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  1. Cab is off

    I solved my Cab problem. I sold it a few weeks ago. I just found it too cramped inside of it. And then storing it in the summer was a bit of a pain for me. I prefer being out in the open air.
  2. Five Years Ago

    Just putting out a reminder that it is five years ago this day that Cecil Pond passed away. If it were not for him this site would have no reason to exist. So here's to Cecil for all he had done that brings us all together on this site. I know this is the Wheel Horse tractor category but without him this category would not exist so I think it is Wheel Horse tractor related.
  3. What did Santa bring you?

    I got the Wheel Horse Story book, and a couple of Wheel Horse hats. Also got a sand blaster so I can blast my Suburban in the spring and get restoring it.
  4. Wheel Horse Santa Claus ...

    Does that sleigh have a Kohler engine in it for backup in case the reindeer get tired?
  5. Wheel Horse Santa Claus ...

    I wish that Santa will bring me the Wheel Story: Straight from the Horses Mouth book.
  6. Who's out in the snow today?

    I had both plow and snowblower machines out today. 3rd time out this year with the plow and the banks were getting high down my lane way so I figured I better trim them a bit with the snowblower!
  7. Fresh off my trailer

    What year did they stop using the metal dash plate on these raiders? Also the engine has a riser bracket which the engine bolts to and it looks original to the tractor to me judging by the paint. It was original wheel horse red paint then someone painted it yellow and then painted it red again leaving three layers of paint on it. This riser bracket has the same for paint on it.
  8. Fresh off my trailer

    I just got back in the house from looking the new horse over. I had looked under the dash for id plate but it is gone. Just two holes left from where the rivets went through. Here is what I found out about it. It has a Tecumseh engine, model# HH120-120045C. It has a metal dash plate with pull throttle on the right hand side and choke on the left. Also is an 8 speed with the high and low transmission. I can't find any Wheel Horse listed with that model of Tecumseh motor.
  9. Wheel Horse?

    Possibly a Massey ferguson executive with the wrong hood or a motomower. I just looked at Massey yesterday that looks very similar to that.
  10. Fresh off my trailer

    Clutch pedal has a homemade extension on it.
  11. Fresh off my trailer

    Just picked up horse number 6. Came with 2 side discharge decks. Not sure what it is. I cannot find an I.D. Badge on it. I think it may be a Raider. It has high and low gears. Also has headlights and lens. Please feel free to make a suggestion if what it is or where I may find an I.D. Badge on this.
  12. What is this for? Suburban Question

    What would be a rough estimate of the value of this pedal? If I sell it I would sell it here before eBay. I would want to sell it at a fair price and not rip off any Redsquare members.
  13. What is this for? Suburban Question

    Thanks Wallfish. I don't know if I should hold onto it or sell it. I didn't get the sickle mower with it but I know the previous owner had one for it but unfortunately it had been sent to scrap before I bought it.
  14. I have a 1960 Suburban and on the right foot rest side there is this lever that I have no idea what it's for? And why why do my pics post sideways when I post with my iPhone?
  15. Help identify this Horse

    So you're the evil person who beat me to it. Just kidding! I am glad it is not going to scrap. Also nice to see another Canuck on the forum.