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  1. And now...the Back Stories

    Retired Wrencher, Here is the last picture I have of the 857 at Olivebridge, NY taken in the late 1970's. The boy driving is my oldest son Ken. He is the little blond guy sitting in the trailer in the first picture. His younger brother Garrett is sitting in the front of the trailer with no shirt and a big smile. The others are neighbor children. You might notice that the 857 has a different hood. A few years before this picture was taken my father-in-law parked the tractor in the back of his property where he was working. This was on a hill. and evidently the tractor was not in gear nor was the parking brake set because the tractor started rolling down the hill. It stopped when it crashed into the corner of the pump house resulting in damage to the house and a bent hood and air cleaner. He repaired the pump house and put on a new air cleaner and hood. That is how the tractor is operating today. Eric
  2. And now...the Back Stories

    Close, It is Ashoken Reservoir near the village of Olivebridge.
  3. And now...the Back Stories

    Jack, Thank you for asking. I am not a photographer. That picture is just shear luck. The pictures were taken on my father-in-laws land in Olivebridge NY. The large lake is Ashoken reservoir at the base of the Catskil Mountains. 1st picture, my brother Don is on the tractor and my son Ken (now 52) is first in the trailer. His friend Eric (now deceased) is behind him. 2nd picture, my father-in-law, Charles Vik, is on the tractor (died 1986), my son Ken with the two Davis children (neighbors) in the trailer. When my father-in-law died the land was sold and I gave the 857 to my parents who lived on a lake (Swartswood Lake) in NW New Jersey. When they passed away I kept the land in NJ as a summer home and used the tractor for mowing and general maintenance until 2 years ago when I rebuilt an abused 414-8 for my CT house. I moved my Commado 800 from my CT home over to my summer house in NJ and gave the 857 to a nice neighbor who always liked and appreciated the old WH 857. The neighbor keeps it in his garage and uses it for mowing and maintenance (hauling rocks and wood). The tractor is unrestored, still looks good (for 50 years old) and was well maintained by my dad and me and I know my neighbor is likewise taking good care of it. It is so bullet proof that I expect it will still be chugging on when we are gone.
  4. And now...the Back Stories

    The family "857" purchased new in 1967 (I think) in Olivebridge N.Y.. It worked faithfully with us till 2 years ago when I rebuilt a 414/8. The 857 soldiers on with my neighbor. It is always a joy to hear that K-181s chugging along. Wonderful memories. 1st picture - July 1969 2nd picture - September 1971
  5. Runs for a while, then no voltage to coil.

    I have a Commando 800 (no safety switches) that after 35 years of weekly use quit cold. The problem was the copper coil wire, after all those years of vibration, work hardened and broke inside of the insulation. The failure was not noticeable to the eye but my ohmmeter picked up the lack of continuity. Replaced the wire and it runs well today Eric
  6. Brinly Hitch,

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Brinly Hitch,

    I am sorry but I just sod it to a man who was just a little before you. Eric
  8. M14 Magnum Oil Pan

    Kohler M14T Magnum oil pan removed from a running engine. Condition is excellent. Pan contains oil quantity safety switch and one drain plug opposite to the safety switch. There are no drilled and tapped holes for mounting below the frame.
  9. Brinly Hitch,

    Brinly Hitch came on my father-in-law's new 857 in the late 1960's. Never had anything attached to it. It has been on the shelf for many years.
  10. Thanks Eric, sorry for late reply thanks for the offer I will take it and with a slight mod will do the job /in the next week or so  will pass by on my way to Meriden. will give  you a call and coordinate/ my cell 516 2984646 or home 516 7590715

  11. dozer blade handkle

    Swisstrac, I have a plow handle that you can have. It came off of my 48" plow on a 414/8 that I modified the front end to a swept forward front axle off of a 520h. I had to extend my plow frame which required a new handle. I do not have the release handle or the angle operating rod (I used them on my modified plow). I live in Wilton CT (Near Norwalk/Danbury). If you are not coming by this way I'll ship it to you if you will pay the shipping. I'll try to attach pictures of the handle. Eric Friedrichsen
  12. 1986 414 suddenly wont start now. HELP!

    If you have spark at the plug then tap the carburetor body LIGHTLY with a ball pein hammer where the fuel line connects to the carb body. I have had experience with the fuel inlet needle sticking closed and not permitting fuel to enter the carburetor. The fuel pump is very low pressure and not able to overcome the sticking needle. If the tapping solves the problem and the situation reoccurs I would recommend you replace the needle and seat or if you are able to machine it that would also work. Eric Friedrichsen
  13. 520 axle on a C160

    There is an axle on e-bay now.
  14. Snow blade edge 42"

    Last year I installed a vinyl edge on my 48" plow (1/2" x 49" x 4") and am very pleased with it. I have a 450' driveway that I plowed twice last year (mild winter). I found the vinyl edge has the following benefits: Very little wear on the edge (much better than the steel edge) Does not scratch the driveway Easy to install (You do not have to square the holes as the square shank on the carriage bolt sinks into the vinyl when tightened). The only negative I have found is the 1/2" thickness looks a little too thick but it doesn't seem to affect the plowing. Eric Friedrichsen
  15. K341 - no spark

    Caddy, Your schematic shows you are using a battery ignition system, not a magneto. In a battery ignition system you need to have a set of breaker points wired to the negative terminal of the coil. These points provide an intermittent ground on the coil causing the primary in the coil to collapse thus inducing a high voltage in the secondary which results in a spark at the spark plug. You need to connect the negative side of the coil to the breaker points and the high voltage connection of the coil (secondary to the spark plug. I haven't studied all of your connections closely. This is just what popped out on an initial check. Eric