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    Taking my son's along to visit these show.s ( in 2015 I lost my youngest son to Cancer.I am working threw my rough times).Rebuilding, restoring old machines. from complete dissembled to complete rebuilt. other interest. painting, traveling, and having a great time on the road to meet those Tractor meets in the summer time. always a great bunch of good people.

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  1. K301 piston clearance

    I am searching for one good exhaust valve for a k241 10 Thanks Bill
  2. Mule pulley attachment

    Can't see it' in view well. But my photo is exactly what I am looking for.
  3. Hi All. I am looking for this pulley that fits into attach o matic. C141 1978 wheel Horse. Thanks for your help. Bill
  4. Looking for a mid range pulley and arm that attaches into attach o matic on either B80 or 141. This operates rear tiller. I am sorry I don't have a part number. Thanks for your help Bill
  5. Searching for mid mount pulley to attach to attach o matic. For rear tiller operations Thanks Bill
  6. WH 141. Attachment would you have a part number for the pulley that attaches onto attach O matic mid frame. this is used to operate rear fillers. thanks Bill
  7. kohler 301 balance gear clip

    Hi all. I am rebuilding kohler 301 engine. I need to replace two snap rings that hold the balance gears in place. These are not avaliable through kohler. Mine are worn and not worth reinstalling. I need two to finish the job. thanks for your help. Bill
  8. point push rod

    Hi Guys iam building an old kohler 301. I found a number that maybe the model K341AQS is this the right number? This engine has a module on the face plate that magnet to the flywheel. Two wires off of this module. Maybe it's a 12 hp. Not sure. I am missing a push rod to the points. It came to me in a basket case. Not sump plate as well. Thank you to all. Bill
  9. Need of a 42 " snow plow for my wheelhorse 141. Just the front blade. Thanks Bill
  10. 54" large replacement Snow/Dirt blade NOS

    I have to check the size of my worn out blade, frame is good, just need a nice blade. What would the shipping cost to Des Moines Iowa? Zip code 50131 Thanks Bill
  11. Kohler 8 hp part

    I know it's something to remake, scary just finding a machine shop to remake. If you see some that may have one let me know. Bill
  12. Kohler 8 hp part

    8 hp 181 model. Photo attach. Thank you Bill
  13. Kohler 8 hp part

    looking for the lethal plate that attaches to the starter, hold all electrical parts. Need two. Thanks Bill Iowa
  14. Looks like it needs grease!

    Hi All. I am searching for a metal plate that attaches to the starter on a 8 up Kohler. Its used to mount the coil, and solenoid Any ideas were to find one. Thank you Bill
  15. Ok. This plate is attach to the starter and holds all electrical components to operate the engine. I just need one. Thank you Bill