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  1. carburetor replacement????

    I can live with it on my father in laws wheel horses ,just not mine
  2. carburetor replacement????

    yeh unfortunately I didn't get the benefit of a second choke shaft
  3. carburetor replacement????

    Hey guys, My father in law got one of those replacement carburetor off of ebay for the c-160 . I tried to replace it today but the choke cable didn't want to fit into the choke hole. like the holes should've been towards the front of the carb away from the motor instead of to the back towards the motor. I still got it to work ,but the choke works opposite of what its really supposed to , what happened and how can I correct this? thanks .
  4. C-120. Not a bad little tractor?

    I think that's high myself ,maybe if it had a solid side discharge deck and the original wheel horse seat.

    it collaborates my two favorites ,in a way , I kinda like it !
  6. 2 new machines

    I like the electro 12 tool cart!
  7. my horses

    the out building is actually a smoke house haha . every body always thinks its an outhouse
  8. THE MOTHERLOAD ,, advice neede ,, thoughts sought

    I always just a assume a sellers going in high , so as a buyer hit em low! i see your swinging for the fence so here comes the Lowball! If he gets mad and tosses you out of there, decision made for you. But he could agree or meet you somewhere in the middle . Theres parts there all day long . And as unfortunate as it is there are WHs that need to become sacrificial lambs,organ donors if you will to keep the life breathing on the inside and the faces pretty on the outside.I wouldn't just walk away just don't overshoot ,theres always another deal waiting to come along.
  9. not really a tool but i wanted to share anyhow

    No the top boards were from a big oak plank my father in law had ,he used it to roll drums of oil on and off his truck , those I actually sanded there was a lot of green and red paint on them ,I left the underside of the boards untouched I picked up a Clinton 700A I found on craigslist for $35 guy said he couldn't keep gas in it or something , I brought it home put gas in it pulled it one time and it started right up. theres nothing wrong with it .might use that I also have a Clinton B700 that I could use and my father in law has two really small briggs
  10. not really a tool but i wanted to share anyhow

    Final pic now complete with some reclaimed barnwood from my grandfather's barn added for shelve on the bottom
  11. not really a tool but i wanted to share anyhow

    They are 13x2x33 i cut about 3inches off each end of the metal legs to get the whole table roughly. Around 32 square but its not square
  12. not really a tool but i wanted to share anyhow

    lol. unfortunately no updates ,just gotta put a motor on an figure out how to make it work ,
  13. made me a little wheel horse work bench out of some repurposed oak ,and these old table legs I had laying around , urethaned in a logo sticker I picked up at the show . I couldn't wait to take a picture those white milky streaks are there because its not dry yet
  14. C 175 , pig in a poke

    yep at least it looks good ! makes fixing the problem a little more worth it .