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  1. Wheelhorse Parts for Sale

    do you have the 3pt lift rod that mounts to valve body,its for a 69 wheelhorse gt14,it looks almost like lever on woodsplitter,i can make my own but if you had one that be good.thanks its part# 8364 valve lever
  2. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    how much smaller diameter is your new wheel compared to original.,i have a lot of reg.riding mower wheels but they seem like it would steer that great,and are smaller.,nice set up though
  3. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    I haven't heard back from the other guy yet but that's normal from him.i guess he said it was a jd 316 but has the 18hp twin onan,said it needed starter rebuilt and a coil,,but I'm gona just keep going with my wh gt14 .just final put gas in it so if it stays running ,got to test stator wires and hope the tranny is good ,if not then It will go down the road.theres not a lot of wh around my area unless u want to spend a lot ,and those haven't ran in yrs.,so not much of an option.
  4. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    as I said in earlier posts,i had this bout a yr and finaly getting to it,got new carb,fuel pump,tranny filter,fresh atf,had to go with pushbutton start for know,and it does have spark,took out original tank,the plastic nipple was broke.,,and on the tow valve that was rusted up but got freed but now spins,also got new belt,so shortly I will see if this thing drives and if any hoses blow to the 3pt hitch.
  5. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    thanks I did see a few jd ones that did look similar. not shure how much to put into this, the guy I got from last yr,wants it back for his brother,wants to trade me a jd316 full hydro ,deck lift ,3pt and a mower deck..so may go that route and sell the deck cause I wont need.
  6. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    i cant tell yet if its splined but it def.has a pin through it and had bolt on top,no keyway. I did just check the parts list and shows it should be a keyway style,so someone must of changed it at sometime.,cause it deff. has a pin through it.
  7. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    k thanks I will I guess have to wait till I cut off and double check fitment,b4 I buy one .I see tractor supply has one for $50 new.just not shure of diam. of shaft yet.
  8. 69 wh gt14 steering.

    first off merry xmas everyone. on my 69 wh gt14,need to know if the steering wheel is splined 36teeth.with a roll pin.when I got tractor only the collar of the steering wheel was on there ,all beat up and rusted so I need to cut it off and get one ,but just need to know if its splined thanks.it does also have a spot where wheel would be bolted down .pic is with my laptop so may not show up good.the little tabs sticking out are not the pin its part of steering wheel
  9. gt14 v-belt

    ok thanks,i already orderd one ,I didn't seem to get notification that I had a reply.thanks again.
  10. gt14 v-belt

    the belt for 69' wh gt14 calls for part#8334 5/8 x85 is that 85id and 88od. thanks for any replys,also I think it has to be 13/32 not 21/32.again thanks.
  11. rototiller/bolens 850 husky

    selling a 2ft rototiller with the pto/drive shaft from I believe a 1969-70' bolens 850 husky,this came off the tube style frame.must be picked up cannot deliver
  12. D series/GT14/953&1054 Plow Hitch Bracket

    do you have any other parts for the gt14 thanks
  13. 310 8 stalls when I go down hill

    no problem,wouldn't realy think of it knowing theres no low oil shutdown,but like I said neither did my 12hp and that would do it even on flat areas,hope it stays running for ya.
  14. 310 8 stalls when I go down hill

    I doubt being the yr.of it but maybe oil getting to low on the downhill and shutting off motor.my early 90's regular mtd mower with a flathead 12hp briggs would do that when oil was low.that didn't have a oil sensor either..
  15. 1972 GT14 Carb cleaning and build

    ive had my 69' gt14 for almost a yr so far and still haven't tryied to start yet since I got,seems low compression just by spinning by hand but will see soon.good luck.