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  1. Picking up 2 attachments

    I was hoping that the way the Clevis hooks up under the seat that it would just pick both up at the same time
  2. Hey. So I got the Clevis. Drawing on how to make it and install it. I was wondering if there is a way to be able to keep the mower deck on and still be able to pick up what ever is on the back
  3. Hey guys. Looking to build a Clevis hitch for my 520. Does any one have a manual or even drawings of one. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have a pic of how to run the drive belt on a 520 he with neutral lever. Lever is by the forward reverse lever
  5. I just blew a belt. What size do I need for 520hc and mower 78360 with vac blower
  6. So I am using the correct one then
  7. I changed out 1/4" hose to 3/8". Still kinda winding sounding. Haven't had a really use it since. I have bought an extra filter just in case.
  8. I'll get on made a 3/8 made up tommorw.
  9. I took the line of that was made and couldn't blow through it. The outside line of the filter that goes to transmission under the seat. I took the entire hose off and then could blow through it but it was hard. Here are some pics. What size is the original hard pipe.
  10. I will have a look. The soft line is a proper hydrolic line with fittings. Hopefully it's the right size.
  11. U think I may have the lines reversed??
  12. Napa 1410. 10w30 oil. Canadian replaced a hard line with a soft line due to fitting was stripped Sorry. I had to replace.
  13. So I installed a used transmission and have went threw 2 filters and am now on my third. When I start it up you can hear the faintly the pump running like when the mower/blower is raised or lowered all the way. The 2 previous filter the seal blows out and transmisssion oil pukes out ever where. I noticed on the 3 filter that it expabds to the point where the paint comes off. Any ideas. It seems to blow out after about the 3 time taking it out. Can the relief valve be adjutsed? Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. bermac blower on 89 520

    Looks like the od of the belt is 65.5 and if it has shrunk it could be longer. Would u agree with starting with a new belt at 65"