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    have 65 international harvester tractors and 16 wheel horses
  1. Hallo

    Het is zover 23 April 2016, Meet and Greet, te Woudenberg, voor info 06-53366002.


     Dutch Wheel Horse Association  i.o.

  2. Hallo, ik ben j.koning en Bezit div. WH. Binnenkort Willen we (Mijn Broer En Ik) Een Greet en Meet Organiseren. Je bent welkom met je C-101. Mijn mail Haardhout@hetnet.nl Voor meer info.

    HG Jan Hoog Soeren

  3. Hey I'm looking for a gt-14 intake elbow I put a 12 hp kohler in my 73 8 4 speed and front is a little tight for the factory cleaner and the gt14 elbow would fit perfect

  4. New information about WH production in Belgium

    in a few years we were invited back to the factory in yellow amnor nv we were invited to the big boss of the factory that was the son of the founder of this factory in 1967 and 1968, the factory itself (toro) was now enormously been expanded many bijgebouwt there was still a small piece of history of the lodge which used to be on the wall stood at the front of the factory also you saw the old lines in the factory sooner all wheel horse in rows running behind each other and collapsed were built was also the boss of the factory to tell how in 1970 to 1980 at the plant itself helped to build the wheel horse's greetings vincent
  5. manual ??

    I looking for a wheel horse ranger 800 from 1973 a manual thank you
  6. Hello from Belgium

    welcome to the forum
  7. 2015 Calendar- pictures needed.

    here my wheel horse pictures
  8. Dealer List

    and the belguim daelers and wheel horse factory a big dealer jean triosfontaines
  9. Hi I have problems with the ignition of my TD 6 first I normally start on gasoline before I could run on diesel, but I have an ignition problem does not work, I have it all inside but made clear he does not fire I have the power of the distributor and it stops anyone can help me, I'm desperate mvg vincent
  10. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    welcome to redsqaure greeting fom belguim
  11. here my wheel horses from 1968-1979 1967 857 and 1975 c 120 hydro 1968 commando 8
  12. New member in Spain - wheel horse 702

    welcome to redsqaure
  13. dutch members

    have you pics of the c 160
  14. dutch members

    I'm from belgium have 21 wheel horses and living only 1 km from the border nederlanse
  15. Hi Wheel Horse friends! Mowermike.

    welcome to redsqaure greetings from belguim