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  1. Bearing and seal cross numbers

    Hello all, As searching throgh the forum and seeing all the post and helpfull info that stevasaurus and slim 67posted I see no info on the inner bearing for the drive axel on a 72 WH charger 10 which is a hydo stat. I made the trip to motion industes in a near by town and they ran the WH part number 1533. He told me he could not get that exact bearing but he could get one with the correct id of the shaft and the correct od of the bearing to fit the case. The only difference was the thicknes of the bearing, the one I need is .5 inches the one he had being thicker. Will the thicker bearing work, if not to thick to interfear with any moving parts. Thanks in advancefor any info you can give.
  2. 2 new machines

    I wouldn't do a thing to 'em.
  3. While I still wait for my axial to be fixed I was wondering if it is necessary to replace a gear that was being jammed and heated up to the point of turning blue. I figure it is but I'm not sure were I could find one even if I did need to replace it. It is the gear that fits the end of the axial, I can get pics if they are needed. The tractor is a '72 Charger 10. Thanks for the help.
  4. New to red square

    Welcome to the forum hope you find the information your looking for!
  5. Never noticing what this post was I didn't ever read it to see what it was. I'm glade I did, reading all the way through I really enjoyed your story and the restoration. Thanks for posting!
  6. Nice project, I'm going to eventually start working on my deck, so I will be interested in following your progress.
  7. My essay

    It's a '72 thanks for the picture!
  8. My essay

    Hey y'all I'm working on an essay for school and I decided to do something with tractors. So I'm comparing the two vintage tractors I have a Charger 10 and a Allis Chalmers 716. I was wondering if anyone could give me information like retail price, the group of people that they were advertized to, info on how Kholer was rated on their cast line. Any other information is welcome as well. Thanks for the help.
  9. wheelwieghts agin, a dumbo asks

    9 gallons of antifreeze (9.33lbs per gallon) would equal out to 83.97 lbs that is a good amount of weight.
  10. I have a question about the gasket on the transmission. Could I use the high heat resistant RTV gasket maker or is it necessary to have the material gasket?
  11. I was thinking about why the axle broke so i check the hub that was on that wheel and the keyway is about twice the size it should be. So i'm going to take a shot and say i need a new one. I'm also not sure where I would find one I can't seem to find anything online yet. I still have yet to get those bearings out I don't know how i'm going to get those out especially the broken one.
  12. 68 raider 12

    Good to have you back, can't wait to see how it comes out.
  13. I found a parts number on the bearings in the trans. they were posted as NICE 7439 I looked them up to see that they were nonexistent. I checked the measurements to find that the 1533s are the right size. I guess the old ones were special made or stock I don't know if wheel horse contracted that out or if they made there own.
  14. Cool I will look into those, thanks