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    Taking my son's along to visit these show.s ( in 2015 I lost my youngest son to Cancer.I am working threw my rough times).Rebuilding, restoring old machines. from complete dissembled to complete rebuilt. other interest. painting, traveling, and having a great time on the road to meet those Tractor meets in the summer time. always a great bunch of good people.

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  1. Kt17 crankshaft seal

    Thank you for your advise. Well look for those numbers. Bill
  2. Kt17 crankshaft seal

    I have a kohler engine model KT17. After tuning it up. Change oil. Tthe PTO crankshaft side. Replace oil seal with after market. It leaks. I ordered one from Napa. Inside measures ok. The outside measures to big to fit the housing. Would anyone have the right size seal with a double lip seal. Thanks for your advise. Bill
  3. C125 twin cylinder

    Hello guys. Back again with questions. Restoring two c125 with twin cylinder kohler engines, 8 speed transmissions. No pictures yet. What are the resale asking price the each.? Thanks for your help.
  4. I am just stopping by. I restore these old tractors, running out of room. Do you keep track of your labor time? I also rebuild old kohler. Still on the pallet I notice you paint the whole engine, I have my blocks blasted. Then prime then top coat red. But I don't paint the cylinder fins. This helps keeping the engine cool. Nice job on restore.
  5. Value of KT17 kohler

    I am wondering what the value of this Koehler engines? Right now no spark but turns over. Dose it make a difference changing old oil to new oil in order to free up any safety switcher inside the engine.
  6. Sunstrand oil type

    I change my trans oil with synethic aro shell. Change filter as well.
  7. c174

    Today, I recovered both tractors from the barn. I have never seen a mower deck rusted so bad that one has rusted holes on the outer sides, Before heading home, I took them both to a car wash. Next task, pull spark plugs and see if they turn over. One thing at a time. Thanks for all your help. Bill
  8. c174

    Hi Guys. Hey thank you for your responses. Hmmm. I am figuring what I may be repairing before starting these two tractors,.the owners resently pass away leaving these in storage for three years. I know better then to put detergent oil in them. So figuring on straights weight oil non detergent oil Then also locating gasket gets. Might need tune up and new air filters. By the way, your right they are c175. Thank Bill
  9. c174

    Searching for information on C174 twin cylinder Kohler engine.photos attach. Thanks for your help Bill
  10. Twin kohler questioms

    Hi All. I am wanting information on a 1979 to 1980 twin kohler engines. Are there problems with these engines? Like governors rods breaking or blown engines. Anything like to know. Thanks Bill
  11. k series kohler repair manuals

    Thank 953 nut. Apreacate your help. Materials help a lot. Trying to time balance gears. Need to rest my brain cells. Bill
  12. k series kohler repair manuals

    Thank you for your help. Hope your in warm temps
  13. k series kohler repair manuals

    I am in middle of rebuilding a few old kohlers. need these manuals for all specs. Thanks Guys Bill
  14. K301 piston clearance

    I am searching for one good exhaust valve for a k241 10 Thanks Bill
  15. Mule pulley attachment

    Can't see it' in view well. But my photo is exactly what I am looking for.