500 over time still no buyers jumped it up to 1000 and had it sold in 5 hours for 900 made me shake me head
  12. New to The D Series Wheel Horse Family

    the 18 auto has a shorter sterring colum then the 74 and up d series and also the dash parts on the sides and the from 1/2 steel grillsurround/front hood mount is also shorter other then that the d series use the same parts
  13. D-180 motor to pump problems

    i have one that was put on for maybe a couple hours pm me if interested its the rubber and the metal splined part
  14. dozer blade solid link

    u can make it fit with the j bar but it binds up some times and wont let the plow come the hole way up
  15. dozer blade solid link

    its the right part it hooks right on the rock shaft and on the plow i have a couple of them and have used them on a bunch of differant tractors but to make it work right you have to take the j bar that lifts your deck off